False Bay TVET College Vacancies: Workshop Assistant

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  • Apr 01, 2022

False Bay TVET College, a leading college in nurturing students to work professionally, has a vacancy for workshop assistant.

As a top Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), False Bay has great learning sources for their students. With these, students can learn hands-on skills that give them a higher chance to get hired.

In this institution, the position of workshop assistant has a great role. They will take care and check on the workshop venue and surrounding area.

Not only that, they should also actively make sure that the equipment that the lecturer has in place. Any other casualties happening in the workshop area should be noticed and reported timely.

More or less, this position is responsible for the workshop area, and all the surrounding tidbits related to it.

Then, are you ready to know more about False Bay TVET College Vacancies? Scroll down to get insight on what to prepare for a submission.

False Bay TVET College Vacancies
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Job Description

Job Title: Workshop Assistant

Recruiter: False Bay TVET College

Reference Number: DGW02

Salary: 104,073.00 – 122,592.00 Annually

Location: Westlake, Western Cape, South Africa

Type: Permanent


As we have already mentioned in the above paragraph about the roles of Workshop Assistant, this section will give you a more specific explanation.

If you are interested in the False Bay TVET College Vacancies, then this part of our article might help you to figure out your job and duties.

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The duties of Workshop Assistant in False Bay TVET College are:

  • Ensure that workshop and surrounding areas are clean at all times
  • Prepare training materials for workshop as required by Lecturer
  • Maintain storeroom, equipment and training material on a daily basis
  • Report on defective tools and equipment
  • Clean and organize storeroom equipment and training material

Eligibility and Requirements

Applicants of False Bay TVET College Vacancies for the Workshop Assistant position should fulfill the requirements from the employer.

For the minimum requirements are below:

  • Grade 9
  • 1 – 2 years’ experience in a similar environment

Other than the requirements above, there’s also a recommendation list. Applicants who have the credentials such as listed in the list will have a higher chance to be the shortlisted candidates.

Those recommendations are:

  • Have the qualification of Grade 12
  • Experience with stock control of tools, consumables and workshop materials (Welding and Boiler making)
  • Posses prior workshop and store maintenance experience


The submission of CV and requirements of the False Bay TVET College Vacancies for the Workshop Assistant position should be done online.

The process will be held in this link. Prepare all the files and make sure not to miss anything. Because an incomplete application will result in disqualification.


Do you still have questions that are not yet answered? Then, you can visit the False Bay TVET College website to get more information.

Closing Date

The closing date for the vacancy is on 3 April 2022. As it will close soon, you should submit your application immediately. Late submission will result in your application to be considered unsuccessful.

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Then, we hope you are successful with your application for the Workshop Assistant position of the False Bay TVET College Vacancies.

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