Department of Labour: Call Centre Agents Vacancies

Department of Labour offers Call Centre Agent vacancies regularly, except during December. They will publish it every week and you can find posts of jobs in the public services department.


This time, there are more than forty positions. However, this is a good chance to prepare your CV and get the most suitable position for you.

Department of Labour have requirements and ways for those who want to apply. There are the details below.

call centre agent vacancies

The Positions Available in the Department of Labour

There are 19 national departments that open vacancies this year. Also, there are 41 positions in the Department of Labour Vacancies that can be applied for, including:

  1. Office Administrator: Risk Management
  2. Deputy Director: Human Resources Development
  3. Deputy Director: Internal Control
  4. Deputy Director: Projects
  5. Deputy Director: Fraud Prevention And Integrity
  6. Principal Inspector: Occupational Health And Hygiene
  7. Assistant Director: Demand And Acquisitions
  8. Assistant Director: Financial Administration
  9. Inspector: Employment Equity
  10. Supervisor: Registration Services
  11. Senior Administration Officer: Employer Compliance
  12. Practitioner: Performance Management
  13. Administrative Officer: Property Acquisition And Leasing
  14. Administrative Officer: PES Admin Systems
  15. Practitioner: Fleet Monitoring And Inspection
  16. Employer: Audit Officer
  17. Maintenance Officer: Electrical
  18. Senior Administration Clerk: Estates
  19. Inspector
  20. Client Service Officer: UI
  21. Call Center Agents
  22. Office Ad
  23. Tradesman Ad
  24. Administrative Clerk: Support Services
  25. Administration Clerk: Public Employment Service
  26. Administration Clerk: Management Support Services
  27. Client Service Officer: Registration Services
  28. Auxiliary Inspector NMWA
  29. Auxiliary Inspector EEA
  30. Medical Adjudicator
  31. Administrative Officer: Labour Market Information Statistics And Planning
  32. Employment Service Practitioner
  33. Senior Administration Officer: Pension Administrator
  34. Senior Practitioner: Beneficiary Services
  35. Supervisor: Registration Services
  36. SAP Analyst
  37. Assistant Director: Statutory Services
  38. Assistant Director: Risk Management
  39. Career Guidance Coordinator
  40. Assistant Director (Occupational Therapy)
  41. Deputy Director: Financial System Administration
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Special Amendments

On October 22h, the government published a vacancy for some positions in public services. There are some amendments to the requirements of that position:

  • Director: Infrastructure Assessment and Analysis with Ref No: MISA/D-IAA/02. The applicant must have an appropriate degree in Built Environment or relevant equivalent qualification at NQF 7, with 5 years of experience at the Middle Management Service Level.
  • Specialist Engineer: Transportation, Roads, and Stormwater with Ref No: MISA/SE-WS/01. To apply, you must have an appropriate master’s degree in Civil/Transportation Engineering, Specializing in Transportation Engineering, Roads and Stormwater or equivalent relevant qualification at NQF level 9. Also, have ten years of post-qualification experience in the same field with ECSA.

The government extended the closing date to November, the 25th 2022

Requirements for Call Centre Agent Vacancies

Department of Labour vacancies requires some standards for their applicants for the Call Centre Agent position. Also, there are some guidelines for the department.

For the applicants

  • Send your applications on form Z83 which is effective on January, 1st Fill it with full particulars of training, qualifications, competencies, knowledge, and experience you have. Use a separate sheet if necessary (like a CV), and forward it to the department in which the vacancy exists.
  • Write down the reference number of the vacancy in your application.
  • If you need some additional information about the position, direct the enquiries to the department where the vacancy exists.
  • The application must reach the department before the applicable closing date.

For the department

  • Department which advertised any vacation must ensure the content of the circular is brought to all candidates.
  • Assist potential candidates to apply timeously for the vacancy and attend the interview.
  • Do assessment and selection in accordance with the relevant measures that apply to employment in the Public Service.
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Call Centre Agent Vacancies Application

Every candidate must reach some level of pre-entry course. To access the SMS pre-entry certificate, visit the site of the Department of the National School of Government. Also, you can reach more information about the course by visiting the same site.

Submit your application on the Application for Employment form (Z83 form). Download, print, and complete the form.

Each position has its own way of applying. You can read the complete information on the Department of Employment and Labour site. These vacancies are open until November the 18th 2022.