Gauteng City Region Academy Student Bursary Program for Future Students

If you are a student living in Gauteng and you are thinking about continuing your education to a higher level, the idea of taking part in Gauteng City Region Academy Student Bursary program would be the perfect one. You can get the needed financial help while trying to achieve a dream of getting higher education and degree – something that can affect your career and future. Be sure to meet all the criteria and requirements, and not to miss a single thing that may ruin your chance in getting the financial support.

About the Program

There are many promising, talented, and potential students out there, but they are mostly struggling with financial problems and hardship. It makes them not focus in pursuing their higher degree of education – even worse, they have to give up their dreams in getting the education they want.

This financial support is provided for students struggling with this issue. This financial support is being offered for Gauteng area, and the application for 2020 period is now open. There are several basic elements that candidates must understand and address, and they may be considered as the shortlisted candidates for the further stage.

The Requirements

Just like other programs, this Gauteng City Region Academy Student Bursary program has its own standard of measurement. There are some basic and general requirements that all candidates must meet to qualify. The requirements include:

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa
  • They must be unemployed
  • They must not have any criminal record or any pending charge
  • They must be within the process of getting a Grade 12 certificate or the equivalent OR they must have completed Grade 12 and have the certificate, or the equivalent
  • They must be undergraduate students within Traditional Higher Education Institution or Further Education and Training Institution
  • They must have permanent residency of Gauteng
  • Preferences and priorities would be awarded to those from previously disadvantaged background or communities

How to Apply

Please be advised that candidates are expected to complete online application from this link. Before completing the application, they need to read the entire directions and they also need to know what kinds of documentation needed for the process.

They need to include these following documents within the completed application form:

  • Proof of residence
  • A certified copy of South African ID document
  • An acceptance letter from a recognized institution
  • Certificate of statement of results or Grade 12 results
  • A certified copy of Matric certificate

When completing the application form, candidates need to read everything thoroughly. They also need to make sure that the form has been completed and it is also duly signed. Be sure that all documents are complete and not a single item is missing. It can lead to their application being ignored and then rejected.

The deadline is on March the 31st 2020. Be advised that late submission would lead to the application being rejected. Candidates can visit the provided link to understand more about the details of the Gauteng City Region Academy Student Bursary program.

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