SAPS Learnership for Those Wanting To Be a Police Officer

Those who are interested in becoming a police officer can consider joining SAPS learnership program. The recruitment process usually includes BPDLP (Basic Police Development Learning Program) for the service. Besides the knowledge and working experience, the trainees will enjoy a lot of benefits when joining the program.

About the Program

Candidates need to understand that the learnership duration lasts for 24 months and it is divided into two stages. Candidates will spend the time at the Academy for the first 12 months and the next 12 months will be spent at the workplace. For the Academy period itself, it will be divided into 2 stages and one stage at the workplace. The rundown for the SAPS learnership program is as follow:

  • Academy Phase One lasts for 10 months. Candidates focus on foundational phase where they learn about the necessary skills and knowledge.
  • Workplace Phase Two lasts for 12 months. Candidates will be mainly exposed to the workplace and station
  • Academy Phase Three lasts for 2 months where candidates will be involved in integrated assessments.

After the candidates have completed the entire training and they are considered competent for the job, they will be enlisted permanently as constables in South African Police Service

The Requirements

  • They must be South African citizens whose age is between 18 and 30 years – proof of identity should be presented
  • They need to prepare themselves to be placed and stationed anywhere in South Africa
  • They need to realize that their background will be checked –and it includes their fingerprint taken
  • They must not have any criminal convictions or have any criminal record
  • They must not have (visible) tattoos that would be contrary to SAPS objectives in part of their body
  • They need to be prepared to go through any training program determined by SAPS National Commissioner
  • They need to fit in the police official profile – including the psychological assessment determined by SAPS National Commissioner
  • They need to master language fluency in English and other official languages, if any
  • They must take an office oath
  • They need to have Grade 12 or Senior certificate or other equivalent qualifications – shown from the documents
  • They must be mentally and physically fit. Be advised that all candidates will have to go through a medical and physical examination determined by SAPS.
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Application Process

The application process for SAPS learnership is pretty simple. You only need to obtain the form at every local police station. Be sure to fill the form out in manual handwritten form. Read the requirements concerning the supporting documents. When you go to the nearest (police) station to submit the application, make sure that you also include the supporting documents.

There is no deadline for this program. Since the department is always in search of a promising candidate, everyone is free to apply without any time limitation. So, go to the nearest police station, obtain the form, fill it out, and submit it again. If you want to learn more about this SAPS learnership program, feel free to come to the official website at this link.