RAM Learnership Programs

If you have been interested in transportation and courier industry and you want to know the details of the work, then taking part in RAM learnership would seem like the best option. When you join the program, not only you can benefit from the theoretical platform (you can learn to gain better knowledge and insight), but you can also benefit the direct application (so you can gain professional experience).

About the Program

RAM hand to hand courier has always wanted to seek for potential, dedicated, and promising talents with strong dedication for the work. The reason why they create RAM learnership is so they can find reliable workers and train them for future benefits. They even encourage disabled people to join the program, which usually lasts for 12 months.

The Requirements

In general, here are some requirements for RAM learnership program:

·         The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa – which will be proven by ID document

·         They must be between the age of 18 and 29 years

·         They must have Matric (Grade 12) certificate with level 4 qualification pass in English

·         They must understand basic computer skills

·         They must understand basic English communication, including reading, writing, and speaking

·         They must have good team player manner and also the dedication

Besides those requirements, you must also meet the standard documentation that may include:

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·         A CV

·         A certified copy of ID document

·         A certified copy of Matric certificate – or any other certificates related to the position

How to Apply

There are different ways to send your application. The first and most favorable way is to send all the important documents by email at [email protected]. Make sure that you have everything ready – and be prepared in the event that you will have to add another supporting documents for the process. In this stage, it is crucial to have both hardcopy and softcopy versions of all the documents – it would make everything easier.

Second, you can also have an online application where you can directly fill in the application form and then upload the supporting documents. However, only do this if the company DOES provide the way. In most cases, they may ask you to send everything via email. Be sure to ready the requirements, terms, and application processing thoroughly so you can minimize errors and mistakes.


Often times, the announcement about the learnership availability isn’t really thorough or complete. They mostly state the available position and the general requirements without including further details. Just follow the procedures but be ready for any updates – more supporting documents, the willingness to go through more checking process, etc. As long as you are ready, you should be fine.

The program is generally available on a yearly basis with the deadline usually falls in April. But, it isn’t a guarantee that it may happen in the same fashion from year to year. The best way for you is to have a regular check (preferably in the early year) so you know whether they have an opening or not. It is advisable that you go to the official site or the third party provides (usually associated with the company) to learn the details of RAM learnership program. If you’re not sure, then contact RAM HR Department on 011 977 5000.