Agri-Export Technologist Programme (AETP) Internship

When you are eager to know more about producers, exporters, and all services behind it, you might want to apply in AETP internship. What is actually this internship? Actually AETP offers opportunities for those graduates who want to find their potential in the field. They also want to sharpen their knowledge related to products they have not been familiar with.

AETP internship brings more potentials for the company in order to improve the talents and knowledge of youths. Therefore, it is better for those who have the same interests to gain more experiences in the programme.

As there are so many options in choosing the locations, apparently the applicants cannot choose which one suits them. In contrast, the company will choose based on the place where you reside. Therefore, do not be worried thinking that you will have this internship programme far away from your home. As a matter of fact, this AETP internship programme can be a good opportunity to know more about exporters and producers.

AETP internship
Internship on PPECB

Programme Description

Recruiter: South Africa’s Official Perishable Produce Export Certification Agency


Ceres (primary)







Port Elizabeth



Salary (TC TC per annum) with monthly stipend

Job type: AETP programme


Participating in AETP internship means that the applicants will enjoy these following benefits during the one year internship programme.

  • The applicants will get some formal trainings
  • Students will get stipend to assist the student’s costs
  • Students will get the place near the house they reside
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  • Having the minimum three years of qualifications in Agricultural Sciences, Food Technology, or Environmental Health
  • Strong interpersonal skills are compulsory
  • Having English proficiency in both written and verbal is preferable
  • The applicants must have strong and outstanding academic history proven by the academic reports
  • The applicants should be currently unemployed and never participate in relevant internship programme


AETP internship will not be given to those who have not completed the following documents.

  • A comprehensive Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • A reference letter
  • Certified copies of full academic records
  • A copy of Identity Documents
  • Certified copies of qualifications

Furthermore, the applicants must forward these application through the official website in If you are a first timer in this website, you have to ensure that you have made an account in the website. Then, you have to fill all the personal information related to your experience and qualifications.

In submitting the applications, do not forget to provide your active email address to facilitate the communication. When the applicants fail to submit these compulsory documents, their application will be unsuccessful. In other words, they will not be able to get the AETP internship programme.


For any frequently asked questions, the applicants can contact these numbers. For the telephone call, the applicants may contact 021 930 1134. Through the fax, they may contact 021 939 6868. Alternatively, they can also contact them through [email protected]. Consequently, the applicants can choose the preferences they like.

Closing Date

Any applications received on or after 30 November 2020 will not be considered for the job.