Management Graduate Learnership Program 2020 by Bankseta

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Are you living in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban or Pretoria graduated in management? If so, you can definitely take the opportunity of management graduate learnership program 2020 by Bankseta. This time, you will have more and more days for the application preparation since the closing date is 31 August 2019.

In this article, you will be presented the valuable information about the general description of the learnership and the requirements that the candidates must fill in order to be accepted in the opportunity. Now you may check them out in the following sections.

General Description

Dealing with the management graduate learnership, the qualifying learner will graduate along with NQF certificate Level 5 in management development. Like in the other learnership programs, the learners must attend all the classes and be active in all the training activities held in the learnership as well as complete the assessment. These components are parts of the learnership process that the candidates must carry out until the end of the program.

If you are committed to apply for the opportunity, you must focus on what the requirements you should fill completely. Now the following sections will describe the requirements and the criteria.


This learnership is available not only for the common candidates but also for those with disability. In this concern, there is a special requirement for the candidates. To find out more about the requirements of Management Graduate Learnership program 2020, you can check out the following list:

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  1. Include a recent professional image in the application.
  2. Having verified qualification certificate.
  3. Recently unemployed.
  4. Having clear credit and no criminal record.
  5. Under the age of 30 in the year that the learnership require.
  6. Include medical certificate to confirm the nature of the disability if the candidates are those with the disability.
  7. Effective communication in English both spoken and written.

All the applicants must pay attention for the requirements. If they can meet all of these requirements along with the criteria that we are going to present later, they will have more chances to be accepted in the learnership program.


There are some criteria you should know before making a decision to apply the learnership. They are;

  1. Having completed 3 year tertiary qualification in Human Resources, Information Technology, Risk Management, Financial Accounting, Financial Management or Law and Marketing.
  2. Giving a positive recommendation from the previous school, learning institution and religious institution.
  3. Not involved in studies other similar program in the same year with this learnership.
  4. Not participating the learnership recently.
  5. Having permanent South African Citizenship by showing the possession of Valid SA ID.

These criteria will be very helpful in the consideration as well as in the selection process. Thus, the candidates who can meet the criteria along with the requirements will be mostly considered by the learnership.

If you are really interested with this learnership opportunity, you can download the application at this form



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