Admin Learnership Opportunity in Johannesburg

So you are looking for an admin learnership opportunity in Johannesburg, this is the way to go. The opportunity is now opened and available for South African Youngster with the special requirements and job details. This great vacancy will be closed by September 11, 2019. Thus, you can apply before the due date particularly Wednesday, September 11, 2019.

This position is categorized as the permanent position so that you are lucky enough if you are accepted in the learnership. In order to be successfully accepted in the learnership with admin position, you must check out the following information about vacancy details and the candidates requirements as well as how to apply for the position.

Vacancy Details

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This admin learnership opportunity which is held in Johannesburg is an established company seeking the qualified candidates with the willingness to perform administrative task. There are some activities that you have to join as a part of the learnership. The more vacancy details are as follows::

  • The candidates are expected to perform administrative tasks.
  • The candidates must attend the classes for 12 months in contract.
  • The candidates must get exposure to many kinds of administrative ability.
  • The candidates must be able to build the skill set.
  • The candidates must be familiar with any form of administration in the office.
  • The candidates must be computer literate which means they are able to use the computer dealing with the administrative task.
  • The candidates are expected to complete the learnership program well without interruption.
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Make sure you check out the vacancy details to know what you should do and carry out dealing with the aim to be successfully accepted in admin learnership opportunity in Johannesburg.

Candidates Requirements

There are only two requirements for the candidates you have to check out in order to let you to make a good preparation.

The candidates’ requirements are as follows:

  • The candidates must have a matric
  • The candidates must have higher certificate

Based on the two requirements only, you may assume that it easy to fulfil the requirements. However, this may cause a great competition among the candidates to be accepted. Thus, it is much recommended that you apply this position as soon as the vacancy was posted.

If you have more than one related certificate, you may include them all in the applications to support you in the selection process. The more related and higher certificate you include in the applications, the more chance you will get to get accepted in the position of admin learnership opportunity in Johannesburg.

How To Apply

Here is the most important thing to do. How to apply the position of admin in the learnership opportunity is through Giraffe. Giraffe is not an agent, it takes no fees. All you need to do is just to go to and make your CV on your smartphone. Giraffe will send your applications to more than one employers and send you an information directly to your smartphone.