Check My Drivers Licence Status Online South Africa

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  • Feb 25, 2024

Check My Drivers Licence Status Online South Africa


In South Africa, holding a valid driver’s license is a legal requirement for operating a motor vehicle. It serves as proof of identity, driving proficiency, and adherence to traffic regulations. However, it is crucial to ensure that your driver’s license is up-to-date and valid to avoid legal consequences and ensure safe driving practices. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to check your driver’s license status online in South Africa.

Importance of Checking Driver’s License Status

Checking your driver’s license status is essential for several reasons:

  • Validity Verification: It allows you to confirm that your license is still valid and has not expired.
  • Renewal Reminders: You can receive notifications when your license is approaching its expiry date, enabling you to renew it promptly.
  • Suspension or Revocation Checks: It helps you determine if your license has been suspended or revoked due to traffic violations or other legal issues.
  • Fraud Prevention: You can verify the authenticity of your license and protect yourself from fraudulent activities.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing the status of your driver’s license provides peace of mind and ensures that you are legally compliant.

Online Driver’s License Status Check

The South African government has made it convenient for citizens to check their driver’s license status online through the National Traffic Information System (NaTIS). Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Visit the NaTIS Website: Go to the NaTIS website at
  2. Select "Online Services": Click on the "Online Services" tab in the top menu.
  3. Choose "Driver’s License Status": Under the "Driver’s License" section, select "Driver’s License Status."
  4. Enter Your Details: Enter your South African ID number or driver’s license number in the designated field.
  5. Click "Submit": Click on the "Submit" button to initiate the status check.
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Interpreting the Results

Once you submit your details, the NaTIS system will display the status of your driver’s license. The results may include the following information:

  • License Validity: Indicates whether your license is valid or expired.
  • Expiry Date: Shows the date when your license will expire.
  • Suspension or Revocation: If your license has been suspended or revoked, it will be indicated here.
  • Endorsements: Lists any endorsements or restrictions on your license, such as for specific vehicle classes.
  • Demerit Points: Displays the number of demerit points accumulated on your license due to traffic violations.

Additional Features

In addition to checking your driver’s license status, the NaTIS website offers other useful features:

  • License Renewal: You can apply for a driver’s license renewal online.
  • Address Change: You can update your address on your driver’s license.
  • License History: You can view a history of your driver’s license transactions.
  • Traffic Fines: You can check for outstanding traffic fines and make payments online.

Mobile App

The NaTIS services are also available through a mobile app called "NaTIS One." You can download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and use it to check your driver’s license status and access other NaTIS services on the go.


Checking your driver’s license status online in South Africa is a quick and convenient way to ensure that your license is valid and up-to-date. By utilizing the NaTIS website or mobile app, you can verify the status of your license, receive renewal reminders, and protect yourself from fraud. Remember, driving with an expired or invalid license is a serious offense that can lead to legal consequences. Therefore, it is crucial to check your driver’s license status regularly and take appropriate action to maintain its validity.

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