10 Volunteering Opportunities in South Africa

Having free time and no activities to spend your time meaningfully might be a big problem for some people. For this reason, the 10 Volunteering Opportunities in South Africa might be the opportunities that you are looking for. You can spend your time helping out in the places that we’re going to show you here, and learn great experiences with new people during the volunteering programme.

Check out the 10 Volunteering Opportunities in South Africa below, who knows one of them might be the fittest programme for you!

10 Volunteering Opportunities in South Africa
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Animal Care in Cape Town

Takes place in Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa, the IVHQ gives shelter to four-legged animals such as dogs and cats which are neglected, and abandoned. In this program, you will learn how to take care of healthy or sick animals, to run the shelter daily, ensure the cleaning and feeding for animals daily.

If you are animal lovers who tend to spend your day among these beautiful souls, then you might fit this opportunity. You don’t need to worry about housing, meals and wifi, since they will provide that for you. Aside from that, you can enjoy a coastal life while doing this programme.

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Childcare in Cape Town

Another program from IVHQ, concerns childcare for disadvantaged kids in Cape Town. In this program you will be required to have interest in caring and teaching children in the childcare center. You don’t need to have certain certifications to join this program, they just need your passion and love to care about children here.

Additionally, you will have responsibilities to make daily learning and activities for children, assist children in feeding, cleaning in meals time, help with the general running duties of the center. 

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Holiday Club in Table View

In this program you will help teenagers to spend their holiday in a positive way. Together with the local team, you can help planning, arranging, and running activities that those teenagers should do. The point is so that they can spend their time positively and actively together during their school holidays.

You can help with the planning activities such as, hiking, doing games, cooking, hiking, visiting aquariums, or the beach, as long as they can spend their time positively. You can gain experience in planning and designing activities for the youngsters in the holiday club while engaging in childcare and teaching for them.

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Kindergarten in Table View

Your involvement in this program will focus on helping children early education together with other staff in the kindergarten. You will help care for the kids and plan and arrange materials for daily children’s education. 

You can gain experience in taking care of children during school time, arranging lessons, games and activities with them.

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Sports Development in Cape Town

If you are a sports enthusiast, then this Sport Development program can be an option for you. As youths in South Africa love to do sports and physical education in school, you will be responsible to give guidance and surveillance to 6-12 year-old kids. You will help arrange local sports or give ideas on new sports that children can play together.

As you’re going to work together with the local teachers, you don’t need to have teaching experience beforehand. You will instead gain additional knowledge on how to take care of children’s education, especially about sports development and teaching experience.

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Sports Development in Table View

Different from the previous program in Cape Town, this program gives pointers to teenagers who play sports in their after school time with sports as future career insight. You will help them to reach their objectives in skateboarding, netball, soccer, boxing and swimming. 

Other than that, this program also gives you another option to work with the local teams or even give insights on new sports that are now offered. You can pick one of the options that fits your interest more.

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Surf Outreach in Cape Town

This is a chance for you to learn surfing skills while giving pointers to children on how to surf. As this program splits into two parts, you can learn the surfing skill from the instructor in the first and supervise surfing kids in the second part. 

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Aside from that, you also should help children to understand how important it is to take care of the beach and marine environment. As surfing is all about weather and waves, if the condition allows you can go surfing with the children. But if not. you will help with educational classes and beach games.

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Surf, Skate and Swim in Table View

In this program, you will help guide children to learn surfing, skateboarding and swimming. With this program, hopefully children will gain social skills, life skills and teamwork.

The children you help to teach will be around 10 to 16 years old. As you need to have a wet suit for the surfing session, you can bring your own or buy it when you’re there. 

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Teaching in Cape Town

As students in entry level need more attention while learning in class, volunteering will be a great assistance in such conditions. You will learn about teaching skills from local teachers and help them to assist children in learning sessions. 

You might help them learn English, Math, assist in small groups and help prepare for educational activities and sports. 

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Wildlife Conservation in South Africa

This program takes place in Kruger National Park in South Africa. You will live in a reserve environment and learn skills in wildlife conservation of  lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalo.

People who have passion about animals and great stamina will be a plus. You might not be able to get a chance to join in the research field, yet you will be part of conservation works during the program. If those are enough temptations to join the program then you can try to join.

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