An Investigation of Basic Pass Requirements for A National Senior Certificate, Diploma and Degree

For some companies, basic pass requirements have been one of the compulsory requirements that all applicants must fulfill. Rumor has it that only 30% out of 100% pass requirements that the applicants need at least. However, this statement is not true because there is the standard minimum of requirement that all applicants must have. Although you might probably an expert in one or two subjects, it is still not enough for them to be eligible for the job.

Moreover, a spokesman for the Department of the Basic Education stated that when a learner does not reach the minimum subject requirement, he or she will be unable to get the award of National Senior Certificate although he or she has high mark in one or two subjects.

Basic Pass Requirements
Matric certificate on EWN

Four Matric Pass Levels

Generally, there are 4 matric pass levels which require different requirements for each level to achieve. They are National Senior Certificate Pass, higher certificate, Diploma, and also the Bachelor’s Degree. As different position requires different Matric pass levels, here are the four Matric pass levels and their requirements as follows.

National Senior Certificate Pass

In order to pass your matric year, there are some bare minimum score that all the applicants need to have. These scores use APS or Admission Point Score as the measurement for their passing grade.

First, they need to have an APS score in at least three in your home language. For another 2 subjects, the APS score must be in the minimum of three. Moreover, the score of other 4 subjects must be 2 in their APS score. Finally, the total of APS score of 14.

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Higher Certificate

Meanwhile, for the higher certificate pass requirements and other degrees, the measurement used is no longer APS score. They use percentage for the applicants to reach the minimum standard they have set.

First, for the Home Language, the applicants must have obtained 40% score out of 100%. Besides, they also have to obtain at least 40% of three other high credit subjects. For the other two subjects, they have to obtain at least 30% our of 100% score. Please note that one of the languages must be English or Afrikaans for qualifying for a higher certificate.


Another basic pass requirements for Diploma is obtaining the minimum of 40% for your home language. The same percentage also goes for three other high credit subjects (four, including the home language that you have). For the other two subjects, the applicants must possess the minimum of 30%.

Bachelor’s Degree

Last but not least, the basic pass requirements for Bachelor’s Degree are 40% minimum score of the home language. Moreover, the applicants must obtain the minimum of 50% of four other high credit subjects. Finally, the applicants need to have the minimum of 30% of two other subjects.

For those who might not aware about the compulsory subjects, yes, there are some subjects that belong to the compulsory subjects to achieve. They are the home language, first additional language, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy, and also Life Orientation.

Meanwhile, the high credit subjects include languages, accounting, agricultural science, business and consumer studies, dramatic arts, economics, geography, engineering graphic and design, history, IT, life sciences, Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, music, visual arts, religion studies, and also physical sciences.