Motivational Letter for Internship

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If you are thinking about taking part in an internship program, you need to think about the proper way to construct the motivational letter for internship to help your chance of getting accepted. After all, writing such a letter can be overwhelming. Not to mention that some people may have the wrong concept about such a letter.

One of the biggest mistakes people tend to make is to think that motivational and cover letter to be the same. Well, they are not. If you want to increase your chance in getting accepted for the internship, know the exact differences so your chances can be bigger.

What Is Motivational Letter

A motivational letter is a letter describing the reason why you are the perfect option for the position or the program – and it is generally attached to the resume. There are 4 reasons why such a letter is needed:

  • You want to send an application to be admitted to an educational program (graduate, undergraduate, or postgraduate)
  • You want to work at an organization, but the non-profit type
  • You want to be a volunteer within an organization
  • You want to use it as the motivational letter for internship

Again, a motivational letter is different from a cover letter, so it is possible to send both motivational and also cover letter along with the resume. A cover letter is an introduction to the resume while the motivational letter would be the powerful and strong sales pitch – your sales pitch because you are basically ‘selling out’ yourself.

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The function of a motivational letter is to show that you aren’t just talk. You list everything about your resume; plus, you also want to describe your intention to join the program. All organizations are in search of genuine people – people who actually want to be there. And your motivational letter can open the way. If you do it properly, it can boost your resume as well as making up for your lack of required skills.

Motivational Letter Structure

Keep in mind that a good motivational letter for internship is one page – it shows your introduction, interest, and story. There are two ways to construct the letter:

  • You can use the classic and traditional 3 main paragraphs with the introduction, body, and conclusion
  • You can use the construction consisting of 5 to 7 paragraphs. The body paragraph is divided into smaller paragraphs (one to three) depending on the main points.

It is up to you to choose which construction you like more. If you want to be more to the point and factual, then go to the second structure (the 7 paragraph one). With this construction, you can use each paragraph to describe and discuss specific points or achievements. However, if you prefer to the story-telling construction, then you should choose the first structure (the 3 paragraph) so you can make use of the story’s flow.

Important Notes

Whatever you do, don’t lie. Lying will never do you good and it will only ruin your chance of getting accepted. Now that you already know the principle of motivational letter for internship, you should be able to create one easily.

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