Rewarding Careers Available at Vacancies in Kathu

Among iron ore producers in Northern Cape province, Kathu is one of them. In fact, Kathu is the center of the iron ore mining activity in the country. Therefore, no wonder if there are the number of mine companies opening job vacancies in Kathu.

In the following list you can find a wide range of job opportunities at 10 top vacancies in Kathu. The vacancies are coming from mine companies to financial ones. Hence, find the detail information related to the job vacancies in the list below.

vacancies in Kathu
Available vacancies in Kathu on Africa Mining Market


The first job vacancies in Kathu comes from BUCO Hardware. For you who never heard, BUCO is one of hardware stores which provides a great range of products for homes for their customers. The products are from elegant decor for indoor and outdoor atmosphere to tool brands, electrical, as well plumbing products.

It’s a good chance to apply for BUCO’s vacancies if you have an interest at working in such store. Currently, they are opening a vacancy of Manager of Inward Logistic. It is a permanent position that is responsible for ensuring the function of Inward Logistic in the store work smoothly and at maximum productivity. Moreover, managing Inward Logistic department is also its main duty.

In order to apply for the job, you have to qualify the minimum requirement of Grade 12 certificate. Other relevant certifications are also a must. In addition, having the Bachelor of technology and labour relations programmes are advisable for the job as well.

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ECM Group

For you who live in Kathu should know about ECM Group. It is a technological industry that is known for its innovations, technologies, processes, solutions and services worldwide. They provide services, processes and machines to help you reduce your manufacturing costs as well as improve the performance of the parts.

The career opportunities are currently coming from ECM Technologies. They are looking for talents to fill in the vacant positions. One of the vacancies is Automation and Industrial IT Engineer. The job is in charge of certain tasks. One of them is performing tests and supporting technical agents at the time of the commissioning of installations in their workshops or on customer site.

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If you have any interests at this position, you must meet the basic requirements. Among them is having Diploma plus 2 years of college in automation or industrial computing or equal certifications. Next, the applicant who is having at least 3 years’ experience in similar position is a must too. Furthermore, it is desirable also for the applicant to own a strong skill in supervision programming and communication networks as well.

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Lenmed Kathu Private Hospital

One of private hospitals on the list of career vacancies in Kathu is Lenmed Kathu Private Hospital. They are committed in providing quality medical care. For those who are passionate in medical care, it’s a good opportunity to get a job as the hospital.

Currently, they are searching for passionate and determined candidates to fill some vacant positions. The positions available are administration, professional nurse, staff nurse, and more. They carry their own responsibilities. For example, as a staff nurse you are responsible for providing high quality patient care, assisting with continuous development of staff, also treating emergency injuries.

Aiming for the position, you must meet the basic requirements. For the staff nurse position, you need to be having a nursing degree and post qualification nursing experience as well. Moreover, you also have to able to work in a multicultural team. Yet, maintaining a positive attitude in a fast-paced environment is important too for job.

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Hungry Lion

Has anyone ever heard of Hungry Lion? People living in Kathu must be familiar with this brand. It is a brand of South African’s chicken product which provides a number of menu for the chicken lovers in the country.

Working in Hungry Lion can be a chance to grab. A new branch manager is the position available at Hungry Lion. The job has a duty of developing and maintaining stores to the highest standards of product quality and brand. Other than that, a branch manager is also in charge in managing people effectively and efficiently.

For those who wish to get the position, there are requirements to meet. One of them is possessing Matric certificate. Yet, the job also requires the applicant to have minimum 2 years of experience in quick service restaurant.

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Khumani King Mine Assmang Limited

One of the mining companies producing iron ore in town is Khumani King Mine Assmang Limited. As we all know that iron ore mine has given a big contribution to Kathu’s economy as the town produces large amount of iron ore. In fact, South Africa sells the iron ore internationally and domestically.

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This company has recently opened career opportunities you can apply for. There are some vacant positions available such as drivers, operators, safety officers, finance manager and more. Each position has its main duties. For instance, finance manager’s duty is to manage and coordinate monthly reporting, budgeting and recalculate processes.

There are basic requirements you need to fulfill in getting the jobs. If you want to apply for finance manager, Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or finance is one of the basic requirement. Besides, applicants who have 5 to 8 years of experience in accounting or financial analysis are more preferable.

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M & M Financial Services

The following job vacancies in Kathu come from M & M Financial Services. It is a financial company that helps both individuals and companies with accounting and tax Services. If you think that you can’t control your financial books and tax returns you can ask them for an assistance.

As one of the companies on the list of vacancies in Kathu, M & M Financial Services is offering job opportunities. A new sales representative is what they are seeking right now. It’s a job that the candidate has to draft of wills and market of a protection plan to cover estate costs.

In getting for the role, 2 years’ experience in sales is one of the minimum requirements you need to qualify. Yet, you must qualify NQF 5 as well as having your own vehicle. The applicants should also have good communication skills and excellent time management skills.

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Record Engineering

Talking about mining industry, Record Engineering has been around for over 60 years. It has been one of the South Africa’s top supplier of engineering solutions and mining supplies. This company provides not only plant but also mobile mining equipment engineering solutions.

For candidates who are searching for vacancies in mining industry, try to apply for Record Engineering vacancies. It’s because they are offering a vacant position of a millwright. The job is responsible for reading and interpreting blueprints, schematics as well as detailed repair drawings.

The minimum requirement for the job is having trade certificate. Besides, having 2 to 3 years’ experience in relevant position is preferable. Also, it is more beneficial if it has got a mining experience. Moreover, the candidate should be medically fit and has a driver license as well.

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Have any plans to work in a grocery store? There are career vacancies in Kathu coming from Superspar. It’s one of the South African’s largest retailers. There are over 850 stores across the nation that offer the people’s need at the right price. So, you can find a bunch of quality products in their stores at affordable prices.

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They are having some vacant positions and one of them is retail consultant. It is in charge in providing customers product information, discounts, promotional offers, and related information at the stores. In addition, giving product demonstrations is the main responsibility of the job too.

A minimum of high school diploma or equivalent degree is one of the minimum requirements of the role. Besides, to be a retail consultant you also need to be computer literate. Having a prior experience in related position is important as well.

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Tshipi e Ntle Manganese Mining

It’s not surprising that Kathu has got a lot of mining companies. Tshipi e Ntle Manganese Mining is among those companies which produces manganese in South Africa. They are in fact the leading quality mangenese exporter in the country. As one of largest mining companies, they have got thousands of employees.

The career opportunities they are offering at the moment is ETD Practitioner – Engineering. This post has the main responsibility of planning, developing and delivering training interventions on Engineering discipline. Conducting training and assessments is its responsibility as well.

The general qualification needed is having Grade 12 certificate or equivalent. Qualifying in engineering trade test is a must as well. Furthermore, 3 years of experience as an artisan will be more advantageous.

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WKI Occupational Health

Another health companies at the job vacancies in Kathu is WKI Occupational Health. It’s a national occupational health company conducting medical services, issue fitness certificates and keep your employees healthy. They have got a world-class health services throughout South Africa.

They are currently giving you job opportunities in a number of positions. One of them is registered nurse whose main responsibility is to monitor patient’s condition and assess their needs.

However, in the purpose of getting for the job, applicant has to be registered to SANC. Next, having relevant certifications is preferable for the job. Moreover, the job requires the applicant to have one year nursing experience as well.

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In summary, there are a wide range of career opportunities for you in Kathu. Rewarding careers are available at vacancies in Kathu. It must be exciting to be a part of the amazing companies you can find in Kathu.