Vacancies in Richards Bay Quadruple Your Talent and Potential

The economy of Richards Bay can be said that it earns the most revenue from its largest coal export. However, it isn’t enough to take the poverty and unemployment out of this area, just like other area in South Africa. As unemployment gets skyrocketing from time to time, some companies offer vacancies in Richards Bay with great salary.

These companies have collaborated with the local government to get rid of the improving number of unemployment. Thus, they hope these vacancies in Richards Bay could help them have better way of living. This following information consists of ten companies with their vacancies to apply.

vacancies in Richards Bay
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If you are looking for a private company from Scotland that focuses on business service centers, Kura can be the one to look for. It has been the leading provider when it comes to software solutions for several successful brands in the UK.

In this Kura company, they are hiring some call center trainers that will work in full-time position. This position will be responsible for organizing seminars, developing educational materials, and conducting role playing activities. It includes negotiation and also teamwork.

When you want to apply, you should have some work experiences as customer service trainer. Besides, a Bachelor’s Degree of Education or Human Resources is also a must. If you have ever gotten certificates, it would be beneficial for you for further considerations.

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One of a staffing and outsourcing company that has been globally popular from UK is Manpower. The presence of this company has proven its ability to provide, source, manage, and also develop the talents for the companies who need them.

Manpower is currently opening some vacancies in some areas in South Africa, such as Durban, Cape Town, and also Bloemfontein. However, in Richards Bay there is no available vacancy at the moment. They usually need some sales consultants to work with.

The duties of this position are generating leads, doing market analysis, and maintaining good relationships with the distributors. If you want to get this job, you should have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Management with English fluency. Besides, the applicants should also have 2 years CCTV sales experience at minimum.

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A private company that works in the field of consulting is SMEC. This company is actually a part of Surbana Jurong Group which has more than 14 thousand employees under their networks.

SMEC is currently looking for a Revit Structural Draughtsperson to work and have significant contribution to the business growth. This position will need you to deal with senior manager and other consultants. They will mainly do Autocad setup, BIM implementation, quality audit, CAD detailing, and drawings standardization.

For applying, you need to have the professional registration in draughting with minimum 2 years of working experiences. Besides, they need to have at least 3 years of Revit experience.

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When you are curious about one of the global supply chain leader in Australia, CHEP can be the winner. It has its branches in the world including in Richards Bay, South Africa.

At the moment, the available position to apply in CHEP is as a regional internal auditor. This full-time position needs an experienced applicant who has assertiveness, great communication skills, and the ability to deal with under-pressure activities.

The main duties of this position are performing internal audits, providing input areas, analyzing all service center aspects, and maintaining independence. Besides, the accepted worker will also need to ensure that the audits have been conducted based on the highest quality standard.

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Expleo Group

When it comes to consulting private company, you will find out Expleo Group as a trusted and reliable one. They have their mission to help business deliver technological change in the world.

The available jobs in Expleo Group are currently in Johannesburg, therefore, there is no available job in Richards Bay at the moment. They will work on multiple phases in a project, select methods and tools for projects, apply data analysis, identify projects, and report processes.

Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems, Computer Science and other equivalent studies is a must. They have to attach some certifications in Quality Engineering. Besides, the applicants should have great programming knowledge, excellent communication skills, and also technical testing experiences.

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Standard Bank

It is a company that runs its business in finance and asset managements. They have provided the best service as well as strategies in facing the evolving world. It has been trusted by all its clients and institutions for more than decades.

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Standard Bank in Richards Bay is currently looking for some consultants. These consultants will have their main jobs, such as maintaining sales pipeline and internal stakeholders’ relationship. Moreover, they also have no negotiate rate with merchants, manage sales cycle, and attend business meeting.

However, there are some qualifications that people have to fulfill in order to get the job. The experienced applicant should have already had at least 3 to 4 years of working experiences in retail or e-commerce. They should have excellent communication skills in both written and verbal.

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Rio Tinto

Being one of the reliable pioneers in mining and also metal, Rio Tinto has produced a lot of materials which are important for the human development. They only serve the best quality of mines which means that they need more employees to give maximum satisfaction.

Rio Tinto is currently looking for a payroll officer to work under a one-year contract. This position needs you to provide operational excellence, supplying trusted services, and also continuing to develop the experiences with other payroll team members. Besides, they also need to do the bank reconciliations, prepare data for the audits, and prepare cashbook payment.

When you want to apply for this job, you need to have a Diploma in payroll management or financial accounting. They need to have at least 2 to 3 years of SAP payroll processing and reconciliations experiences.

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Another public company that focuses on pharmaceuticals based on Switzerland is Novartis. This company keeps on improving on how to extend people’s lives and get rid of the pain that people suffer.

Getting the jobs in Novartis in Richards Bay can be a good way to start business. Unfortunately, there aren’t any available jobs at the moment. They generally look for a lab technician to work in the Division of Bioanalytics.

For those who get the job, they have to manage the equipment inventory, peer review, perform QC testing, and ensure all assigned training has been completed. Sometimes you also have to work at night shifts or during the weekends.

Having a Bachelor’s Degree of Cell Biology, Virology, Biochemistry or other relevant degree is a must. The applicants should have had a year of working experience in relevant industry such as biologics, microbiology, or pharmaceutical. Besides, they need to have excellent communication skills.

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If you are looking for some vacancies in Richards Bay, Keyrus can be one of them that provides the best IT services. They want to facilitate people especially business owners to develop based on the latest technologies.

Generally, Keyrus seeks some senior consultants to work permanently and join in their growing team. This position will have some responsibilities such as building client base, maintaining client relationship and also delivering complex software solutions.

When you have a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems, Computer Science, Business or other equivalent qualifications. Having 4 years of working experiences in BI consulting role is a must. They should also have strong exposure to Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI and Data Access.

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As technology has been an important element in globalization, Siemens has committed to transform the world we live in. This electronic manufacturing works extra to keep every business moves, such as the energy-efficient lighting for Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

Unfortunately, job vacancies in Siemens Richards Bay are unavailable. However, they usually search for a sales director to work in full time. A sales director will be responsible for managing consulting activities and sales team, setting sales targets, and reporting towards KPI’s.

In order to get the job, you need to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Mechanical Engineering. The applicants should also have proven experiences in Sales, PreSales, Solutions or Software industry. Sometimes the accepted employee needs to travel and work during the weekends.

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As a result, there are some vacancies in Richards Bay that people can choose to get experiences and salaries. These companies offer vacancies in different field of business. It could be in the IT, pharmaceuticals, mining, finance, retail, and also consulting.

Due to the high unemployment in Richards Bay, as well as other areas in South Africa, these job vacancies aren’t enough to decrease the number of unemployment. Shortly, the presence of these jobs can help people in facing the high unemployment in South Africa. Moreover, people can participate in the economic growth globally too.