English Past Exam Papers And Memos Grade 4

English Past Exam Papers and Memos Grade 4: Facts in South Africa


English is a crucial subject in the South African education system, and learners are required to demonstrate proficiency in the language from an early age. Past exam papers and memos provide valuable resources for students to prepare for their assessments and improve their understanding of the subject matter. This comprehensive guide presents a detailed analysis of English past exam papers and memos for Grade 4 learners in South Africa, focusing on the key facts and concepts covered in the curriculum.

Section 1: Reading Comprehension

1.1 Text Types

Grade 4 English exam papers typically include a variety of text types, such as:

  • Informational texts (e.g., articles, reports)
  • Narrative texts (e.g., stories, poems)
  • Persuasive texts (e.g., advertisements, speeches)

1.2 Comprehension Skills

Learners are expected to demonstrate comprehension skills, including:

  • Identifying the main idea and supporting details
  • Making inferences and drawing conclusions
  • Summarizing and retelling information
  • Analyzing characters, settings, and events

1.3 Sample Questions

  • Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:
  • What is the main purpose of this text?
  • Who is the main character in the story?
  • What is the problem that the character faces?

Section 2: Language Conventions

2.1 Grammar

Grade 4 English exam papers assess learners’ understanding of grammar, including:

  • Parts of speech (e.g., nouns, verbs, adjectives)
  • Sentence structure (e.g., subject-verb agreement, punctuation)
  • Tenses (e.g., present, past, future)

2.2 Spelling

Learners are expected to demonstrate accurate spelling of common words and words with specific spelling patterns.

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2.3 Vocabulary

Exam papers test learners’ vocabulary, including:

  • Identifying the meaning of words in context
  • Using synonyms and antonyms
  • Expanding vocabulary through reading and writing

2.4 Sample Questions

  • Circle the correct verb tense in the following sentence:
  • The children (play / played) in the park yesterday.
  • Choose the correct spelling of the word:
  • accomodation / accommodation
  • Write a sentence using the word "magnificent."

Section 3: Writing

3.1 Narrative Writing

Learners are required to write short narratives, including:

  • Creating characters and settings
  • Developing a plot with a beginning, middle, and end
  • Using descriptive language and dialogue

3.2 Informative Writing

Learners are expected to write informative texts, such as:

  • Reports on a topic of their choice
  • Instructions on how to do something
  • Explanations of a concept or process

3.3 Sample Questions

  • Write a story about a time when you went on an adventure.
  • Write a report on the life cycle of a butterfly.
  • Write instructions on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Section 4: Facts in South Africa

4.1 Geography

Exam papers may include questions related to South African geography, such as:

  • The location of major cities and provinces
  • The different biomes found in South Africa
  • The country’s natural resources

4.2 History

Learners are expected to know basic facts about South African history, including:

  • The arrival of the first people in South Africa
  • The establishment of the Union of South Africa
  • The apartheid era and the struggle for freedom

4.3 Culture

Exam papers may also assess learners’ knowledge of South African culture, such as:

  • The different languages spoken in South Africa
  • Traditional customs and beliefs
  • Famous South African artists and musicians
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4.4 Sample Questions

  • Name the capital city of South Africa.
  • What is the largest biome in South Africa?
  • Who was the first president of South Africa?


English past exam papers and memos are invaluable resources for Grade 4 learners in South Africa. By analyzing these materials, learners can identify key concepts, practice their skills, and gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter. The facts presented in this guide provide a comprehensive overview of the topics covered in the curriculum, enabling learners to prepare effectively for their assessments and succeed in their English studies.