Vacancies in Durban Intensify the Global Economy in South Africa

As a part of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban is the largest city in the province has become the chief seaport in South Africa. It is situated on the Natal Bay in Indian Ocean and it was named for its founder, Sir Benjamin D’Urban. Due its skyrocketing business in Durban, there are some companies offering vacancies in Durban.

Since the Durban’s harbor becomes one of the world major commercial port, the city has attracted both locals and foreigners to find a job. People are competing to find the ideal job in Durban especially in the following top companies that will definitely give good salaries.

In this following information, you will find the most sought companies by the South African especially those who live in Durban. When you live in Durban and you put your interest in working in this major commercial port, this will be your good chance to begin.

vacancies in Durban
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Founded in 1891, ABB is a public company that runs in electrical and electronic manufacturing. This company has more than 10 thousand employees meaning that they have gigantic company that support their business.

When you like working in the company that competes with Siemens, GE and Schneider Electric, ABB is the best part to lead your future. ABB in Durban is currently not offering some positions, however, there is a position as a local business area manager in Gauteng.

The responsibilities of local business area manager mainly implement business strategy, evaluate market opportunities, and ensure the business performance has met the target.

In order to get this job, a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering with 8 years of leadership experience is a must. Then, the applicants need to show the proven track records of leadership in organizations.

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Aspen Pharmacare

Searching for vacancies in Durban, Aspen Pharmacare can be one of the suitable workplace for you. This biotech and pharmaceuticals company is the largest generic pharmaceutical manufacturer in South Africa.

At the moment, they don’t need new employees to work with them. However, they generally need some pharmacovigilance scientist. The presence of this role is to assist the pharmacovigilance manager during the operations with safety standards.

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In order to prepare yourself to get the job, the applicants need to have at least Bachelor’s Degree of Pharmacy with 3 years working experience in pharmaceutical. Moreover, they also need to have some experiences in safety databases, safety reports, and MedDRA coding dictionary.

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Hyundai Motor

A South Korean automotive manufacturer that gets its fame all over the world is Hyundai Motor. The vision of this company is to make exceptional automotive that emphasizes comfort and quality. They have been struggling to satisfy the customers all over the world to feel comfortable while driving.

For those who put special interest in how automotive life works, working in Hyundai Motor can start your exciting journey. For now, this company is going to hire some sales executives to fill the full-time position.

The main duties of sales executives are developing the business, managing customers, identifying revenue, and negotiating to meet agreement. The applicants need to have strong understanding about the industry and the market trends. If you are interested to apply, you need to have minimum grade 12 with 3 years working experience as sales executive.

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Core Group of Southern Africa

When you need to find some vacancies in Durban, Core Group of Southern Africa shouldn’t be missed. This private company runs in computer software and hardware gives chances for the entry level or beginners.

At the moment, this company is in the need of sales consultants and service consultant. The sales consultants will mainly deliver the customers experiences, do the customers liaison, and meet the business standard. Meanwhile, service consultant will be responsible for providing assistance, achieving targets, handling complaints, and also resolving technical issues. ‘’’

Both of them might have similar standard qualifications. They are Matric with minimum qualification of IT. It would be much preferable when the applicants have already had some experiences in relevant field.

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LexisNexis Legal & Professional

Providing unlimited help related to legal and business is one of the vision of LexisNexis Legal & Professional. As the number of people who seek help in this expertise keeps increasing, you can be a part of them.

This company is looking for a software engineer at the moment to fill the full-time position. This role is responsible for writing and reviewing specifications, resolving technical issue, and understanding product requirements.

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In order to apply for this position, there are some requirements that you need to fulfill. They are the Bachelor’s Degree of Computer Science or equivalent field and a year of working experience in software engineering.

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Toyota Motor Corporation

Another automotive manufacturer from Japan that has also been popular all over the world is Toyota Motor Corporation. This huge company also has its big branch in South Africa.

Right now, Toyota Motor Corporation is going to hire some South African sales executives to work in a full-time position. The applicants need to have a Bachelor’s Degree of Management especially Sales. They also must have clear criminal records and traceable references.

The main duties of sales executives are ensuring the sales have met the targets and making strategies to have better result.  They will work together with sales marketing whether there are some issues or problems that can be handled together.

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TRS Staffing

If some companies need to recruit some new employees or staff, TRS Staffing is the expert in this field. The company that was established in 1984 will deliver the best employees based on their expertise and personal interest.

This company is opening up some vacancies in Durban, such as scaffolding superintendent, rigging superintendent, and lead structural engineer. The scaffolding superintendent will mainly supervise the scaffolding works, coordinating with equipment and supplies, and directing the material procurement.

The rigging superintendent will be mainly responsible for the offshore rigging operations, assisting the lifting equipment, and coordinating with workers in rigging. When you are interested in these two roles, the applicants need to have valid OPITO approved OSIET or BOSIET with 3 years Diploma or 4 years Bachelor’s Degree. They also have transpooling or scaffolding experience for getting the job.

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An American fast food company that is known by everybody and have billion branches all over the world is McDonald’s. As they want to serve the customers to find their satisfaction, more branches are opened from time to time all over the world including Durban.

It may be something challenging to work in McDonald’s, thus, when it comes to vacancies in McDonald’s you should never miss one. Currently, they are looking for some restaurant crews.

The applicants must fill all the requirements such as Matric when you are under 18 years old. The applicants should be able to speak English and they also need to be able to operate the computer. It doesn’t matter when you don’t have enough experience as the restaurant crews.

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Anheuser-Busch InBev

Another public company that sometimes offers vacancies in Durban is Anheuser-Busch InBev. It is a public company that focuses on food and beverage manufacturing whose headquarter is in Belgium.

Currently in Durban, AB InBev isn’t looking for new employees to fill some positions. They usually seek those experienced applicants to work as payroll administration. This role will be responsible for ensuring the payroll information, ensuring all input has been processed, and ensuring employees’ salaries.

The minimum requirements of this position are the Bachelor’s Degree of Accounting and Finance and have knowledge in payroll policies. The applicant needs to have fluency in Portuguese. Besides, they need to have problem solving skills.

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Grant Thornton

When looking for some vacancies in Durban, Grant Thornton can be one of those private companies that focuses in accounting. They originally come from Chicago but now they have some branches and South Africa is one of them.

At the moment, they are opening their accounting traineeship for those dynamic youths who are interested to work in this field. They will deal with accounting tasks, manage clients’ account, and prepare for VAT returns for clients. The accepted worker will need to keep up with the accounting team and finance in the company.

In order to be able to join the traineeship, the applicants should have CTA Honours qualifications in the university that has SAICA accreditation. Are you the lucky one that will get this job?

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To sum up, there are a lot of vacancies in Durban that people can choose based on their educational background and interest. Although some companies aren’t offering jobs at the moment, you need to check the career page for each company from time to time.

Sometimes in the official website doesn’t display the latest jobs, thus, you can also check from the recruitment sites. Who knows you will get the job and start working? Shortly, when the official career pages don’t show the updated job vacancies, it would be better for you to check them from time to time and search in the recruitment sites.