Full-Time Available Vacancies in East London, South Africa

Another city in southeast coast of South Africa that is famous for its river port is East London. The port of East London is apparently the only river port in South Africa, however, it isn’t the only thing that helps the economic growth. There are still some available vacancies in East London to choose.

The main source of the economy of East London depends on the industry manufacturing of motor. Besides, they also have plant produces which later will be exported to England, Australia and Japan.

For these reasons, people may have more chances in getting the high paying job they like. For further information, you may find them in the following paragraphs.

Vacancies in East London
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One of the most successful automotive companies in East London is Daimler. This company established in 1886 runs in transportation equipment manufacturing. As they want to give more comfort and satisfaction, they open up more vacancies in East London for the applicants.

There are a few positions available in this company, they are system analyst, and business analyst. A system analyst will mainly design solutions related to business, manage software upgrade, and conduct some tests. Meanwhile, business analyst will be responsible for analyzing the business, executing requirements based on standard, and performing with innovation development.

If you want to work in Daimler for either business analyst or system analyst, you need to have Bachelor’s Degree of IT. They need to have excellent IT system knowledge. For those who get the job, they need to be proficient in ABAP Programming and data modelling.

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Texas Instruments

A semiconductor American public technology company in South Africa which keeps growing their branches is Texas Instruments. This leading company has motivated other companies to improve the electrical industry in South Africa, especially East London.

This TI company is currently offering a graduate program this year for technical sales engineer. This position will mainly identify new business, organize sales visit, write reports, prepare tenders, and negotiating contracts.

The minimum requirements to apply for this role are Bachelor’s Degree of Electrical Engineering with the minimum of 2 years of experiences. The applicants should have strong written communication skills, time management, and collaborative works. If you are able to take initiative at work and decide well, this might fit into you.

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Westpac Group

In East London, Westpac Group is one of the company that usually offers some vacancies. This public company which runs in finance and credit has more than 10 thousand employees.

This company is currently looking for an assistant relationship manager to fill their full-time position. Working as this position needs you to work together with the Senior Relationship Manager to grow and share the vision together. Furthermore, they will do the credit analysis and do the customers liaison.

In order to apply for this position, the applicants need to have a Bachelor’s Degree of Agriculture and other equivalent qualifications. Having two years of working experience in Agribusiness is another essential thing to fill. It would have been better when you have excellent understanding of business credit lending.

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Everybody must have known about the fame of Mercedes-Benz. As a part of Daimler, this vehicle dealer company has earned more and more achievements every year. When they keep on inventing something new and serving better, they need more employees to fill their vacancies in East London.

When you want to work in Mercedes-Benz company, you can apply for the available position as a business analyst. This position will need you to improve the work efficiency, fill the project deadlines, identify solutions and make future planner. Sometimes a business analyst needs to initiate working relationships too.

If you are willing to do everything to get the job, make sure you have fulfilled all the following requirements. They are Bachelor’s Degree of Information Technology or relevant equivalent and having basic knowledge of IBM MQ, XML, JSON, and DB2.

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J.P. Morgan

If you are looking for a public company that runs in investment banking in South Africa, especially East London, J.P. Morgan is worth to consider. This company has been providing their best service since 1799 and it has developed in more than 100 countries in the world.

A position as an equities settlement officer is currently vacant at the moment. Currently, J.P. Morgan need support to the Division of Equities and Currency and Emerging Markets. The talented person who is highly motivated and able to work multitask is very important.

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The main responsibilities of this position are identifying improvements, reviewing data, managing the operating models, and also providing strategic suggestions. When you think that these responsibilities are your cup of tea, then this position might be the suitable one to apply.

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Bank of America

Having heard the name of Bank of America, everybody must have known that this public company runs in finance. As one of the biggest financial institutions, everybody believes that they are the right company to trust when it comes to finance.

The branch of Bank of America in East London isn’t hiring new employees. However, they usually have internship for the South African in understanding more about the world of banking.

The application processes will have three stages, they are the online application form, online judgment test, and the review of the chosen applicants. Thus, when you have done two stages and you aren’t notified about the further step, then you aren’t the lucky one who gets the job.

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Another private company based in France that runs in accounting is Mazars. This company offers the full service to assist and help the clients in providing the best accounting assistance. Mazars has some branches and one of them is in East London, South Africa.

It must bring good experience when you can work in Mazars. However, this company is currently not opening for any vacancies in East London. They generally look for some accounting supervisors.

This role requires you to oversee the daily transactions, prepare the budget reports, and participate in tax audit and also payroll. When you want to apply for this job, you need to have a Bachelor’s Degree of Accounting or Finance. It would be better when you have already had years of working experiences.

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Mondelez International

When it comes to snack, Mondelez International is one of the biggest snack companies in the world. Although it has been serving the customers since 2012 yet they have proven their passion in this field.

Mondelez is currently looking for shop assistant cashiers to fill in their full-time position. These positions will be responsible for managing the transactions, checking monthly transactions, and also directly reporting to the finance managers.

The minimum requirements of working in this role are Matric with computer literacy. It would be advantageous when they have good communication skills, good time management, and the ability to work in fast-paced situations. When you think that you like this job, you can be one of the applicants.

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J Sainsbury

This food retailer is the third largest company after Tesco and ASDA in the UK. However, they have expanded to South Africa and have some branches including East London.

J Sainsbury is currently looking for a store manager to help the store meets their standard. This store manager will be responsible for leading the team in retail, accommodating the customers’ need, and ensuring that the store has fulfilled its standards.

The main requirement of this position is having a Bachelor’s Degree of Management or Matric. Having skills such as communication skills, time management, and also leadership is important for further considerations.

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If you are asking about a private company that focuses on IT services, ThoughtWorks is a trusted company to rely on. This company has been around for more than 25 years ago and they have more than 6000 employees.

This company is currently not providing any job vacancies. However they usually seek some senior consultants to work together. They have to ensure that the goals have been achieved, create large-scale systems, lead software consulting and solve the clients’ problems.

This company usually hires applicants who have more than 5 years of working experiences in development languages. They are Go Lang, Java, C# or Node Js. Besides, the applicants should be able to write or create code that has been tested. Having a Bachelor’s Degree of IT is a must.

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It can be concluded that these companies might usually provide vacancies in East London for those who seek for jobs. There are many different positions or role that the companies need to hire. However, some companies might not offer the job thus you need to check the career pages periodically. Then you won’t miss any chances in getting the jobs or get the notifications.

Working in these top companies might be beneficial for the applicants. As they will improve their experience, the applicants can also learn new things and sharpen their skills for further usage.

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