Veer Steel Mills Training Programme

It has been a fact that when it comes to steel industry, people will figure out that the skills capacity is still low. There are plenty of human resources, however, they do not have proper knowledge and understanding about how to produce and provide the best steel. Therefore, the presence of Veer Steel Mills training programme is very compulsory to enhance the skills capacity of people.

By obtaining some skills, you will be able to get higher percentage to get a decent job that pays well. Besides, you will be able to develop yourself from the advanced skills you learn from this training programme. However, you must know the focus areas of the training programme to ensure that you do not choose unsuitable focus area.


Focus Areas of Training Programme

This training programme has focused on these following areas as the major concentration. They are the production technology, electricians, fitters, turners, and also metallurgists. These focus areas of the training programme have not yet been comprehended by most of people. They might only know general information about each.

By providing these specific areas of training, it is highly hoped that all South African youths who are unemployed can have the same opportunities in working. Besides, they will be able to enhance their current skills so that they will have the ability to produce well and reach better results.

As the mandate of the company is to create opportunities at a localized level, they also offer the opportunities to the female candidates as well. Therefore, not only the company but also the candidates will gain the benefits.


Furthermore, this Veer Steel Mills training programme also has a few requirements that most candidates need to provide. First, the applicants must meet the minimum academic requirements set out by the SETA. Second, the applicants must have the interests to do the training in relevant fields.

When they are recruited, the trainees will start doing the on-site learning and also training. Moreover, there will be some theory learning and practical training. This way, not only the trainers and moderators but also the assessors will make sure that the standard of training has been based on the policies and procedures.

Key Partners

The more partners that a company has, the more networking and capabilities they will have in providing a service. They will be able to get back up when they are unable to do something. Similarly, in Veer Steel Mills training programme, they have their key partners to support their training programme to meet the qualified standard of a training facilities.

They are merSETA, University of Johannesburg, and also resolutioncircle. These key partners support the training programme and offer training solutions that people with no specific skills might seek.


In addition, when you still need more information about Veer Steel Mills training programme and the specific programme that you are interested in, you can contact (011) 908 9440. Alternatively, sending them an email about your queries is acceptable at [email protected]. ¬†Choose wisely for your future so that you will have a promising future to live in.