Tugela Mill SAPPI Apprenticeship Program for 2020 Period

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If you are looking for the opportunity to sharpen your skills and to improve your qualifications for a better future, then you should think about taking part in Tugela Mill SAPPI Apprenticeship program. The program is designed to help candidates from the unemployed youth to gain the experience and skills need for their future career. Through the program, you should be able to enhance your abilities that may have a significant impact to your future career and abilities.

About the Program

Tugela Mill SAPPI Apprenticeship program is offered to potential and promising individuals who have the interest and passion in the Instrumentation Trade. Besides gaining the knowledge, they will also get the professional working experience once they have completed the program.

During the training, the candidates will get these opportunities:

  • They can enjoy offsite practical training chances
  • They can also get all trade training sessions that would be completed within SETA (approved) training facility
  • They can get on-the-job practice and training at SAPPI Tugela
  • They will also get the access to theoretical training
  • They may get a monthly allowance or stipend during the apprenticeship period

The Requirements

Just like other apprenticeship programs, there are some basic requirements that all candidates must meet. Some of the basic and general requirements that candidates of Tugela Mill SAPPI Apprenticeship program should meet are:

  • They must be the citizens of South Africa with valid ID document
  • They must have completed Matric
  • They must have Matric certificate with Physical Science and Mathematics
  • They must have N3 Instrumentation along with 4 subjects
  • They must be passionate about the program and have the interest for the subject
  • They must not have any criminal record
  • They must have a good credit record
  • They must be at least computer literate with basic computer skills
  • They must have good English language skills (for reading, writing, speaking, and writing)
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How to Apply

You need to go to the following link to apply. Once you have clicked on the button ‘Apply’, then you will have to create an account to fill in the application form.

Make sure to fill in the form with the detailed information of yourself. Be advised that you may be required to upload the supporting documents that may cover these documents:

  • A complete CV
  • A motivational letter
  • A certified copy of Matric certificate
  • A certified copy of ID document
  • Certified copies of qualifications or Diploma
  • A passport-size photo

It is possible that you may be required to prepare other documents as you progress in the screening process so you should always be prepared. Be advised that you need to meet all the requirements – whether it is the basic requirements as well as the further requirements concerning the supporting documents. Any failure to meet even one of them may lead to your application will be ignored and then rejected.

The deadline is on December the 6th 2019. Any late application submission can lead to your application to be rejected so be sure to send it on time. If you have further questions or want to know more about Tugela Mill SAPPI Apprenticeship program, you should check the official website.


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