Occupational Health and Safety Professionals Earnings

Occupational health and safety (OHS) officers play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and well-being of workers in various industries across South Africa. Their responsibilities encompass identifying potential hazards, implementing safety protocols, conducting training sessions, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. Understanding the salary landscape for OHS officers is crucial for both employers seeking to attract top talent and professionals looking to advance their careers in this field. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the average salary, related job positions, and active job vacancies to provide detailed insights into the remuneration and opportunities available in the OHS sector.

occupational health and safety salary
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Average Occupational Health and Safety Officer Salary

According to recent data, the average annual salary for an Occupational Health and Safety Officer in South Africa is reported to be approximately R 540,000, with an hourly rate averaging around R 277. This figure is derived from a sample of 30 reported salaries within the country. It’s noteworthy that the salary range for OHS officers varies significantly based on factors such as experience, qualifications, industry, and geographical location.

Related Salaries

  1. Chief Safety Officer: Chief Safety Officers hold critical leadership positions within organizations, overseeing safety protocols, and ensuring compliance with regulations. With a median salary of R 93,750, these professionals play a pivotal role in shaping organizational safety culture and practices.
  2. Security Engineer: Security Engineers specialize in designing, implementing, and managing security systems to protect assets and personnel. Their median salary stands at R 51,250, reflecting the specialized nature of their work and the demand for expertise in security technologies.
  3. Risk Analyst: Risk Analysts are responsible for assessing potential risks to businesses and developing strategies to mitigate them effectively. With a median salary of R 50,000, these professionals play a crucial role in safeguarding organizations against financial losses and reputational damage.
  4. Fire Engineer: Fire Engineers focus on fire prevention and safety measures within various settings, including industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and residential complexes. With a median salary of R 45,000, these professionals ensure that adequate fire safety measures are in place to protect lives and property.
  5. Health Safety Manager: Health Safety Managers are tasked with developing and implementing health and safety programs to protect employees from workplace hazards. With a median salary of R 45,000, these professionals play a vital role in promoting a culture of safety within organizations and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  6. Safety Manager: Safety Managers oversee the implementation of safety policies and procedures to minimize workplace accidents and injuries. With a median salary of R 45,000, these professionals are instrumental in creating safe working environments and fostering employee well-being.
  7. Safety Officer: Safety Officers typically work on-site to enforce safety regulations, conduct risk assessments, and provide safety training to employees. Entry-level positions in this role start at R 25,000, with opportunities for career advancement and salary growth with experience and additional certifications.
  8. Driver Engineer: Driver Engineers operate and maintain vehicles safely, ensuring compliance with traffic laws and safety regulations. With a median salary of R 18,000, these professionals play a crucial role in transportation operations across various industries.
  9. Truck Operator: Truck Operators are responsible for the safe operation of trucks and heavy machinery, transporting goods and materials to various locations. With a median salary of R 16,000, these professionals require specialized training and expertise to perform their duties safely and efficiently.
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Active Job Vacancies

  1. Health and Safety Officer (Western Cape):
    • Salary: R350kpa – R330k
    • Requirements: BTech Environmental Safety, SAMTRAC, NEBOCH Certification
    • Description: An exciting opportunity in the FMCG Industry for a Health and Safety Officer with a focus on implementing safety protocols and certifications.
  2. Health & Safety Officer/Trainer (Johannesburg, Gauteng):
    • Salary: R360k – R300k
    • Requirements: SAMTRAC Certificate, experience in a fresh produce processing company.
    • Description: This position offers the opportunity to train and enforce safety measures in a dynamic industry setting, emphasizing practical experience and knowledge.
  3. GM: Safety, Health and Environmental (Gauteng):
    • Salary: R2,000,000 – R1,400,000
    • Description: This leadership role involves driving best practices in safety, health, and environmental standards within the mining sector, with a focus on strategic planning and implementation.
  4. HEALTH AND SAFETY OFFICER (Cape Town, Western Cape):
    • Salary: R8,000 – R10,000
    • Requirements: SAMTRAC certification, driver’s license, and own transport.
    • Description: This position focuses on monitoring OHS standards and attending to safety concerns in the Cape Town area, requiring a proactive approach to workplace safety.
  5. Construction Health and Safety Officer (Mpumalanga):
    • Salary: R17,000.00
    • Requirements: SACPCMP Registration, implementation of company safety systems.
    • Description: This role involves ensuring safety compliance on construction sites in Mpumalanga, emphasizing the importance of regulatory knowledge and practical experience.
  6. Safety Health and Environment Officer (Kliprivier, KwaZulu-Natal):
    • Salary: R25,000 – R35,000
    • Responsibilities: Reviewing and updating Health and Safety plans, managing injury and absenteeism, promoting SHE awareness.
    • Description: This position entails overseeing safety, health, and environmental initiatives, emphasizing proactive risk management and employee well-being.
  7. Health & Safety Officer (Cape Town, Western Cape):
    • Salary: R15,000 – R25,000
    • Requirements: A valid driver’s license and own transport are essential, along with SAMTRAC certification and computer literacy.
    • Description: The primary responsibility of the Health & Safety Officer is to ensure that all workers on-site adhere to safety protocols. Additionally, they assist the appointed H&S Consultant with the preparation of construction projects’ health and safety plans, highlighting the importance of collaboration and attention to detail in maintaining safety standards.
  8. Health and Safety Officer (Cape Town, Western Cape):
    • Salary: R30,000 – R40,000
    • Description: This is a contract position for 5 months, which can be extended based on performance. The role involves overseeing health and safety standards and protocols, emphasizing the importance of experience and adaptability in meeting project requirements and deadlines.
  9. SHEQ Officer – PUMPS (MINING INDUSTRY) (Centurion):
    • Salary: R20,000 to R25,000
    • Requirements: A National Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) or a related field is required, along with sound knowledge of safety and quality management systems.
    • Description: This role focuses on ensuring compliance with safety, health, environmental, and quality standards within the mining industry. With a specific emphasis on pumps, the position requires a deep understanding of industry-specific hazards and regulations.
  10. LABOUR ATTORNEY (Durban South, KwaZulu-Natal):
    • Salary: R25,000 – R45,000
    • Requirements: An LLB qualification and a minimum of 2-3 years of experience in Labour Law are essential, along with knowledge of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA), Labour Relations Act (LRA), and occupational health and safety regulations.
    • Description: This role involves providing legal counsel and representation in matters related to labour law, including disputes and compliance with occupational health and safety regulations. The position requires attention to detail and the ability to work under pressure while meeting strict deadlines.
  11. Health and Safety Officer (Delmas, Mpumalanga):
    • Salary: R25,000.00
    • Description: This position entails utilizing current health and safety legislation and regulations to ensure compliance and promote a culture of safety within the organization. Reporting to the Executive Contracts Manager, the Health and Safety Officer plays a critical role in maintaining safety standards and protocols.
  12. Safety Health and Environment Officer (Kliprivier, KwaZulu-Natal):
    • Salary: R25,000 – R35,000
    • Description: Responsibilities include reviewing and updating the Health and Safety plan, managing injury and absenteeism, and promoting safety awareness and wellness initiatives. This role emphasizes the importance of proactive risk management and employee well-being within the organization.
  13. Branch Manager – Security and safety products (Cape Town, Western Cape):
    • Salary: R30,000 – R40,000
    • Description: The Branch Manager oversees the management of the branch, including forecasting stock levels and ensuring the availability of safety stock at all times. With a focus on security and safety products, the role requires a strong understanding of market trends and customer needs.
  14. Site Health and Safety Officer (Cape Town, Western Cape):
    • Salary: R15,000 – R25,000
    • Description: This position involves managing all aspects of health and safety at various sites, overseeing site-specific safety representatives, and ensuring compliance with regulations. With an emphasis on site management and safety protocols, the role requires strong leadership and communication skills.
  15. Ohs Consultant (South Africa):
    • Salary Scale: R15,300 – R17,850
    • Description: The Department of Occupational Health & Safety is integrating health and safety into its national operations, with a focus on developing, implementing, and maintaining safety, health, and environmental protocols. This role emphasizes collaboration and adaptability in meeting organizational goals and objectives.
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The salary landscape for Occupational Health and Safety Officers in South Africa reflects the critical role they play in safeguarding the well-being of workers and ensuring regulatory compliance across various industries. While salary ranges may vary based on factors such as experience, qualifications, and industry specialization, opportunities for career advancement and professional development abound in this dynamic field. Employers must prioritize investment in workplace safety measures, while professionals in the OHS sector should continue to enhance their skills and qualifications to stay competitive in the job market. By understanding the salary trends and available opportunities, both employers and professionals can contribute to creating safer and healthier workplaces for all.