UFS Higher Certificate Online Application 2024

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  • Jul 01, 2024

The University of the Free State is a premier institution in South Africa, offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. For the 2024 academic year, UFS has opened its higher certificate program applications on the South Campus starting 1 July 2024. These programs are designed to provide foundational knowledge and skills that can pave the way for further studies or entry into the workforce.

ufs higher certificate online application 2024

Understanding the Higher Certificate Program

A higher certificate program at UFS is a one-year qualification that provides students with essential skills and knowledge in specific fields. These programs are ideal for students who may not meet the direct entry requirements for a degree program but still aspire to pursue higher education. Completing a higher certificate can also enhance employment prospects and serve as a stepping stone to further academic qualifications.

Application Process Overview

The online application process for UFS higher certificate programs is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

Step 1: Prepare Your Documents

Before starting your application, ensure you have all the necessary documents ready. This includes:

  • A certified copy of your South African ID or passport for international students.
  • Certified copies of your final Grade 11 and Grade 12 June report, if currently in Grade 12.
  • Official academic records/transcripts from any previous tertiary institutions attended.
  • Proof of payment for the application fee.
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Step 2: Meet the Minimum Admission Requirements

UFS has implemented a new policy regarding the Application Point (AP) score to streamline admissions and ensure all applicants meet academic standards. Only candidates who meet or exceed the specified AP thresholds for their chosen programs will be eligible to submit an application. For detailed information on the minimum AP requirements for each program, visit the UFS Admissions Requirements page. Ensure you meet these requirements before proceeding with your application.

Step 3: Complete the Online Application

Once you have your documents and have confirmed your eligibility, you can start your online application. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the UFS Online Application Portal: Go to the UFS application portal here.
  2. Create an Account: If you are a new applicant, you will need to create an account by providing your personal details and setting up a password.
  3. Login and Complete the Application Form: After creating an account, log in and complete the application form. Be sure to fill in all required fields accurately.
  4. Upload Required Documents: Upload the necessary documents as specified. Ensure they are clear and certified where necessary.
  5. Pay the Application Fee: Follow the instructions to pay the application fee. Keep the proof of payment as you may need to upload it as part of your application.
  6. Submit Your Application: Review your application to ensure all information is correct, and then submit it. You will receive a confirmation email with a student number (Reference number).

Step 4: Application Review and Follow-up

Receiving a student number does not imply that you have been accepted by UFS. Your application will be reviewed, and if additional information or documents are needed, UFS will contact you. It is important to regularly check your email and the application portal for updates.

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Important Dates and Deadlines

  • Application Opening Date: 1 July 2024
  • Application Deadline: Ensure you submit your application well before the deadline to avoid any last-minute issues.

Additional Information for Specific Applicant Categories

Applicants Rewriting Grade 12 Subjects

If you are rewriting Grade 12 subjects, your application will be processed based on the current results available. If you have written Grade 12 more than once, you must submit your combined results with your application.

International Applicants

Applicants writing the National Senior Certificate (NSC) through IEB or SACAI examining bodies can apply online by selecting “National Senior Certificate” under the Results Detail page. For those writing the Cambridge International Examination, select “Cambridge” under the Results Details page.

Transfer Students

If you are transferring from another university or tertiary institution, you must declare your previous studies and upload an official full academic record/transcript, certificate of conduct, and degree/diploma certificate (if applicable).

GED Applicants

The University of the Free State does not accept the General Education Development (GED) test for entry into any of its undergraduate qualifications. Applicants who completed the GED are advised to register and complete a Grade 12 NSC/IEB/SACAI or international equivalent.

Verification and Consent

South African ID information will be verified by an external service provider. By continuing with your application, you consent to this verification process.

Post-Application Process

Admission Evaluation

Once your application is submitted, it will undergo a thorough evaluation by the relevant faculty. This process includes verifying your academic records, checking your AP score, and assessing any additional documentation required by the specific program.

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Communication and Updates

Throughout the application process, UFS will communicate with you via email. Ensure you provide a valid email address and regularly check your inbox for updates. The application portal will also have updates on the status of your application.

Acceptance and Registration

If your application is successful, you will receive an official acceptance letter from UFS. This letter will provide details on the next steps, including registration dates, orientation, and other important information.

Tips for a Successful Application

  1. Start Early: Begin your application process as soon as applications open. This gives you ample time to gather documents, meet deadlines, and address any issues that may arise.
  2. Review Requirements: Carefully review the admission requirements for your chosen program. Ensure you meet the minimum AP score and have all necessary documentation.
  3. Double-Check Information: Before submitting your application, double-check all information and documents for accuracy. Errors or missing information can delay the processing of your application.
  4. Keep Copies of Documents: Maintain copies of all documents you submit. This includes proof of payment, academic records, and identification documents.
  5. Stay Informed: Regularly check the UFS website and your email for updates and important announcements related to your application.

Support and Assistance

If you encounter any issues during the application process or have questions, UFS offers several support options:

  • KovsieCHAT on WhatsApp: Connect with the UFS helpdesk via WhatsApp at 0872406370.
  • Telephone: Call +27 51 401 3000 for application-related inquiries.
  • Email: Send your questions to [email protected].


Applying for a higher certificate program at the University of the Free State is a significant step towards achieving your academic and career goals. By following the guidelines provided in this comprehensive guide, you can navigate the application process with confidence. Remember to start early, ensure all requirements are met, and seek assistance if needed. For more detailed information and to begin your application, visit the UFS application portal here.

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