Grade 11: Maths Exam Papers And Memos PDF

Grade 11: Maths Exam Papers and Memos PDF in South Africa


The Grade 11 Mathematics examination is a crucial milestone in the academic journey of South African students. It serves as a foundation for further studies in Mathematics and related fields, and its results can significantly impact future career prospects. To assist students in their preparation, the Department of Basic Education (DBE) releases official exam papers and memos, providing valuable insights into the examination format, content, and marking scheme.

Exam Paper Structure

The Grade 11 Mathematics exam paper consists of two sections:

  • Section A: Multiple-choice questions (MCQs)
  • Section B: Extended response questions (ERQs)

Section A: Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs)

  • 50 MCQs
  • Each question carries 1 mark
  • Covers a wide range of topics from the Grade 11 Mathematics curriculum
  • Requires students to demonstrate their understanding of concepts and their ability to apply them in different contexts

Section B: Extended Response Questions (ERQs)

  • 6 ERQs
  • Each question carries 10 marks
  • Assesses students’ problem-solving skills, analytical thinking, and ability to communicate their mathematical reasoning
  • Covers more complex topics and requires students to demonstrate their mastery of mathematical concepts and techniques

Marking Scheme

The marking scheme for the Grade 11 Mathematics exam is designed to assess students’ knowledge, understanding, and application of mathematical concepts.

  • Section A: MCQs
    • Each correct answer is awarded 1 mark
  • Section B: ERQs
    • Each question is divided into sub-questions, each carrying a specific number of marks
    • Marks are awarded based on the accuracy of the solution, the clarity of the reasoning, and the use of appropriate mathematical language and notation
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Benefits of Using Exam Papers and Memos

Utilizing official exam papers and memos offers numerous benefits to Grade 11 Mathematics students:

  • Familiarization with Exam Format: Exam papers provide students with a firsthand experience of the actual examination format, allowing them to become familiar with the structure, question types, and time constraints.
  • Identification of Strengths and Weaknesses: By attempting exam papers, students can identify areas where they excel and areas that require further improvement. This helps them focus their revision efforts and allocate their study time effectively.
  • Practice and Preparation: Exam papers serve as excellent practice material, enabling students to test their knowledge and skills under timed conditions.
  • Understanding of Marking Scheme: Memos provide detailed solutions to all questions, allowing students to understand the expectations of the examiners and improve their problem-solving strategies.
  • Reduced Exam Anxiety: By familiarizing themselves with the exam format and marking scheme, students can reduce their anxiety levels and approach the actual examination with greater confidence.

Accessing Exam Papers and Memos

The DBE releases official Grade 11 Mathematics exam papers and memos on its website:

Students can also access exam papers and memos from various educational websites and platforms. However, it is important to ensure that the materials obtained are from reputable sources and are up-to-date.


Exam papers and memos are indispensable resources for Grade 11 Mathematics students in South Africa. By utilizing these materials, students can gain a comprehensive understanding of the examination format, content, and marking scheme. This enables them to identify their strengths and weaknesses, practice their skills, and approach the actual examination with confidence. As a result, exam papers and memos play a crucial role in helping students achieve their full potential in the Grade 11 Mathematics examination.