Life Science Grade 11 Term 1 Exam Papers PDF

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  • Mar 10, 2024

Life Science Grade 11 Term 1 Exam Papers PDF: Facts in South Africa


Life Science is a compulsory subject for Grade 11 learners in South Africa. The Term 1 exam paper covers a wide range of topics, including cell biology, genetics, and ecology. This document provides a comprehensive overview of the facts and concepts tested in the Life Science Grade 11 Term 1 exam paper.

Cell Biology

  • Cell structure and function:
    • Structure and function of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
    • Cell organelles and their roles
  • Cell division:
    • Mitosis and meiosis
    • Cell cycle regulation
  • Cell transport:
    • Passive and active transport
    • Diffusion, osmosis, and endocytosis
  • Cell communication:
    • Signal transduction pathways
    • Hormones and their roles


  • Mendelian genetics:
    • Laws of inheritance
    • Punnett squares
  • Molecular genetics:
    • DNA structure and function
    • Gene expression and regulation
  • Genetic disorders:
    • Types of genetic disorders
    • Inheritance patterns
  • Genetic engineering:
    • Techniques and applications
    • Ethical implications


  • Ecosystems:
    • Structure and function of ecosystems
    • Biotic and abiotic factors
  • Population ecology:
    • Population growth and regulation
    • Carrying capacity
  • Community ecology:
    • Species interactions (e.g., competition, predation)
    • Community structure and dynamics
  • Conservation ecology:
    • Threats to biodiversity
    • Conservation strategies

Exam Paper Structure

The Life Science Grade 11 Term 1 exam paper consists of two sections:

  • Section A: Multiple-choice questions (50 marks)
  • Section B: Essay questions (50 marks)

Section A: Multiple-Choice Questions

  • 25 questions
  • Each question has four options
  • Only one option is correct
  • Each question is worth 2 marks

Section B: Essay Questions

  • 5 questions
  • Each question is worth 10 marks
  • Learners must choose three questions to answer
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Tips for Success

  • Study the syllabus thoroughly: Make sure you understand the topics covered in the exam paper.
  • Use textbooks and other resources: Supplement your class notes with additional reading materials.
  • Practice answering exam-style questions: This will help you develop your problem-solving skills and time management.
  • Attend extra classes or tutorials: Seek additional support if you need it.
  • Revise regularly: Review the material you have studied to reinforce your understanding.
  • Manage your time wisely: Allocate sufficient time to each question during the exam.
  • Write clearly and concisely: Use correct grammar and spelling.


The Life Science Grade 11 Term 1 exam paper is a challenging but important assessment. By understanding the facts and concepts covered in the paper, practicing exam-style questions, and following the tips for success, learners can prepare effectively and achieve their desired results.