Unemployed Educators Database South Africa

Unemployed Educators Database


The education sector in South Africa faces a significant challenge with a large number of unemployed educators. This issue has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to school closures and job losses. The Unemployed Educators Database South Africa (UEDSA) is a vital resource that aims to address this problem by providing a platform for unemployed educators to connect with potential employers.

Facts and Figures

  • As of 2022, there are an estimated 300,000 unemployed educators in South Africa.
  • The majority of unemployed educators are female (65%).
  • The highest unemployment rate among educators is in the Eastern Cape province (40%).
  • The main reasons for educator unemployment include budget cuts, school closures, and a lack of teaching positions.

UEDSA: A Lifeline for Unemployed Educators

The UEDSA was established in 2015 by the Department of Basic Education (DBE) in partnership with the South African Council of Educators (SACE). It is an online database that allows unemployed educators to register their profiles and search for job opportunities.

Registration Process

Educators who are unemployed or underemployed can register on the UEDSA website. The registration process involves providing personal information, qualifications, and work experience. Educators must also upload a copy of their CV and supporting documents.

Job Search

Once registered, educators can search for job opportunities based on their qualifications and location. The database includes job postings from schools, districts, and provinces. Educators can also receive job alerts via email or SMS.

Employer Access

Employers can access the UEDSA database to search for qualified educators. They can filter candidates based on subject specialization, experience, and location. Employers can also post job vacancies on the database.

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Benefits of UEDSA

  • Increased visibility: UEDSA provides unemployed educators with a platform to showcase their skills and experience to potential employers.
  • Access to job opportunities: The database connects educators with job postings from various schools and districts.
  • Reduced recruitment costs: Employers can save time and resources by searching for candidates through the UEDSA database.
  • Improved quality of education: By connecting unemployed educators with schools, UEDSA helps to ensure that learners have access to qualified and experienced teachers.

Challenges and Opportunities

Despite its benefits, UEDSA faces some challenges:

  • Limited job availability: The number of job postings on the database may not always meet the demand from unemployed educators.
  • Competition: Educators may face competition from other qualified candidates for available positions.
  • Digital divide: Some unemployed educators may not have access to the internet or the necessary devices to register on the database.

However, UEDSA also presents opportunities for addressing educator unemployment:

  • Collaboration: The database can facilitate collaboration between schools, districts, and provinces to identify and fill teaching positions.
  • Training and upskilling: UEDSA can be used to identify unemployed educators who require additional training or upskilling to meet the needs of the education sector.
  • Policy advocacy: Data from UEDSA can be used to inform policy decisions and advocate for increased funding for education and the creation of new teaching positions.


The Unemployed Educators Database South Africa is a valuable resource that plays a crucial role in connecting unemployed educators with job opportunities. By providing a platform for educators to showcase their skills and for employers to find qualified candidates, UEDSA contributes to improving the quality of education in South Africa. While challenges remain, the database presents opportunities for collaboration, training, and policy advocacy to address the issue of educator unemployment.