RTMC Internship 2023 for Unemployed in 7 Divisions

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) is a national corporation that has responsibilities in managing road traffic across the various spheres of South Africa’s Government. The primary duties of RTMC are managing plans, regulation, coordination, as well as facilitation of traffic law enforcement in spheres of national, provincial administration, and local. Some issues that will be the main concentration are ensuring driver and vehicle fitness, freight and public transport, pedestrian enforcement, dangerous driving, intoxicated driving, and overloading control amongst others.

rtmc internship 2023


RTMC Internship 2023

RTMC is now offering an internship programme for South African graduates that are currently unemployed. The RTMC Internship 2023 will run after this recruitment process for about 12 months. The internship programme is divided into seven divisions that you need to choose one of them. The available divisions are Road Safety, RTTA, ECEO, Road Traffic Information and Technology, Financial Services, Corporate Services,  and Traffic Law Enforcement.

RTMC Internship Qualifications

In order to be processed, you must meet the internship qualifications. Each division has some unit. Each unit has a reference number and special qualification. Here are the details of division, unit, reference number, and qualification in a table view to make it simple to understand.

No Division Unit Reference No. Qualification (NQF Level 6/7)
1 Road Safety Road Safety Programmes RTMC/I:RS/2022 Road Safety
Intergovernmental Relations RTMC/I:IR/2022 Intergovernmental Relations
Marketing RTMC/I:M/2022 Marketing
2 RTTA Administration and Learner Support RTMC/I: ALS/2022 Administration
Administration, Planning, and Coordination RTMC/IAPC/2022 Administration
Training Delivery RTMC/I: APC/2022 Administration
Training Material Development and
Quality Assurance
RTMC/I: A/2022 Administration
3 ECEO Internal Audit RTMC/I: IA/2022 Internal Auditing
Norms, Standards, and Inspectorate RTMC/I: NSI/2022 Law/Legal
4 Road Traffic
Information Governance and Security RTMC/I: IGS/2022 IT or IT related
Research and Development RTMC/I: RD/2022 IT or IT related
Road Traffic Information RTMC/I: RTI/2022 Statistics/ Information Management
Road Traffic Management Infrastructure RTMC/I: RTMI/2022 IT or IT related
Road Traffic Management Systems
RTMC/I: RTMSS/2022 IT /Degree in IT or IT related and Driver’s License
5 Financial Services Revenue Management RTMC/I: RM/2022 Finance
SCM Demand RTMC/I: SCMD/2022 SCM or Logistics Management
SCM Acquisition RTMC/I: SCMA/2022 SCM or Logistics Management
SCM Logistics RTMC/I: SCML/2022 SCM or Logistics Management
SCM Bid Administration and Contract Management RTMC/I: SCMBACM/2022 SCM or Logistics Management
SCM Assets RTMC/I: SCMA/2022 SCM or Logistics Management
Financial Accounting RTMC/I: FA/2022 Finance
6 Corporate Services Training Norms and Standards RTMC/I: TNS/2022 Road Traffic and Municipal Policing Management
Secretariat Services RTMC/I: SS/2022 Public Administration/
Corporate Governance /LLB
Total Facilities Management RTMC/I: TFM/2022 Facilities, Fleet and Security Management
HR Operations RTMC/I: HRO/2022 Human Resource Management
Transformation and Employee Relations (Social Worker) RTMC/I: SW/2022 Social Work, Affiliation with the South African
Council for Social Services Professionals
Transformation and Employee Relations RTMC/I: HRD/2022 Resources Development/Human Resources
7 Traffic Law
Administration, Planning and Coordination
(Admin and Logistics)
RTMC/I: APC/2022 Administration
Administration, Planning and Coordination
(Control Room)
RTMC/IAPC/2022 Administration
Law Enforcement Operations RTMC/I: LEO/2022 Administration
Law Enforcement Specialised Services RTMC/I: LESS/2022 Administration
Office of the Executive RTMC/I: OE/2022 Administration
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RTMC Internship 2023 Requirements

Once you have at least one of the qualifications above, then you also must meet these general requirements to apply for RTMC Internship.

  • You are South African citizens;
  • Your ages are between 18 and 35;
  • You are currently unemployed who never joined an internship;
  • You must hold a National Diploma (NQF level 6), Bachelor’s Degree (NQF level 7), and Postgraduate Degree (NQF level 8).

RTMC Internship Benefits

Successful applicants will receive a monthly stipend which will be determined by the level of qualification.

RTMC Internship 2023 Application

Once you have met the qualifications and requirements, then submit your applications with a cover letter quoting the relevant reference number, CV, copy of ID, Senior Certificate, and qualification, including academic transcript. If you want to apply for more than one field, then please separate your application for each field. All applications will be evaluated by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA).

Submit your applications with followed documents above via the emails below. Please take attention to you division you are applying for before sending your email.

• Road Safety: [email protected]
• Road Traffic Training Academy: [email protected]
• OCEO: [email protected]
• Road Traffic Information and Technology: [email protected]
• Finance: [email protected]
• Corporate Services: [email protected]
• Traffic Law Enforcement: [email protected]

If you need further assistance or inquiries, you can contact Human Capital at (012) 999 5200.

Closing Date: 20 January 2023