SASSA Social Grants: List and How to Apply

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is actually a national agency of South African government. It was established to distribute the social grants on behalf of the Department of Social Development. There are some categories of SASSA social grants which will be given to the people in need based on the category.

In the following, there will be ten categories of SASSA and the ways on how to apply for each category to refer.

SASSA Social Grants
SASSA on The South African

Care Dependency Grant

If probably you need to take care of a child with severe disability, you might need full time treatment and high cost. Care dependency grant is available for the children with disability to cover from birth until they turn to 18 years old. You have to prepare the child’s birth certificate and also proof of spousal relationship status.

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Child Support Grant

Another one of the SASSA social grants is child support grant. This grant is given to those household with lower income. Thus, this grant will facilitate the households in getting more income to bridge the gap of cost of living. The child is supposed to be under 18 years-old living with the parents or primary caregiver.

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Disability Grant

This grant will be available for people who are between 18 and 59 years old and have disabilities. They need to submit medical assessment stating permanent or severe disabilities. In order to get the grant from SASSA, the applicant must not be in the receipt of another grant.

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Foster Child Grant

When you take care of a child who has been in your custody by the court because he was orphaned, abused, or neglected, you might get the foster child grant. For qualifying the foster child grant, the foster child should be legally placed in your care. Besides, the child must not be older than 18 years old.

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This grant is available for the people with old age or disabled when they are unable to take care of themselves. Therefore, they will need full-time care from other people and you will need grant-in-aid to pay the monthly salary.

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Older Persons Grant

Different from grant-in-aid, this grant is for old-age pension. They will get monthly income because they will be no longer productive in their ages. Therefore, they will get no other income for their daily lives.

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Social Relief of Distress

This grant will be given to those who have the shortage of money because they could not meet their family members. It will be temporarily given to people who are medically unfit to work and get their income.

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War Veterans Grant

When you have ever served in the First and Second World War or Korean War, you will have the chance to get war veterans grant. In order to get this grant, you should show the proof of citizenship you have.

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Covid-19 Relief Grant R350

Similar to SRD grants, this Covid-19 Relief grant will be in the amount of R350 for each month. However, the period of paying the grant will be only from May until October. It will be given in the duration of 6 months.

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Grant Customer Support Request

For getting the grant, the applicants should be unemployed. They will have to fill in the form which has been marked with (*). After completing the form correctly, the applicants can click the button of email and click send on the page. The applicants must ensure that they have meet the qualification of these grants.

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