Learnerships for Matriculants: Requirements, Application & Stipend

Sometimes people have no idea about what jobs to find when they are a matriculant. If you want to learn skills and develop a career, learnerships are a great opportunity to do so. Work experience and recognized qualifications are what learnerships offer to people. Learnerships for Matriculants have got the aim of increasing the matriculants’s closeness with career they will choose next.

In South Africa, students who are in their last year of study in high school or grade 12 are called matriculants. In other words, it is a level where they have already graduated from the senior high school and they are going to enroll themselves in the university. If one wants to go to university in the country, they need a minimum requirement. The term to refer that requirement is matriculation.

learnerships for matriculants
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The Importance and Benefits of Learnerships for Matriculants

Being a matriculant doesn’t mean you can’t get a better job since you don’t own skills and competence a company needs. Learnerships for matriculants programmes will provide you the combination of theory and practical skills. Matriculants will need them in a work environment. Moreover, they will be able to learn life skills like communication and teamwork. In addition, Matriculants will also obtain a National Qualifications Framework qualification.

Other benefits of the learnerships are that matriculants will get an income during the time they enhancing their skills. Then, they will also eventually heighten the prospects of their career. By joining learnerships, matriculants will have the chance for further learning and receiving a recognized qualification to fit for one company to another.

Moreover, sometimes there are some companies that give meals, accommodations, and also stipend for the learners. Thus, they can both earn money and save them for good. Last but not least, they will improve their self esteem as well as personal development by doing the learnerships.

The Requirements of Learnerships for Matriculants

To take the learnership programmes, there are requirements you have to qualify. For example, of course you must have Matric National Senior Certificate. Then, you have to be a South Africa citizen. Some companies, obviously, ask the applicants to have clear crime records. It means that when they have already had crime records, they wont be able to get the learnerships.

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Furthermore, fluency in speaking English is also an important requirement. Having passed Mathematics, English or other spoken language is important. In addition, possessing computer literacy skills is one of the requirements as well. The last requirement is that you must have the skill to perform a strong adminstrative role.

When all the requirements are ready, you will have to sign two important documents. The first one is learnership agreement that tells about the rights and responsibilities of three parties who sign it. They are you, the company employing you, as well as the education and provider that providing the training of the learnerships. The second document is an employment contract which is only valid at the time of the learnership.

How to Apply for Learnerships for Matriculants

If you are matriculants, no need to be afraid of not getting a good job. There are learnerships programmes for matriculants that they can take before applying for a vacancy. In fact, a number of companies provides learnerships for matriculants that give the opportunity to grow their career.

For matriculants, it has been a dream to be able to take part in learnership programmes offered by popular companies in the country. If you are one of the matriculants looking for learnerships, find the learnerships through the internet. Internet is the most convenient way to search for learnership programmes for matriculants.

After you have found the learnerships you want to take, the next thing you need to do is apply for it. Here are things you need to do to apply for the learnerships. First, you need to prepare all the documents such as recent CV and a copy of ID. Then, of course you need to attach your National Senior Matric Certificate. When all things done, send them to the address or link provided.

Salary of the Learnerships of Matriculants

Some of you probably will ask about the cost of the learnerships. SETA or Sector Education and Training Authority funds the learnerships in South Africa. The cost of the learnerships is not the same. It depends on what types or levels of qualifications. To find out about it, you can contact the related SETA.

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As you already now, one of the benefits of learneships matriculants is that you can earn a sum of money. Some say that it’s a kind of salary, but actually it’s not. In learnerships there is a particularized minimum allowance for unemployed learners. The company gives the money to cover the learners expenses such as meals and travels.

However, the amount of the allowance relies on the SETA, the level of qualification, as well as the type of learnership. Before the commencement of the learnerships the learners has to agree with the allowances and conditions.

How Long the Learnerships for Matriculants

If you ask how long learnerships take time, they can range from six months to a year or can be longer depends on the qualification need. If the qualification needs two years, the learnership will last for that period of time as well.

At the time of the learnerships, they require learner’s to complete tasks, assignments, practical tests as well as projects. They do the assessment in the workplace and classroom. Moreover, if the learners have completed all the assignments they will receive an NQF-registered qualification. They will receive a certificate that states the qualification and the skill development area.

The Job Guarantee and Termination of Contract

Most matriculants want to take learnerships for Matriculants in order to develop their skills before working in a real workplace environment. However, after matriculants have completed the learnership successfully they don’t get the employment straightway. But you will get a chance of much better position to advertise yourself. It’s because you have got not only theoretical training but also work experience.

Furthermore, the company can terminate the contract you have signed after the learnerships completed under specific situation. The termination of the contract happens when the duration stated in the agreement of the learnerships has expired. Besides, if both employer and learner have discussed writing to cancel the contract the agreement can be terminated.

Moreover, if there’s no agreement between two parties, SETA can approve the contract’s termination. In addition, the termination can occur if the employer dismiss the learner for a reason. For further information related to the learnerships in the field you have interest at, you can contact SETA.

Career Options for Matriculants after Learnerships 

Do you think that matriculants can’t get a better career? When the answer is yes then you are wrong. Learnerships for matriculants allow you to work a better job. If matriculants have completed the learnership a, the have the skills and work experience qualified for the job.

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There is a number of companies offering learnerships for matriculants. They provide plentiful of career options. There are a wide range of fields with lots of different companies to consider before applying for a job. The career fields start from cashier, customer service, consultant to office administration.

So, if you are matriculants and have done the learnerships there’s nothing to worry about. The opportunity of getting better career has opened widely in front of you. The applicants can just choose their own preferences based on what interest them the most.

The Opening and Closing Date of the Learnership

Do you happen to look for learnerships for matriculants? If so, please pay attention on the opening and closing date of the learnerships. The opening and closing date will be varied from one company to another. There will be specific month that companies usually refer but it can be different from a company to another.

You have to keep updated to find out when the learnerships begin by going to the websites of the company. Furthermore, if you find a field and company you want, make sure to submit the application before the specified closing date of the company.


It is important for matriculants to take part of learnerships for matriculants before applying for a job. Learnerships have lots of benefits for learners in order to get much better career. The length of time of the learnership programmes differs at each company depends on the qualification needed. It can take six to two years of time to complete the learnerships.

Moreover, after a learner completed the learnership a, they will get the qualification, certificate, skills as well as work experience. You need all of those to get ready to work. In order to take part of the learnerships, you have to qualify the requirements beforehand.

Learnerships are a way for matriculants to get a wide opportunity of work fields. Besides, the application is relatively easy and practical. More importantly, all matriculants must pay attention on the opening and closing date of the learnership to apply for it.

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