AIG Internship Offer for Students and Graduates

AIG Internship program will provide you with the direct working experience like you have never had before. As a part of the global community and professional business, the company understands that they are always in a need of qualified and potential work force to help them grow and develop. After all, their employees are their most valuable assets and resources. That’s why it would be helpful if they can invite potential candidates to take part in the program so that they can screen the most promising talents.

About the Programs

One of their ways to attract and screen potential candidates is through the Student Programs. After all, they have this commitment to hire potential and talented candidates from universities. Once students start their career, they will get the benefits from guidance, mentoring program, and training by managers and leaders for their success. These students can reap the benefits from cultivated knowledge, encouraged innovation, and rewarded achievement. Students will agree that the place would be an ideal place to start their career.

The Provided Opportunities

There are so many different options for AIG Internship programs, such as:

  • Summer interns. The program lasts for 10 weeks where you can get valuable experience and also insight to the business. The first week (at least 3 days) would be about training and orientation. High performing and qualified interns may likely be considered for a full-time position.
  • Full time analysts. If you are chosen for the program, you may get a direct access (as well as valuable experience) to the leadership and training session in a global and diverse working environment.
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How to Apply

Here is the process for the application screening

  • Online application. You can go to the official website and create an account. Once you log in, you can choose the provided different positions and click on the button ‘Apply Now’. You can then provide your personal info, including extracurricular activities and skills. In the event that AIG visits your campus during the recruitment process, you need to submit the application through your campus recruitment portal.
  • First interview session. In the event that your application successfully goes through the screening process, you will be invited for the first interview session. The session generally lasts for 30 minutes – whether through in-person or virtual meeting. The interview session is set up to understand your long-term potential, interpersonal skills, and also leadership abilities.
  • Second interview session. This session generally focuses more on technical and industry knowledge on your part. As a candidate, you also have the right to determine (and decide) whether the company is right for you – and whether you want to work for them.
  • Offer consideration. The shortlisted candidates will get an offer letter to work for the company. If you get one, you should weight your options. Sure, you can always refuse but you need to remember that this is a rare opportunity that not everyone can get. This gesture is to show everyone that candidates are free to choose. It is up to them to decide because the company won’t enforce anything to the candidates if they aren’t willing to join the AIG Internship