UnlockD Learnership offers 12 Months Development Programme

UnlockD is a company engaged in the field of talent search and development capabilities focused on preparing unemployed young people to help prepare to start their careers. The company is also passionate about empowering unemployed and unskilled individuals to participate actively in the job market, which can then provide them with access to entry-level and growing jobs. Hence, an Unlocked UnlockD learnership programme was designed to carry out the noble aims.

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According to Trading Economics, UnlockD supports the national campaign for sustainable employment and balanced economic development with unemployment rates rising at 55.90% in the second quarter of 2017. UnlockD further tackles the socio-economic issue of youth unemployment by encouraging businesses to invest more efficiently in structuring their skills growth while at the same time providing them with professional entry-level talent.

UnlockD also helps these businesses to hire entry-level talent efficiently for work experience purposes to integrate them either into the same business or into another organisation within its network.

Having worked with numerous customers across different business sectors, UnlockD discovered that there are typically entry-level roles available for businesses. However, they don’t generally have the tools to recognise young people with the potential for professional and personal development, or the skills to help them enough to become competent, reliable, and committed workers. Jobs at the entry-level are an inexpensive chance to discover and develop talent. In the long term, this can be more cost-effective and achievable than attracting and maintaining professional workers. UnlockD offers access to talented youth and, where possible, addresses gaps in critical growth. The concern is not about job opportunities but the career development of young people in the country.

To achieve this goal UnlockD is currently preparing a new learnership programme. While waiting for the opening date, see what you need to apply for it.

Programme Overview

The UnlockD learnership programme discovers unemployed and unqualified young talents to help them unleash their potential in a one-year talent growth scheme and brings them to UnlockD’s partner networks to pursue exciting jobs and unique career experiences.

The company develops mutual collaborations with organisations, trusts, and foundations to help form the participants’ potential through its learning programs. But it goes further and not only teaches young people but also links them with work opportunities.

Its one-year talent development program integrates social and personal skills and work-relevant training with on-the-job experience to boost employment prospects considerably. UnlockD effectively connects young people to a vast array of growth opportunities, and then take it a step further by connecting them to employment opportunities.

UnlockD works on the balanced development of the youth of the country, empowering them to make good decisions about life and to become future leaders in their communities. The primary goal is that these young agents leverage their colleagues and members of the society to shape the structural social change. The company believes society gives young people cut flowers all too often when they should be educating them on how to cultivate their plants. Ultimately, the organisation calculates the influence not by the number of individuals entering the programme, but by the level of full-time jobs their applicants secure after completing the different approved training and work-experience programmes.

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Its focus and dedication to talent, education, and innovation have helped UnlockD expand from working with 4 young people in 2014 to bringing more than 700 qualified applicants into entry-level jobs and supporting levels of employment in several industries.

UnlockD currently has four South African learnership sites offering certified training, namely in Cape Town, Pearl, Boksburg, and Randburg. It has also practically put multiple YES interns across South Africa, with a strong presence developing in the North West Province and Tzaneen. These YES interns are put in different sectors with many corporate customers, who give them personal and technical job training. The company also provides a wide variety of services in collaboration with Uconomy.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Grade 11 at minimum when registering
  • Applicants must be between 18 & 28 years old
  • Be willing to commit for 12 months
  • Be available to perform duties in terms of the learnership agreement
  • Participate in all learning and work experience required by the UnlockeD learnership programme
  • Has the ability to manage expectations
  • Possess the ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, management, and clients
  • Has the ability to work in and as part of a team
  • Demonstrate a high self-awareness
  • Professional, honest and accountable
  • Disciplined in being able to follow the instructions given
  • Responsible and accountable
  • Has the accuracy and attention to detail
  • Deadline driven
  • Shows confidentiality
  • Has a high degree of stress management
  • Is client service-oriented

How to Apply

If you have met all the requirements above, please send your CV along with some other supporting documentation if necessary to [email protected].

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It might include:

  • Matric certificate
  • English proficiency test certificate
  • ID card

Send the submission as soon as the opening date is informed as late entries will not be accepted for placement. UnlockD encourages individuals from disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged communities to apply for the learnership programme. Please notice that contact shall be limited to shortlisted candidates and the successful candidates afterward.

You would need to sign two legal documents if accepted:

  1. Learnership Agreement: This is an agreement reached by the learner, the company employing the learner, and the instructional provider delivering the learnership theoretical portion. This agreement explicitly defines the three parties’ rights and obligations.
  2. Employment Contract: This is a contract you sign with the employer and is only valid for the duration of the learnership.

UnlockeD Learnership Closing Dates

The closing date of the programme may vary, and it is subject to change which can be modified at any time without prior notification. It depends on the available position and the branch from which the learnership will be held. For more information regarding application deadlines please visit the official UnlockD website which we listed below.

Contact Details

Got questions regarding the programme or technical problems in applying? Contact UnlockD at:

Shop U7 Ferndale on Republic
Republic Road, Ferndale
South Africa

Tel: 0861888277
Email: [email protected]

Official Website

For all official information and updates regarding the learnership openings, visit the UnlockD’s website at www.unlockd.co.za.