Music Past Exam Papers And Memos Grade 10

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  • Mar 05, 2024

Music Past Exam Papers and Memos for Grade 10: South African Context


Music is an integral part of South African culture, reflecting the country’s diverse heritage and vibrant artistic expression. The Grade 10 Music curriculum in South Africa aims to develop students’ musical knowledge, skills, and appreciation. Past exam papers and memos provide valuable resources for students to prepare for their examinations and enhance their understanding of the subject matter.

Paper 1: Music Theory and Analysis

Section A: Music Theory

  • Topics:

    • Notation and terminology
    • Scales and intervals
    • Chords and progressions
    • Rhythm and meter
    • Form and structure
  • Past Exam Paper Questions:

    • Identify the key and time signature of a given musical excerpt.
    • Construct a scale or interval based on a given root note.
    • Analyze the chord progression in a short musical passage.
    • Determine the meter and rhythmic pattern of a given melody.
    • Describe the form and structure of a musical piece.
  • Memo Answers:

    • Provides clear explanations and examples to guide students in answering the questions correctly.
    • Includes detailed analysis of musical excerpts, highlighting key concepts and techniques.

Section B: Music Analysis

  • Topics:

    • Texture and instrumentation
    • Melody and harmony
    • Rhythm and form
    • Style and genre
    • Cultural and historical context
  • Past Exam Paper Questions:

    • Describe the texture and instrumentation of a given musical piece.
    • Analyze the melodic and harmonic structure of a musical excerpt.
    • Discuss the rhythmic and formal aspects of a musical composition.
    • Identify the style and genre of a musical piece.
    • Explore the cultural and historical context of a musical work.
  • Memo Answers:

    • Offers insightful analysis and interpretation of musical excerpts.
    • Provides a comprehensive understanding of the various elements of music and their interaction.
    • Encourages students to consider the broader context and significance of musical works.
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Paper 2: Practical Music

Section A: Performance

  • Topics:

    • Vocal or instrumental performance
    • Preparation and presentation of a chosen piece
    • Interpretation and expression
  • Past Exam Paper Questions:

    • Perform a prepared vocal or instrumental piece.
    • Demonstrate technical proficiency and musical interpretation.
    • Communicate the emotions and ideas conveyed in the music.
  • Memo Answers:

    • Provides specific feedback on the student’s performance, including strengths and areas for improvement.
    • Assesses the student’s technical skills, musicality, and overall presentation.

Section B: Composition

  • Topics:

    • Composition of a short musical piece
    • Use of musical elements and techniques
    • Creativity and originality
  • Past Exam Paper Questions:

    • Compose a short musical piece in a given style or genre.
    • Demonstrate a clear understanding of musical elements and principles.
    • Exhibit creativity and originality in the composition.
  • Memo Answers:

    • Analyzes the student’s composition, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses.
    • Provides constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement.
    • Encourages students to explore their musical imagination and develop their compositional skills.

Section C: Aural Skills

  • Topics:

    • Melodic dictation
    • Harmonic dictation
    • Rhythmic dictation
    • Sight-singing
  • Past Exam Paper Questions:

    • Transcribe a short melody from dictation.
    • Identify and write down a given chord progression.
    • Notate a rhythmic pattern from dictation.
    • Sight-sing a short musical excerpt.
  • Memo Answers:

    • Provides accurate transcriptions and notations of the dictated material.
    • Assesses the student’s ability to listen attentively and accurately reproduce musical elements.


Past exam papers and memos for Grade 10 Music in South Africa are invaluable resources for students to enhance their musical knowledge, skills, and understanding. By studying these materials, students can identify areas for improvement, develop their analytical abilities, and prepare effectively for their examinations. The papers and memos provide a comprehensive overview of the Grade 10 Music curriculum, ensuring that students are well-equipped to succeed in their musical endeavors.