ISASA Student Bursary for Those Interested in Sciences and Math

If you are thinking about continuing your study to a higher degree while learning further about Science and Mathematics, then ISASA Student Bursary program may be the perfect option for you. The location would be in South Africa with the focus of providing financial support to those who are financially struggling when continuing their education to a higher degree.

About the Program

This ISASA Student Bursary program is designed through collaborative work of Investec, SAMTIP (South African Mathematics and Science Teacher Intern Program), and the Department of Basic Education. ISASA itself is short of Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa that focuses on educational matter in the specific subjects of Mathematics and Science. Through this collaborative work, they are offering FET and Senior teacher internship bursary within the subjects of Sciences and Mathematics.


SAMTIP is offering the prospective FET (Further Education and Training) and Senior teachers within the fields of Sciences and Mathematics the chances to get the financial support for a further learning opportunity to get a B.Ed or Bachelor of Education degree (for 4 years) and to get a Post-graduate certificate (for 1 year) in Education in UNISA. The financial support itself will include textbooks, accommodation allowance, transport, UNISA fees, and also a small amount of stipend.

The program is open and accessible for:

  • Graduates who take Science and Mathematics majors
  • Tertiary students who take Sciences (Physical Sciences or Life Sciences) credits
  • School leavers with Matric exemption or Bachelor pass with 60% or even more in Scienes (Physical Sciences or Life Sciences), English, and Mathematics
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The Benefits

When taking part in the program, candidates will gain these benefits:

  • They can enjoy targeted academic enrichment support as well as other value-added services
  • They can take part in the training program within ISASA schools
  • They can gain the access to the excellent learning resources, teaching, and also technology
  • They can learn from the experienced school teachers as well as being mentored by those skilled experts

The Requirements

In order to qualify for the ISASA Student Bursary program, candidates are expected to meet these basic and general requirements:

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa – must be proven with a legal and valid ID document
  • They must be within the age range appropriate to get the financial help
  • They must not have any criminal record or any pending charges
  • They must be committed to the bursary (and its requirements)

How to Apply

Candidates are expected to send their application online. They will have to go to this link and complete the form. There is no information about the supporting documents, but candidates are generally required to prepare a certified copy of South African ID document, certified copies of qualifications or academic transcript, and an updated CV.

There is no information about the deadline either so candidates are expected to send their application as soon as possible. Keep in mind that late submission will lead to the application will not be considered or accepted. Be sure to send the application on time for the ISASA Student Bursary program.

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