Mechanical Artisan Apprenticeship Program 2020

Students who are eager about gaining valuable knowledge within the mechanical industry and professional sector can always consider joining the Mechanical Artisan Apprenticeship program from Department of Transport and Public Works in Western Cape area. Through the program, not only they can obtain theoretical platform but they can also have a direct working experience that is meant to improve their skills, qualifications, and expertise by the time they complete it.

About the Program

The Department of Transport and Public Works have viewed and considered the importance of shaping and training young workforce so the economy and industrial sector can grow. That’s why they come up with this Mechanical Artisan Apprenticeship program that will last for 4 years so the students (as the participants) would be ready for the working world. Through the qualifications, they are expected to study in HEI (Higher Education Institution) toward becoming a professional engineer or mechanical engineering technician.

It is possible that the stand-out candidates may be employed or hired by the department, as they are known to employ candidates as artisans. The candidates would be covered and recognized by the OSD (Occupation Specific Dispensation) when offered the working chance. If it happens, the artisan would be eligible for higher grades and also higher posts.

Through the apprenticeship program, the candidates can develop these skills:

  • Basic Hydraulics
  • Abnormal Load Transportation
  • Occupation Health and Safety Act
  • Basic Auto Electricity
  • Basic Welding
  • Diesel Injector Servicing
  • Basic Spray Painting
  • Safety in the Workplace
  • Basic Fitting and Turning
  • Servicing and Maintaining Road Construction Machinery
  • Ground Engaging Tools and Implements
  • General Repairs to Earthmoving Machinery
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The Accreditation

This apprenticeship would be registered with Merseta (Manufacturing and Engineering Related Sectorial Education and Training Authority). The candidates would sign a 4-year contract with Merseta and approved by Department of Labor.

The Requirements

There are several basic requirements that all candidates must meet if they want to be eligible for the Mechanical Artisan Apprenticeship program.

·         They must be the citizens of South Africa

·         They must be less than 21 years old

·         They must not have any criminal record

·         They must not take part in any apprenticeship program currently or before

·         They must have Technical Matric certificate or other technical equivalent certificate such as N3 or N4 college certificate

·         They must have passed the subject in Physical Science and Mathematics

·         Priorities would be granted to those having more technical knowledge and ability such as Engineering Graphics and Design or Mechanical Technology

How to Apply

Application will take place online, so candidates are welcomed to visit the official website. They need to create an account first so they can apply for the program. This program is held annually but the subjects, the requirements, the opening and closing date, and the technical colleges can be different from one year to another – depending on the province where it is held.

Candidates who want to know the details of the Mechanical Artisan Apprenticeship program can contact the Department of Transport and Public Works in Western Cape at [email protected] at 021 959 7700.


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