How Much Does Learnership Pay?

Before the youths apply for the learnership, they must have many things to consider. First, it could be the duties they will handle during the duration of the learnership. Second, they have to know the requirements whether they are eligible for the programme or vice versa. Moreover, they might have been thinking of how much does learnership pay. Well, these are the crucial things to answer for the youths before they decide to enroll for it.

Discussing about the stipend of a learnership can be different from a company to another. A learnership stipend is actually a sum of money that the learners will earn during the duration of a learnership. The learnership programme usually lasts for 6 months for the minimum and a year for the maximum. Once they have finished the learnership they will receive a qualification which is NQF registered.

How much does learnership pay
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How Much Does Learnership Pay?

Generally, the learnership pays for around R2000 for the leaners as their stipend. Meanwhile, for the learnership, it will cost around R45 500. However the stipend for the learners do not always settle in that number. What does it mean?

The employer has the full right in setting the final amount of your stipend. It is usually based on how much the company has the budget to afford the stipend for the learners. It is typically similar to setting how much salaries you would like to give to your employees.

Possibility to Negotiate Stipend

For some cases, learners who take on the bare minimum stipend is because they are unable to negotiate their stipend. Probably, you will ask whether it was possible for the learners to negotiate their stipend with their employers. Yes, it is possible. However, there are some ways in negotiating the salary or the stipend.

You cannot just tell them that you ask the stipend in specific amount without giving the reasons. You cannot just ask them to fulfill your wishes without telling them why they have to. Therefore, you can negotiate the stipend and state the reasons why their bare minimum is not enough for you. For example, you want to have R3500 stipend because you live in a village where it costs quite a lot to come to the place where you are working. Thus, it is possible to negotiate the stipend to cover the living costs.

In addition, the company will consider and accept the reasons as long as they are logical and make sense. In fact, some learners who are not able to negotiate will either leave the offer or accept the bare minimum.

Additional Stipends Given

For the learners who are visually impaired and need specific accommodation, they will receive preferences. They will get the full access and also amenities. Besides, they will earn additional stipend for assistance. It could be for transport and living place.

Most learners might think that the amount of stipend is based on performance. The money that people get from the performance that they need is different from stipend. Therefore, companies only offer for stipend instead of wages or salaries which are paid hourly.