Pepsico Learnership for the Professionals

If you want to learn more about the professional setting and learning opportunity in a specialized district with the experts, then Pepsico learnership can provide a great opportunity for you. The company likes to provide a learnership program within a yearly basis with different focus of placement and location. In general, the learnership program is open and available in South Africa. The candidates can improve your expertise level and qualification.

About the Program

Pepsico learnership is created and designed to help youth improve their knowledge and insight as well as boosting their professional levels and skills. Through the learnership program, you will go through the learning session and a direct professional skill under the guidance and help of professional experts.

The programs and subjects can be various, but the most common and popular fields are in Supply Chain and Logistics Distribution. Naturally, there are more popular fields and subjects that are open for the opportunity – you just have to check the official website to find the opening and vacant position. Moreover, after the completion of the program, it is expected that the candidates would have the required skills and expertise, which can be beneficial for your future.

The Requirements

All programs must go through a set of qualification assessment to know the worthy and potential candidates. Among the many requirements set by the admission board, they must meet the job description, such as the following:

  • The candidates must have basic problem solving skills
  • They must have good attention to detail
  • They must be team players – but they should also be able to work on their own independently
  • They must be self-starter and self-motivated
  • They have good flexibility with learning commitment
  • They must have the willingness to work
  • They must be able to work in a stressful environment or under pressure
  • They must be honest, professional, innovative, ethical, and also great listener

Meanwhile, the basic and general requirements may include:

  • All candidates must be the citizens of South Africa and they have a legal identity document as the proof
  • They must be unemployed or not taking any study (full time or part time)
  • They must have active SARS number and bank account
  • They must have Grade 12 or Matric certification with Literacy and Mathematical
  • They must be willing to work under certain conditions such as long hours or overtime
  • They must be between 18 and 34 years of age
  • They must have completed training, college, or school at institutions
  • They must submit certified copies of the needed documents

How to Apply

The company provides online application processing through their portal at this. Be advised to follow all the requirements and directions so your chance of getting the learnership is bigger. Depending on the programs and subjects, the requirements, opening date, and closing date can be different from one subject to another.

The program is generally offered on a yearly basis and everyone is advised to check the official site regularly to understand the principle, concept, and details. If you want to learn more about Pepsico learnership, go to the official site to learn the details of the program.

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