Grade 10 CAT Theory Exam Papers And Memos PDF Term 1

Grade 10 CAT Theory Exam Papers and Memos PDF Term 1: Facts in South Africa


The Computer Applications Technology (CAT) Theory Exam is a crucial assessment for Grade 10 learners in South Africa. It evaluates their understanding of fundamental concepts and principles in computer science and technology. This comprehensive guide provides access to the official CAT Theory Exam Papers and Memos for Term 1, along with a detailed analysis of key facts about South Africa.

Section 1: CAT Theory Exam Papers and Memos

Paper 1

  • Topic: Introduction to Computer Systems
  • Questions:
    • Define a computer system and its components.
    • Explain the different types of computer systems.
    • Describe the functions of an operating system.
  • Memo:
    • [Download PDF](link to memo)

Paper 2

  • Topic: Data Representation and Communication
  • Questions:
    • Convert binary numbers to decimal and vice versa.
    • Explain the concept of data compression.
    • Describe the different types of communication networks.
  • Memo:
    • [Download PDF](link to memo)

Paper 3

  • Topic: Software Development
  • Questions:
    • Define the software development life cycle.
    • Explain the different types of programming languages.
    • Describe the principles of object-oriented programming.
  • Memo:
    • [Download PDF](link to memo)

Section 2: Facts about South Africa


  • South Africa is located at the southernmost tip of Africa.
  • It has a coastline of over 2,500 kilometers.
  • The country is home to diverse landscapes, including mountains, deserts, and forests.
  • The highest peak in South Africa is Mafadi Peak (3,450 meters).


  • South Africa has a population of over 60 million people.
  • The country is a multi-cultural society with 11 official languages.
  • The largest ethnic group is the Zulu (20.6%).
  • The average life expectancy in South Africa is 64 years.
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  • South Africa was first inhabited by the Khoisan people.
  • The Dutch established a colony at the Cape of Good Hope in 1652.
  • The British took control of the Cape Colony in 1806.
  • South Africa became a republic in 1961.
  • The country experienced a period of apartheid from 1948 to 1994.


  • South Africa has a mixed economy with a strong mining sector.
  • The country is the world’s largest producer of gold and platinum.
  • Other major industries include tourism, manufacturing, and agriculture.
  • The official currency of South Africa is the rand.


  • South Africa has a rich and diverse culture.
  • The country is home to many different art forms, including music, dance, and literature.
  • South Africa is also known for its vibrant sports culture, particularly rugby and cricket.


  • South Africa is a constitutional democracy.
  • The country has a three-tiered government system: national, provincial, and local.
  • The current president of South Africa is Cyril Ramaphosa.


  • South Africa has a well-developed education system.
  • The country has over 25 universities and 50 technical and vocational education and training (TVET) colleges.
  • The literacy rate in South Africa is over 90%.


This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the Grade 10 CAT Theory Exam Papers and Memos for Term 1, as well as key facts about South Africa. By understanding these concepts and facts, learners can prepare effectively for their exam and gain a deeper understanding of their country.