40+ Learnerships Based on Providers

Introduction to Learnership

Besides obtaining a professional career, you can also learn about learnership definition and take part in the program. Unfortunately, not many people know the learnership meaning or how it is different from apprenticeship or internship program.

So, what is a learnership program? It is basically a (vocational) training and education program that combines professional work experience and structured learning to help the participant obtain a certain skill or qualification – usually the registered type. A learnership program generally constitutes around 120 credits of learning hours. So, how is learnership different from internship or apprenticeship? Whereas apprenticeship constructs a traditional framework that combines work experience and structured learning, the learnership focuses more on the learning portion. It also has a flexible arrangement to the learning progress and methods.  When you take part in learnership program, you are allowed to explore yourself and your skills – so it won’t be focusing on a certain subject or specialty. In learnership program, you are allowed (and enabled) to explore different kinds of working opportunities to see which one is suitable for your skills and qualifications.

The benefits of learnerships are many, including the benefits for both the employers and the participants. From the available learnership, you can obtain a qualification while getting some income of some sort. You can also enjoy employment route or even self-employment opportunity. You can get practical implementation on the job experience as well as gaining knowledge directly from the work place. For the employers, they can acknowledge and affirm skills of the existing employees as well as identifying professional potential and promising candidates.

So, how to find learnerships available now? You simply make use the internet – browse the search engine. Many companies or even government offices are offering learnership opportunity. You can also search for learnerships for 2019/2020 if you simply input the right keyword and key terms.

ABSA Learnership

If you are looking for a career in banking, ABSA careers learnership program can provide a way.  The company generally opens a learnership opportunity on a yearly basis so interested participates can take part. Naturally, participants need to understand the requirements before they send their application.

ABSA Bank Limited is more popular as ABSA which is one of the top major banks (the top 4 actually) in South Africa. It is the Barclays African Group own subsidiary having an operation on its own in Namibia and South Africa. The services cover retail banking and investment, business, and also wealth management products. The learnership at ABSA usually lasts for 12 months to 18 months within the fields of ATM Technician, Branch Management, Treasury Analyst, Accounting, Loans Officer, Customer Service, IT Business Analyst, Debt Counseling, and Teller.

The general requirements are:

  • Candidates should be the citizens of South Africa whose age is between 18 years and 30 years old
  • They should complete Matric and pass Mathematics or Accounting in Matric
  • They shouldn’t unemployed
  • They should be computer literate and have good English communication skill
  • Besides being self motivated, they should have a good communication skill as well as a team player that is willing to work together with others
  • They should have clear credit record and also criminal record
  • They should have the determination to learn and to contribute in the team
  • If they have a past experience in retail sector or banking knowledge, it would be a plus. But if they don’t, it won’t be an issue. After all, it isn’t an essential requirement

Candidates should send their application online at ABSA official website by including these documents:

  • (Contactable) references
  • CV
  • Certified copy of Matric certificate
  • Certified copy of South African proof of identity
  • Certified copied of other certificates

Any interested candidates should regularly check the official website at this because the company doesn’t exactly have a certain time period for the open or close of the application.

Ampath Learnership

If you are always drawn to the medical world and yet you are more fascinated to the technical matters, then Ampath learnership program may be the best option for you. In Ampath Laboratories, candidates are taught and be involved in technical implementation, especially in phlebotomy subject. Phlebotomy is basically the action of drawing the blood from the patients’ circulatory system via a puncture to get the blood sample. The sample would be used for diagnosis and analysis. Phlebotomy can also be used to treat and perform blood disorders.

Ampath Laboratories are always in need of professional, skillful, and reliable technician. They recruit candidates so they can take part in the Phlebotomy Technician learnership program. The program itself generally lasts for2 years (24 months) and it is possible that successful candidates can enjoy the chance of getting permanent employment. All successful participants will take part in workplace and classroom learning as well as getting the proper (and professional) training within the medical laboratory.

The positions available learnership for Ampath covers:

  • Medical Technicians
  • Medical Laboratory
  • Medical Scientists
  • Medical Technologists
  • Laboratory Assistants

They are the main technical lab personnel in Ampath Laboratory. They have the crucial role in patients’ samples analysis whose results would help the doctor with proper diagnosis and also treatments.

The general requirements are:

  • Possess a valid 12 Grade Certificate with Life Sciences (Biology), English, and Math’s Literacy as the main subject
  • Have Life Sciences at NQF Level 3
  • Have Math’s Literacy at NQF Level 3
  • Have English at NQF Level3
  • Computer literate, especially in basic Excel and MS Word
  • The knowledge or First Aid Training Level 1 and Home-Care based training would be advantageous

There is no specific opening or closing date so interested candidates are expected to check the official website every January, middle of the year (June to July), and in November to December to see whether the company is offering a position or a learnership program. You can check it at this and follow the directions. 

Anglo American Learnership

Do you have the passion in mining industry? Do you always want to have a career in mining? If you do, then Anglo American learnership program would be the most ideal programs that you can join. Anglo American is one of the world’s biggest mining companies that focus on nickel, platinum metals, thermal coal, iron ore, copper, diamonds, and metallurgical coal. Through the learnership Anglo American program, they provide a great working and also learning experience to the talented candidates.

The company has a solid faith in South Africa’s future and they want to contribute within the country’s development as well as the human resource sectors. They have offered different learnerships as well as bursaries opportunities in various regions in the country. Those who can meet the requirements and qualifications are encouraged and welcomed to apply. Through the learnership, candidates are expected to improve their skills through practical and also theoretical training.

The general requirements:

  • Participants must be the citizens of South Africa and have the valid legal document as the proof
  • They should have the knowledge of safety and regulation standards and systems
  • They must have regards for safety as well as having excellent safety record
  • They must have N2 or N3 technical qualifications with relevant fields of:
  • Fitter, including Machinery (Machine Trade theory or Engineering Drawing, Math, and Science)
  • Auto Electrician (Electro-technology, Industrial Electronics, or Electrical Trade Theory)
  • Diesel Mechanic (Mathematics, Drawing, Diesel Trade Theory, Science, or Engineering)
  • Rigger (Math, Science, Rigger Trade Theory, Drawing)
  • They must have a valid driving license
  • They must be fit and healthy
  • They must be able to handle pressure and cope well under stressful condition
  • They must have a year experience (at least) within underground mining environment
  • They must work in shifts

The application process is taking place online only through the job portal. You need to specify the post and position, complete the form, and sign the form. Attach the certified copies of required documents. The application form must not be photocopied. The one that isn’t signed won’t be accepted. Emailed or faxed form won’t be accepted either.

It is advisable that you apply for the learnership Anglo American program within the area that isn’t far to your living area because the company doesn’t provide transport, accommodation, or meal cost. Interested candidates are suggested to visit the official website at this to learn more about the program.

BMW Learnership

Have always been interested in automotive and looked forward to working in one of the world’s best auto companies and manufacturers? Then you should find learnerships at BMW since the company is offering the programs.

The company is holding and offering various learnership programs although they often focus on Corporate Planning Learnership program in South Africa. The career option is generally remain available in South Africa – with candidates have the biggest chance to be full time employee –as well as gaining access to the employment. The learnership program will help you get a career jumpstart by taking you under the team of experts. The jobs are generally available at the Planning Department so this is an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss.

Only candidates with talented and hardworking trait can get the access to the learnership opportunity. The learnership program is focusing on the Planning and Local strategy as well as cross divisional work and also solid business support with analysis strategy of both international and national institutional and competitive environments. The program lasts for 6 months. Although there is no exact time of when it starts or when the deadline date is, the program generally starts from April on a yearly basis.

The general requirements:

  • South African citizens with maximum age of 24 years old
  • Have a Bachelor degree in Business Administration would be a plus
  • Skillful in managing concepts, strategies, and analysis
  • Innovative, independent, and proactive
  • Result oriented and able to work in a team
  • Skillful in both German and English language would be a plus
  • Hard worker and motivated


The general tasks and responsibilities:

  • Candidates will be responsible for national and international analysis regarding institutional and competitive environments to make sure that consistency remains intact with the long and medium term planning for the company’s activities in South Africa.
  • Manage local formulation strategies and the implementation process
  • Help with the facilitation of wide arrays of cross divisional projects that cover all functions
  • Become the external positioning of BMW South Africa through co-ordination, communication, and liaison with the external and internal parties.


Interested candidates can send their application at [email protected] or check the official website at this.


Bytes Learnership

If you have a strong passion in technology and industry, and you want to contribute to the development of business growth, telecommunication, and IT sector, then you should consider taking part in learnership Bytes for the added knowledge and education.


Altron Bytes is a company providing integrated and innovative ICT solutions to consumers, government, and business. They have the combined technical expertise with impressive customer understanding skill to deliver end-to-end and thorough holistic technology solutions. They invest in information and telecommunication technology via the principal subsidiaries of Altech (Allied Technologies Limited) and Bytes (Bytes Technology Group). The company aims in providing innovative and latest solutions in security and safety, as well as health-tech and fin-tech sector. They want to create a meaningful impact on the community and society by focusing on the challenges and obstructions faced by South African communities.


When you take part in Altron Bytes learnership, you can gain experience and knowledge – while the company is offering skill development and improvement. Candidates will get the important training so they can improve their skills and become the productive, competent, and professional employees that can contribute to the company’s success and growth. The learnership program focuses on empowering and supporting the unemployed youth in South Africa, building capable and competent workforce.


The program lasts for 12 months. There are different programs that are designed to offer training from NQF Level 2 to Level 5. The main focus is: Retail and Wholesale Operations, Project Management, Marketing and Sales, New Venture Creation, Warehousing, Accounting, Generic Management, Contact Center, and Information Technology. The general requirements are:

  • Have clear criminal record
  • Be the citizens of South Africa
  • Have a valid and legit Grade 12 certificate
  • Have good interpersonal skills and able to understand basic English
  • Unemployed and not having a full-time study
  • Candidates who have a degree or a diploma within their field are encouraged and welcomed to apply
  • Disabled candidates must have and provide a valid and legit medical certificate


Interested candidates are advised to go to the official website and send their application online. Simply go to www.altron.com or this to learn more about the program as well as gaining more info.


Capitec Learnership

Capitec learnership program is available and open for candidates who want to learn more in the banking industry so they can have a future career in the industry. Through the program, you can learn about the industry while securing employment career at the same time. Without it, the possibility may be slim and limited. The learnership will give you the opportunity to learn and to implement your knowledge (and the skills) on the field.


As one of the biggest companies in South Africa, there are several benefits to gain when joining the learnership at Capitec. They are:

  • You can learn in each different department – considering that they are pretty big. Each of the departments will give you a unique and different experience – and finally find your passion and skill at the same time.
  • You can also secure a position, especially if you are talented and you have good achievement and performance. But even if you aren’t recruited by them, you still gain a lot of knowledge, which can be useful and can be an access in other industry or company. People would want to hire or recruit you because of your experience.


However, keep in mind that the process won’t be easy and the requirements can be challenging. In general, the requirements are:

  • You should be a citizen of South Africa
  • You should have a National Senior Certificate or a National Certificate
  • You must complete a diploma
  • You must have a past experience in retail industry or sales sector
  • You must be passionate and driven for success
  • You should have a good communication skill. Knowing another language can be a plus
  • You must have a clean criminal activity history and also clean credit record


There is no detailed information of when a learnership program will be open or when it is closed. You can check regularly at their official website at this.


CISCO Learnership

Cisco learnership is about a combined educational and professional program for the reliable and promising candidates who want to learn more about Information Technology. This is a golden opportunity where you can learn more about the IT role and its importance in industry and business while under a careful watch and monitor of professional experts. You will get valuable and priceless knowledge, insight, and experience more than you can imagine!


Information Technology is basically a crucial sector that runs everything today. However, to be an expert in such an industry, it takes experience, training, and practice to make you a complete professional. There are tons of benefits from joining the learnership at Cisco. Not only you can get a direct and hands-on experience and knowledge in IT sector, it is also possible that you can secure a position in the company. This is especially possible if you have impressive performance and you can achieve a lot of things.


The job requirements in general cover Matric, Mathematics, and good English command. Candidates with good Math grades or scores are encouraged to apply. They should include the reports or Math records as a proof. They should also include their CV to [email protected] or they can check the official website. Further requirements should be notified later or after the initial email is sent.


There is no specific information about when the program opens or when the deadline is due. However, the deadline usually takes place in June (on a yearly basis), so it is better to have a regular check at the official website this from the beginning of the year – around January or February.


Clicks Learnership

If you are passionate about getting a qualification and working in the healthcare industry at the same time, then a learnership program at Clicks should meet your needs. Clicks Pharmacy is a company that runs and operates at healthcare sector to deliver superior and the most caring patient care. An opportunity to join the company within a learnership program can educate you as well as giving you a direct practical implementation. In the end, you can be a professional caregiver with rich experience and deep knowledge (and insight) to help you strive and succeed in your work-field.


Clicks Pharmacy is opening their Pharmacy Assistance learnership program in various regions in South Africa. Besides getting the important education, knowledge, insight, and professional experience, promising and talented candidates have the opportunity to get the job at the company after they have completed the program. The Clicks learnership is open to those who are willing to work hard in healthcare and pharmacy sector to prove their abilities and capabilities.


The requirements:

  • The candidates should complete the training contracts successfully within the registered program and under the (approved) tutor
  • Submit evidence portfolio
  • Attend the necessary training interventions as well as completing the competency assessment
  • Provide support and assistance to the healthcare team within one of Clicks’ Pharmacies. It will be done under a registered Pharmacist supervision and in the legal practical scopes outlines by SAPC (South African Pharmacy Council).


Other requirements include:

  • Grade 12 completion of 50% minimum Mathematics or 60% Mathematical Literacy, 50% English and a Pass in Biology or Physics in Life Science
  • Have a good customer service orientation
  • Able to work in a team with good integrity
  • Literate in computer
  • Good with numbers with impressive accuracy and concentration as well as excellent attention to details
  • Have a good networking and relation skills
  • Have a good organization and planning skills
  • Able to adhere to values and principles as well as following procedures and instructions
  • Able to meet customer expectations and deliver satisfying (positive) results


Interested candidates can have a regular check to the official website since the program is generally available on a yearly basis. Go to this to learn more about the program.


Coca Cola Learnership

If you want to learn and have a practical working condition in one of the biggest companies in the world, then you should join Coca Cola learnership. Who doesn’t know Coca Cola? As a world-class business name, the company has major manufacturing plants and companies all through the world, including in South Africa. In fact, Coca Cola South Africa has been around for a century as it was first established in 1886. Another interesting fact about the South African business is not only it is one of the best performing countries for the company in the world, but it is also the biggest consumer of the product. That’s why the South African Coca Cola is very important.

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As one of the biggest companies in the world, Coca Cola is committed to community improvement and human resource development. They are offering the learnership program (focusing on students who want) to have a career in food industry. If you have the passion in the industry, you are welcomed to join. The learnership Coca Cola program is available in different fields that cover Packing Management, Packaging, Logistics, and Bottling Management.


The general requirements for the program are:

  • Candidates should be the citizen of South Africa whose age is between 18 and 29 years
  • They should complete Matric and passed Mathematics
  • They should be currently unemployed
  • They should pass the technical course of N2/N3/N4
  • They should have a good sense of responsibility with good attention to details
  • They shouldn’t have any plan to study during the learnership program course
  • They should have a good command of English language, covering the aspect of able to speak, write, and read English
  • They should be willing to travel or learn


It is crucial that candidates also send the certified copies of Matric certificate, South African identity document, a cover letter, and a CV. They can send their application to the official website portal. Feel free to access the available position at this or this.


Correctional Services Learnership

Always have the passion and interest in Correction Services? Then you should join the Department of Correctional Services learnership and gain valuable insight, knowledge, and experience in the rare professional opportunity.  They encourage people from any background with relevant interest and qualifications to join the program so they can get the NQF Level 4 along with the further training certificate and education on the completion.


During DCS learnership, candidates will learn about offenders’ rehabilitation which is under the community-based correctional services’ supervision. The program will teach you the basic relation between legal concord and service learners, employers, and providers. The Correctional Services will also provide the opportunity to talented and skillful candidates to continue their study and to open the possibility of future career in the sector. The career subjects include Corrections Officer, Security Officer, and Prison Warden.


The program lasts for 12 months where candidates will get both practical and theoretical training. Not only you will learn about safety or security, but you will also learn about prisoners rehabilitation and firearm training. You can also learn about self-defense as well as other fields. You will get a uniform, meals, and accommodation – and you won’t be required to pay anything. It is also possible that you get a monthly payment during the course.


The general requirements are:

  • You should be a South African citizen whose age between 21 and 35 years
  • You should have Grade 12 Certificate. If you don’t have it, you can use FET (Further Education and Training) Certificate
  • If you don’t have both, use the Certificate in Vocational Studies that have been completed successfully
  • You have a clear criminal record
  • You should have a strong characteristics – strong physique would be a plus


What’s unique about Correctional Services learnership 2019 closing date is there isn’t any. The program doesn’t have any opening or closing date. Anyone interested in joining the program can download the provided DCS learnership application form, fill it up, and then submit it. The applications are generally open by the end of the year – in November or December. For Correctional Services learnership 2020 program, visit the website in November and December this year. Feel free to come to this to check whether the program is available.


Dischem Learnership

Dischem Pharmacies is holding the so-called Dischem Retail Learnership for 2019 period in Gauteng. Any successful candidate will get a combination of in-depth education and also valuable professional working opportunity to enrich their qualifications, skills, and knowledge. The candidates are expected to provide impressive customer service, contribute to company’s high (merchandising) standards, facilitate the goods’ efficient flow within the trading store, make sure of accurate goods delivery and receipt, contribute to the business units’ profitability, and maintain administration.


The general requirements for Dischem learnership program are:

  • Grade 12 or Matric qualification
  • The citizen of South Africa
  • Have a clear credit record and also clear criminal record
  • Able (and be willing) to work retail hours
  • Have a driver license of a reliable transport


Besides the general requirements, it would help if candidates have the following qualifications:

  • They are honest and trustworthy with a deep passion in the field
  • They have the knowledge of retail sector and any related duties
  • They have the knowledge (and fluency) of other foreign language
  • They can analyze retail reports
  • They understand English well in terms of being able to speak, write, and read English well
  • They are computer literate, able to use and understand Microsoft Office Packages, especially PowerPoint, Excel, and Word
  • They have impressive time management and customer service skills
  • They have good communication skills and they can read (and understand) relevant department reports
  • They are diligent, have good attention to details, passionate, accurate, and hard worker


Interested candidates can go to the official website or to this. The deadline generally falls in October or November on a yearly basis, so you should check the site regularly.


Discovery Learnership

Discovery Learnership is basically an annual program held by Discovery Health. The main purpose is to offer the opportunity to the skilled and potential candidates (especially the youth) to take part in a program where they can learn as well as gain professional experience – and be able to have a direct practice to it.


Discovery Health is an authorized and legal financial service company that administers and manages Discovery Health Medical Scheme. It is the biggest open medical assistance in South Africa, having a wide array of health plans. The learnership Discovery is under the supervision of INSETA (Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority) and the qualifications are accredited by SAQA (South African Qualification Authority). The program opens to interested candidates with the necessary qualifications to study and get the certificate by the end of the program.


The requirements for Discovery Health learnership include experience, qualifications, and competencies that cover:

  • They must be the citizen of South Africa with age range between 18 and 30 years old
  • They have recognized Matric with minimum D symbol Math and minimum C symbol English and a minimum Level 4 or D second language
  • Basic computer abilities and skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills that allow them to interact and work in a team
  • Good communication skills, especially for English fluency
  • Self motivated and be willing to work hard
  • Candidates must not engage in formal employment, post Matric studies, or complete previous learnership
  • Have the interest and passion in healthcare, customer service, contact center, administration, data capturing, or healthcare claim assessing


The learnership program will run for12 months consisting of (structured) learning components that are combined with practical and direct workplace experience. Candidates are expected to obtain the needed qualifications after a successful completion of the learnership, allowing them a better access to the industry with better skills and qualifications.


Applications generally closed by the end of January on a yearly basis so be sure to check the official website regularly to know the opening date. Make sure to fill all information correctly and sign the application form. Go to this to gain more info about the position or the program.


Eskom Learnership

Learnership program Eskom is open and offered to unemployed individuals who have left schools without looking at the background or communities. The program itself is a part of the Skills Development Strategy by South African government to eliminate poverty and employment as well as creating skills. Basically, you can check the information at www.eskom.co.za learnership.


The general requirements for Eskom learnership are:

  • The candidates are South African citizen
  • They should meet each requirement within different programs. For instance, Artisan Bricklaying learnership would have different requirements for Heavy Current learnership.
  • They must have a standard 10 or Grade 12 certificate with symbol E Mathematics, symbol E English, and symbol E Science. Symbol E is equivalent to Level 3
  • Or they must have an NCV or N3 level 4 Engineering with symbol E Mathematics, English, and Science
  • They must have the skills and also the ability to do physical work
  • They must understand technical concepts and terms
  • They must be self-disciplined and have emotional resilience
  • They must be a team player with high level of commitment and responsibility


The application process runs like this:

  • Go to Eskom official website and go to Learnership website at eskom.co.za
  • At the website, you should be able to find the download link for the application form – as well as other necessary information
  • Don’t forget to specify the learnership post when applying
  • Sign the application. Forget to do this and your application won’t be addressed.
  • Attach copies or other necessary documents including certified copies of Identity Document and Certificate. Keep in mind that the certified process must be done within (the last) 3 months.
  • They don’t accept photocopied forms that are sent through e-mails or fax.


The opening date for the program normally takes place by the end of the year, around November or December. Be sure to have a regular check to the official website at this to know the availability of the program.


Government Learnerships

Government learnerships are the alternative options when you can’t find any learnership from companies or corporate – or when their learnership programs have been closed. You can find government learnerships for matriculants or City of Cape Town Municipality learnership. Keep in mind that each department and government agency has its own requirements, opening and closing dates, and such thing alike. If you are interested in a department, it’s better to go to the official website and take a look around.


For instance, the Home Affairs learnership is a part of the Government Act of National Skills Development Strategy. This covers employment growth, high-value opportunities growth, and all sector’s skills development as well as helping the youth to become professional and skilled South African labor force. They are always in search of young and talented candidates to gain experience and build knowledge. The available learnership programs cover Administration Clerk, Public Relations, Finance, Strategic Planning, Political Science, Civic Service Supervisor, and others. Go to their website at this to learn more.


Another possible learnership program is the Ethekwini Municipality learnership that is offering a chance to have internship period or work experience in various fields taking place in Durban, South Africa. The program is running full time and interested candidates are expected to follow the directions and meet the requirements. The available positions are in these areas or subjects: Risk Management, Economics and Finance, Humanities, Art and Design, and so much more. Interested candidates can download the application form at this and then apply at this.  In general, the deadline is usually closed in May or March.


Interested in healthcare service? Then government nursing learnership may be the perfect option for you. There are various learnership programs available, such as Netcare learnership program, National Department of Health, Provincial department of health, and so much more. Each of them has their own description and requirements through their official website. If you want to see the details of each of the program, go to this.


As it was mentioned before, there are still tons of government learnership programs that you should be considering about. Find out more about department of labour learnership or about GPG learnership and perform your own research.


Kuyasa Learnership

Kuyasa Learnership is a program in Generic Business Management that runs for 12 months in Microfinance and Banking sector, funded and managed by Bankseta. Not only they pay the recruitment of the graduates but they also provide a monthly stipend to the candidate as well as the learner support and the training provider.


The South African banking sector is committed to change and transformation. As a part of the Government National Development Skill Strategy, this program is dedicated to lessen unemployment and poverty as well as increasing skills. Kuyasa program learnership is open to those with the necessary requirements and qualifications. It has both practical and theoretical training within the banking sector responsible for forming the political, social, and economic landscape in South Africa.


The general requirements for the program are:

  • They should have completed a tertiary 3years or B degree qualification in subjects such as Marketing, Law, Risk Management, Financial Management, Financial Accounting, Information Technology, or Human Resources Management
  • Any disabled candidate is welcomed to apply but they must provide the medical certificate confirming their condition
  • They should be the citizen of South Africa with valid and legal ID and they must exceed 30 years of age during the learnership program
  • They must have clear criminal record or credit record
  • They must be unemployed and don’t have any plan to continue their study or to take part in any learnership program during the period of the Kuyasa learnership
  • They must have an excellent communication skill and have good command of English – both in verbal and written forms
  • They must be computer literate and have a good numeric competence
  • They must meet the requirements


The application form is normally available from July to August. For this year, the deadline is on August the 31st 2019. If you are late for this year’s learnership period, you can try the next year’s opportunity. Be sure to have a regular check from June to August. Official website is at http://www.bankseta.org.za so feel free to explore the web.


Lancet Laboratories Learnership

Lancet Laboratories Learnership is organized and managed by Lancet Laboratories. It is one of the top pathology labs in Africa, providing diagnostic and monitoring pathology services in Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Botswana, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, and Swaziland.


The learnership programs are available within these following subjects or areas:

  • Phlebotomy
  • Phlebotomy Technician
  • Laboratory Assistant
  • Biomedical Technology


In general, the learnership lasts for 2 years and candidates will get a monthly stipend. However, they are expected to cover their own transport, meal, and accommodation. The general requirements are:

  • Candidates should be the citizen of South Africa
  • They have completed Matric and have passed English, Life Science, and Mathematics
  • Have a good computer literate, including a good command of Excel and Word
  • Have a good communication skill, especially in English in both verbal and written forms
  • Have a clear criminal and credit record
  • Have their own accommodation and transport
  • Candidates who have completed a home-based care education and training course or a first aid course would be considered having an advantage


The application is running online at this and you should submit the following documents:

  • Reference or recommendation letters
  • A certified copy of South African ID
  • A certified copy of Matric certificate
  • A CV
  • A motivational letter consisting of the reason for the application, why you would deserve the learnership, and what makes you interested in the field


There is no exact information of the opening and closing date of the application. Interested applicants are encouraged to check the official website regularly at http://lancet.co.za


Letsema Learnership

Letsema learnership with Bankseta is a program that is dedicated for 2019 and 2020 year, focusing the promising and talented young candidates with deep passion and interest in banking, especially in microfinance and banking sector. If you have the passion and the drive in the banking industry and you want to gain more knowledge while being able to have a direct practice and application to the work, then you are welcomed to join. By the end of the program, you can get NQF5 certificate with Management Development as the main focus.


The general requirements for Letsema learnership:

  • A valid and legit (certified) copy of Grade 12 Certificate with a minimum 50% pass in Accounting or 60% of English or 60% of Maths Literacy, or 50% of Mathematics
  • Able to present a professional and dedicated image
  • Provide a positive official testimony or recommendation from the previous learning institution, religious institution, or school
  • Currently unemployed and not have the plan to continue the study or to work during the learnership course
  • Have a clear criminal land credit record
  • Have impressive communication skills, especially in English, for both verbal and written forms
  • Disable candidates must provide and submit a medical certificate confirming the disability
  • Be the citizen of South Africa (with valid ID) and under 30years of age by the time of recruitment


The deadline for the learnership is on August the 31st 2019. The program is running on a yearly basis with the deadline normally falls in July or August. Make sure to have regular check on the official website at https://www.bankseta.org.za/ or you can download the Letsema learnership application form at this.


LFP Learnership

LFP learnership is a part of agents of transformation. It is a part of training program which becomes a leading provider in BEE aligned turnkeys in South Africa’s Skills Development Training. The training program was founded in 2013 and has become the industry-first programs with innovative and fresh concepts aimed at up-skilling and educating people –especially those with in-line ideas and principles of Good Conduct BEE Codes.


The learnership LFP programs are facilitated at the national Training Academies. The programs enable companies to implement and conduct Skills Development training while gaining the maximum benefits at the same time. The idea is to create reliable and professional workforce while transforming the working field in South Africa, in general.


The requirements can be different for departments or for different implementation year. However, the idea remains the same: to increase the quality of the workforce in South Africa and to transform the professional working condition. It is expected that more and more people can improve their own lifestyle and standard of life –resulting in poverty decrease and possible elimination.


Unfortunately, there is very limited information and source about LFP Training Learnership for now, unless you contact them directly. You can try getting information at this or you can directly contact them via the official website to gain knowledge of the program. Don’t forget to check the site for opening and closing date.


Lulaway Vacancy

Gaining a professional working experience in Lulaway can be a valuable investment. After all, the provider can provide a direct access to semi-skilled and entry-level jobs within a monthly basis for a variety of different sectors and industries. Basically, there are around 400 jobs that are available and open on a monthly basis, but only 10% of the candidates can fill it up.


Lulaway vacancy is about finding the right candidates for the right position. This is because most companies tend to find ‘bulk’ employees where they can hire a lot of different people simultaneously from one specific source. It is pretty common for these companies to find clerks, tellers, packers, drivers, etc at once because they don’t want to bother spending extra energy and time for the search.


Lulaway creates a job center in most big cities so candidates won’t have to travel far for the job. Lulaway is basically a third party provider that helps connect companies and job seekers. It gets ‘orders’ from the companies and tries to screen potential candidates based on the orders received from the companies. Those who are interested in joining the job center need to meet the basic requirements:

  • They are the citizen of South Africa and have a valid passport or ID
  • They have Matric certificate
  • They have related diplomas or certificates from courses or tertiary education
  • They have a driver license – it is not a must but it can be a plus factor
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The job centers are located in Jabavu, Devon, Katlehong, Johannesburg, Heidelberg, Soweto, Krugersdorp, Evaton West, and Carltonville. Since they are always in a need of professional, skilled, and talented workers, you can easily visit one of the centers (which is closest to your home, of course) and drop your application or CV. Check the official website at this.


Mango Airlines Learnership

Mango Airline learnership program is opening an access to learn about business skills and what it takes to expert them within the airline industry. The program lasts for 12 months and you can get amazing working experience during the time. You can gain extra knowledge and insight as well as being able to practice them directly. Most of their previous candidates enjoyed the benefits of being exposed directly to the airline industry and the working world.


There are several learnership program available at Mango Airlines, such as:

  • Cabin crew member in Cabin Services in Johannesburg. The qualification is Cabin Crew License
  • Cabin crew member in Cabin Services in Durban. The qualification is Cabin Crew License
  • Cabin crew member in Cabin Services in Cape Town. The qualification is Cabin Crew License
  • Call center agent in Call Center in Johannesburg. The qualification is NQF 5
  • Call center agent in Call Center in Cape Town. The qualification is NQF 5
  • Ground services agent in Ground Operation in Port Elizabeth. The qualification is NQF 5


The benefits of the learnership are:

  • You gain a constant and direct exposure in the study field
  • You develop critical skills and competencies
  • You may gain a possible future employment with the airline


The general requirements:

  • You must be the citizen of South Africa whose age is between 18 and 35 years
  • You can’t choose position or department of the placement
  • You need to quote the reference number when sending the application. Failure to do so will result in your application disregarded
  • You must send a certified copy of your ID and other qualification documents


Applications should be sent to [email protected]. Since there is no exact opening and closing date of the learnership program, it is advisable that you have a regular check at www.flymango.com – they generally have the program on a yearly basis.


Manline Learnership

When we are talking about Manline in South Africa, we are talking about a transport group that provides smart transportation solutions all over South Africa. The group was established in 1998 with only 5 trucks as the fleet. Now, they have 8 depots in sub-Saharan Africa and more than 400 vehicles for the operation. The Manline learnership program is a part of the group’s purpose to increase skills, professional attitudes, and eliminate poverty among South African communities.


What they have today (and they offer) is Manline Code 14 learnership for driver. They understand how important it is to invest in good human resource department – so they invest in the human, especially drivers and technicians. Most of their technicians and drivers are highly trained and they are the specialists in the fields. They focus on health, risk, environment, safety, and quality matters to deliver perfection and excellence to customers.


For the learnership Manline program, the focus is on Ultra Heavy Duty drivers that will be trained to be the best in the field – gaining knowledge and insight as well as valuable working experience. There are several general requirements that cover:

  • Candidates must be at least 25 years of age
  • They must have a valid EC or code 14 driver’s license
  • They have valid PrDP
  • They have a driving experience for at least 3 years in Superlink or Triaxle driving
  • They have clear criminal record and they can provide traceable references
  • They have a good command of English language in written and reading forms
  • It is preferable that they are the citizen of South Africa
  • They must be able to work during weekends and possibly public holidays


Interested candidates can contact the recruitment hotline – the information can be found at the official website. There is no exact opening or closing deadline for the program but considering that the program generally runs yearly, it is advisable that candidates check regularly to the website at www.manlinegroup.com.


Mediclinic Learnership

Mediclinic South Africa is a part of Mediclinic International PLC which an international (private) healthcare group operating in Namibia and South Africa. So far, Mediclinic has 49 hospitals in South Africa. For Mediclinic learnership, there are 2program types within the medical sector:

  • Operating Department Assistance
  • Enrolled Nurse


The programs last for 2 years, giving a chance to candidates to get the working expertise and also in-depth knowledge in the medical sector. If the program completes, candidates can register with SANC. Candidates are expected to pay for their own accommodation, transport, and meal.


The general requirements for learnership at Mediclinic:

  • Candidates should be the citizen of South Africa
  • They should have completed Matric
  • They should pass English Literacy Skills with 40% Matric minimum
  • They should pass Mathematical Literacy or Mathematics with 40% Matric minimum
  • They should have a good English ability – they can speak, write, and read English
  • They should be healthy or be physically fit


The application is taking place online. Feel free to visit this or you can go to the official website at this and find learnership at the search bar. You are normally required to submit these documents:

  • A CV
  • A certified copy of Matric certificate
  • A certified copy of South African identity


The program is generally open on a yearly basis, and the closing date takes place in July. Make sure to check the website before the closing date for the opening date. You can also contact them at the nearest Mediclinic at this.


Metro Police Learnership

If you are interested in taking part in Metro Police learnership, there are several different learnership programs to consider. The learnership program is designed to educate and implement the necessary knowledge and skills to South African citizens. By participating in the program, it is expected that skilled workers numbers can increase –and bring positive impact to South African companies.


There are the so-called The Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) learnership or the Ekurhuleni Metro Polie Department (EMPD) learnership. Both share the similar program lasting for 18 months covering different kinds of areas, such Health Care worker, Social Work, National Road Regulations, Licensing Services, Supply Chain, Management, Cashier, Accounting, Crime Prevention, and so much more. Candidates are allowed to choose the area they want and the length of the learnership depends on the area they choose.


The general requirements are:

  • You should be the citizen of South Africa with age range between 18 and 35 years of age
  • You should have a valid and legal ID document
  • You should have a good command in English
  • You mustn’t have any criminal record and you must have a clear credit record
  • You should know the basic computer skill
  • You must have a valid Matric or Grade 12 certificate
  • You must be healthy and physically fit
  • Candidates with disabilities are encouraged to apply


If you are interested in applying for the learnership, you must download the application form. Read the requirements very carefully and thoroughly – each police station may require different requirements or screening standards. Don’t forget to sign and then certify the form and then submit to the Metro Police offices. You can’t send the form through email or fax. The official website of Ekurhuleni Metro Police department is at https://www.ekurhuleni.gov.za/


Netcare Learnership

Netcare South Africa learnership is made available for those who have the passion and interest in medical sector. If you want to have a career in medical or health care industry, you can join the program and take the available fields of: Research Clinical Trails, Clinical Engineering Technicians, Emergency Operations Center, Pharmacy, Specialized Nursing, Administration, and Basic Nursing.


Netcare is a healthcare company established in 1996. They run the biggest and widest primary healthcare, private hospitals, emergency medical services, and renal care networks in South Africa. Their operation has expanded to the United Kingdom and Lesotho, having 90 healthcare centers, 116 hospitals, and 88 retail pharmacies.


The general requirements for Netcare learnership are:

  • The candidates should be the citizen of South Africa
  • They must have completed Matric
  • They have good interpersonal skills and compassionate
  • They have people skills, including good communication skills
  • They must understand basic English language, especially being able to speak, write, and read English
  • They should have a driver license – certain fields may require this
  • Disabled candidates are always welcomed and encouraged to apply


Interested candidates can send their application to [email protected] by writing ‘Learnership Application – Your Full Name’ in the subject line. You may have to submit these documents too:

  • A CV
  • A motivational letter
  • A driver license
  • A proof of disability which is a medical certificate from doctor
  • A certified copy of Matric certificate
  • A certified copy of valid South African document of identity


There is no specific information about the opening and closing of the application, so it is better that you do a regular check to the official website at www.netcare.co.za.


Rand Water Learnership

Candidates who are interested in water treatment and water management can always join Rand Water learnership program, designed for those who have the passion, talent, and skills to improve themselves. Rand Water is the South African utility company that is responsible for supplying and providing potable water to Gauteng’s residents as well as other residents in other areas. The company was originally known as Rand Water Board, but it is now more popular as Rand Water. They are the largest water utility in Africa.


The learnership program at Rand Water generally covers areas or subjects related to water, such as Sanitation, Water Purification, Water Agents, Fitter, Welder, Plumbing, Water Care, Analytical Chemistry, Water Resource Management, Microbiology, and Water Utilization. The program usually lasts for 36 months with candidates get a direct expert training and hands-on knowledge (and experience).


The general requirements for the program are:

  • You are the citizen of South Africa under 35 years of age
  • You have completed Matric, including passed Science and Mathematics in Matric
  • You are currently unemployed and not having any plan to continue your study
  • You have good command of English
  • You have completed a Diploma or Degree qualification (depending on the field that you apply for)
  • You can work individually and also with a team
  • You have the passion and interest to work within water industry


Application can be done at this along with these prepared documents:

  • A certified copy of Matric certificate
  • A certified copy of South African ID
  • A CV
  • A motivational letter
  • A diploma or degree qualification certificate, if necessary


Applications are available at different times throughout the year so please have a regular check at www.randwater.co.za.


SAIPA Learnership

SAIPA learnership, collaborating with Services Seta, is about opening and offering an opportunity to the talented and skilled candidates within the subjects of Business Advisory and Accounting. If you have a university degree or a (national) diploma in IT, Marketing, Business Administration, Finance, or Accounting and yet you haven’t been employed for minimum 12 months and you have no working experience or whatsoever, it would be a good idea to join the learnership and gain the valuable experience you are always seeking for.


The program lasts for 12 months consisting of workplace skills (and professional) development and intensive work readiness. The program is accessible to those unemployed South African citizens and graduates, especially those in Gauteng area. Keep in mind that they have limited places and only successful candidates would be contacted.


The general requirements for joining the learnership program at SAIPA are:

  • A motivational letter
  • A CV – a copy of it would be fine
  • A certified copy of South African ID
  • A certified copy of diploma or degree (your highest qualification)


You can send them all to [email protected]. If you haven’t been contacted for more than 3 weeks (21 days), it means that you aren’t considered qualified for the program. The learnership program generally opens on a yearly basis but the opening and closing date can take place at different times throughout the year. You can have a regular check at this to learn more about the program and the availability.


SAPS Learnership

SAPS (South African Police Service) is the national force of the Republic of South Africa. They have around1,138 stations throughout South Africa, divided based on the provincial borders. The headquarter is located in Pretoria, in Wachtuis Building. The force was established in 1995 to make sure that secure and safe environment is created. People are encouraged to take part in the attempts to investigate crime’s root causes within the community and to come up with solutions and also preventive attempts.

SAPS learnership program is about recruiting young people with the passion (and also the potential) to serve and protect people in South Africa. The learnership programs are applied in various subjects – and people can choose whether they want to be civilian employees or police officials. After the training, candidates can choose the positions (based on their qualifications),such as General Investigator, Bomb Technician, Close Protector, Crime Information Gatherer, Community Service Center Official, Dog Handler, Detective, Crime Prevention Official, and so much more.


The general requirements and process of the learnership are:

·         Candidates must be South African permanent residents who have legal documents as the proof

·         Fill in the application form as well as affirming under oath that the application is correct and true

·         Must be between 18 and 35 years old

·         Must be mentally and physically fit

·         Must fit a police official’s profile

·         Have a Senior or Grade 12 certificate

·         Have a good command of English or other languages

·         Be ready to go through training courses and periods

·         Not having any criminal convictions or records

·         Be ready to have their fingerprints taken, including having their background investigated and checked


It is crucial to get the application form at the local police stations and then be completed in handwritten form. The application then be submitted to the nearest station along with the supporting documents. If you are interested in learning more, go to this.

SARS Learnership

Have you always been interested in numbers in general and accounting in a specific mode? Then you should take part in SARS learnership that will give you insight, knowledge, and work experience to improve your skills and your own ability. South African Revenue Service is a part of government agency, responsible for economics, accounting, law, and much more. They are basically collecting taxes while making sure that the laws are complied and upheld to. Their main purpose is to boost the economic development and growth in order to improve the citizens’ finances as well as social expansion.

Learnership program at SARS cover several subjects or fields, such as Commercial Law, Business Statistics, Finance, Human Resources, Economics, Forensic Accounting, and Internal Auditing. The length of each program is different, ranging from 18 months to 36 months. Candidates may be offered a future job in the agency although it is not always guaranteed. However, they are always looking for the potential and promising candidates, so you should do your best.


The general requirements are:

  • The candidates should be the citizens of South Africa with legal and valid ID document
  • They should have Grade 12 or Matric certificate
  • They should have a good Mathematic or Accounting scores
  • They should have a degree or a diploma in specific fields
  • They should have a good command of English in terms of speaking, writing, and reading
  • Disabled people are encouraged to apply but they must provide a medical certificate confirming their condition


If you want to apply, go to the official website. You can also send an email to ask for any availability to [email protected]. Keep in mind that each department in each field at SARS has different opening and closing date for the program so it is only wise if you can choose the subject that you like and have a regular check at the website at https://www.sars.gov.za.


Sasol Learnership

SASOL is an international integrated chemical and energy company with South Africa as the base –existing since 1950. This is a biggest investor in capital projects, technological development and research, and also skills development. Through SASOL careers learnership, they are offering a chance to talented and potential individuals to get priceless working experience as well as an in-depth knowledge and direct practical chance. They offer programs in various fields of Rigging, Turning, Fitting, Boilermaking, Electrical Operations, Instrumentation and Control, and Chemical Plant Operations.


The general requirements are:

  • The candidates must pass Grade 12 Physical Science HG/SG, English, and Maths HG/SG
  • They must have N3 certificate with Maths, Engineering Science, Business English, and other passed subjects (the total should be 5)
  • They must have a good command of English
  • They must have a good communication skill


SASOL code 14 learnership is focusing on Female Driver learnership, focusing on training qualified drivers. Candidates will also get core skills training as well as safety standard training within the specific trade. The program lasts for around 13 months and candidates must be between 25 and 35years of age.


You can go to SASOL careers website and apply for the program. After completing the form, make sure to sign it. Don’t forget to include a certified copy of ID and certificates. A CV is also needed. You can then send the application to [email protected]. The learnership program generally takes place on a yearly basis, opening in January or February. You can have a regular check at the website at this or email them for information at [email protected]


Sassa Learnerships

SASSA learnership program is designed to help unemployed South African citizens and graduates to gain the professional skills that they need to get the job they want and to improve their own standard of living. SASSA or South African Social Security Agency is offering the opportunity to many positions and fields. In Disability Management, for instance, positions like Social Science, Health Science, and Public Administration are open. In Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Management, Auditing, and Accounting are available.


The general requirements for the program are:

  • Candidates must be the citizen of South Africa who age is between 18 and 35 years old
  • Candidates with National Diploma can get R4.200 monthly stipend while those with Bachelor Degrees can get R5.200.
  • Candidates must have clear criminal and credit record
  • Candidates must be willing to work for a year (12 months)


The benefits of joining the program are:

  • You can provide the best service to people who need it
  • You can meet different kinds of people
  • You will work with others to share ideas
  • You can explore South Africa
  • You can gain in-depth knowledge and direct working experience in the field


You can always visit the official website and check for the opening and closing of learnership SASSA program. Go to https://www.sassa.gov.za for it.


SETA Learnerships

SETA learnership combines the needed direct training and education so new professional and skilled workforce in South Africa can be created. Often times, students who have graduated or completed their Grade 12 education don’t have the skills for the job sectors in general. That’s why SETA learnership program is created.

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SETA is Sector Education and Training Authority, which is a vocational (skills) training organizations that creates internship and learnership program for institutions and industries. There are around 21 SETAs covering every institution and industry. With services SETA learnership program, candidates are expected to gain the experience and education needed for the professional working setting. As it was mentioned before, the learnership program has created many potential workforce in various fields.  For instance, Sassetta learnership is focused on Safety and Security SETA (can be found at www.sasseta.org.za) or ETDP SETA learnerships are focusing on Education Training and Development Practices SETA (can be found at www.etdpseta.org.za). There are also Merseta learnerships for Manufacturing, Engineering, and Related Services SETA (at www.merseta.org.za) and Inseta learnership for Insurance SETA (at www.inseta.org.za).


The general requirements for the learnership are:

  • You should be unemployed
  • Have clear criminal and credit record
  • Have an official testimonial or recommendation from previous school or learning institution
  • Not currently taking part in any learnership program
  • South African citizens under 30 years of age with valid ID


For the application, you can contact the closest labor center or you can check the official website at this to learn about the availability of the learnership program.


Shoprite Learnership

Shoprite is a group of supermarkets who are always in a search of promising and potential workforce, especially the talented and the young ones. Shoprite learnership will give you a valuable insight because you can get an in-depth education and also free (and direct) training opportunity for the qualification. In some programs, you may get paid for it, so it is really a good working and professional opportunity.


One of the most current learnership programs is the Pharmacist Assistant learnership. Or if you are more interested in transportation, you can always go for Shoprite learnership for code 14 for drivers.


The general requirements for the program are:

  • Candidates must have Matric or Grade 12 certificate – with Mathematics and English as compulsory and Science as a plus
  • Candidates who have two years experience within Pharmacy subject would be considered a plus
  • Candidates who have the knowledge (and possibly the experience)of ordering systems and dispensing systems would be considered a plus
  • Candidates should be computer literate, especially in MS Office skills


The most popular and available positions are in Administration, Frontshop Service, Dispensing, Housekeeping, and Stock Control. But it is also normal for certain departments to open a program for potential candidates, such as Transportation and Driver.


The closing date of the learnership program generally takes place in the middle of the year, around May to July. Be sure to have a regular check at the official website at this link https://shop.shoprite.com.


Sibanye Stillwater Learnership

Sibanye Stillwater learnership is a program that is created and dedicated to graduates who want to learn about the mining industry and have a direct working experience to improve their skills and abilities. Sibanye Stillwater is an international mining company for precious metal with PGM (Platinum Group Metal) portfolio operations in Southern Africa and United States. They also have PGM explorations in South and North America as well as gold projects and operations in South Africa.


They are always on a lookout of promising and talented candidates to get the education and training right in their facilities. They only choose the best candidates to work for them but they have managed to educate and provide the valuable experience to many people, enriching their professional and personal lives.


If you are interested in Sibanye Stillwater learnership program, you should meet these requirements:

  • You should have at least Grade 12 certificate or the equivalent NQF Educational certificate
  • You must be physically fit and healthy
  • You must have achieved a psychometric evaluation score of at least 3, or even more
  • You must have a SAPS clearance certificate
  • You must live or be a part of the local community
  • If you have the highest aggregate for English or Mathematics in Grade 12, it would be an advantage
  • If you have obtained score of 4 (or even more) in the evaluation outcome score, it would be an advantage


The learnership program is open for various subjects, such as Miner, Mining Kloof, Official Mining, Official Mining, Engineering, and so much more. If you are interested in the learnership, you must upload certified copy of SAPS certificate, your South African ID, qualification, and a CV. The application must be thorough and complete or it won’t be considered. If you are considered for the program, you will have to go through interview and psychological assessment.


There is no information about the opening and closing date of the application so be sure to have a regular check on a yearly basis. You can go to the official website at this to check the availability or send inquiries to this to get the information.


SITA Learnership

SITA is offering opportunities for disabled people to fill in the jobs of: IT Service Management, Applications Development, and Hosting. After the success of National Development Plan implementation that visions 2030 to be a futuristic hope, the real execution depends on the universal digital use and access as well as the participations of South African citizens to the fourth industrial revolution, which is characterized by the knowledge of economy and digital society.


Everyone is welcomed to take part in SITA learnership program with the general requirements as follow:

  • You should be an unemployed citizen of South Africa whose age is between 18 and 35 years
  • You should have Grade 12 or Matric certificate
  • You have a certain disabilities, confirmed by the medical record or medical confirmation by doctor
  • You don’t have to own any working experience
  • It would be an advantage if you have a basic skill and knowledge in computer


Download the application form at this and fill it in. Make sure to include your application, acertifiedcopy ofvalidID, a CV,or a certified copy of qualifications to the recruitment email at this or you can simply check the official website at sita.co.za for availability. The closing date usually takes place in February on a yearly basis so it would be a good idea to check it once in awhile.


South32 Learnership

Want to gain technical and mechanical expertise and experience while getting the proper education at the same time? Then you should join South32 learnership that will provide you with the opportunity and the chances. South32 is a global diversified and mining metals company responsible for mining and producing materials like silver, aluminum, manganese, bauxite, lead, nickel, and metallurgical coal.  Although the headquarter is in Perth, the company operates all over Australia, South America, and Southern Africa.


The learnership South32 Maintenance program consists of both theoretical and practical training. As the candidates, you will have to perform tasks, like:

  • Making sure that equipment is in a good working condition and always clean
  • Conducting risk assessment
  • Reporting any incidents, unsafe conditions or behaviors
  • Applying and also implementing health, safety, and housekeeping standards


Successful candidates may be considered qualified as artisans in Auto Electrician, Fitter, Instrumentation Mechanic, Rigger, Boilermaker, Electrician, and Diesel Mechanic. The minimum requirements are:

  • You should be the citizen of South Africa
  • You should have a Matric certificate with 40% minimum for Mathematics and Physical Science OR N3 Technical Certificate with Mathematics and Engineering Science
  • Having a driver license would be a plus
  • Self motivated, passionate, and committed to learning
  • Having a previous working experience related to maintenance environment is a plus


You can go to this and search for learnership program. Once you have found one, simply click on the button ‘Apply Now’. Don’t forget that you may be asked to upload a certified copy of South African ID, a CV, a certified copy of Matric or N3 technical certificate, and a cover letter.


Telkom Learnership

Telkom learnership will enrich your professional experience in working industry. Telkom South Africa is a topwireline and wireless telecommunications serviceprovider in the country. Thecompany was established in 1991 and they are now operating in 38 countries in Africa alone.


The company offers a learnership program covering different subjects or sectors like Telecommunication, Call Center, and Technical. Candidates will get theoretical training as well as joining the direct practical work experience. After they have completed the program, they will get the NQF qualification. During the program, they will get a monthly stipend.


The general requirements are:

  • Candidates should be the citizens of South Africa who have completed Matric – passing Science and Mathematics in Matric
  • They should be currently unemployed or not planning on any study course during the program
  • They must be computer literate and have a good command of English
  • They must have a good communication skill and also problem-solving ability
  • They should be able to work in a team and they should be a good analytical thinker
  • They must not be color blind
  • They should be willing to work in various locations and all areas, as well as be willing to work in all kinds of weather conditions and outside the regular working hours


Interested candidates must register and have an account at Telkom Careers website which is located at this. Afterward, you can continue with the application. Don’t forget to include and upload the documents of a certified copy of South African ID, a full CV, and a certified copy of Matric certificate. You can browse at this.


Toyota Learnership

If you are looking forward to improve yourself and you want to join a development program chance in various technical fields and disciplines, you should join Toyota learnership program. The program generally takes place every year and you can get NQF level 2 qualification once you complete the program.


Toyota South Africa Motors is one of the world-class and leading companies in African continent, especially in South Africa. The company has been a part of South African lifestyle, way of life, and culture considering that most of the citizens are driving the vehicles made by Toyota. As a way to pay back to the community, Toyota is very serious about the future leaders’ development and how they can help to shape the better future with better workforce. That’s why they are always interested in finding the best talents and potential skills along the way.

The general requirements for taking part in learnership Toyota are:

  • You must have the passion and the interest in the field
  • You must have mechanical trades qualification and education such as NTC level 3 or Technical Matric with passing subjects as engineering, graphic design, math, physical science, drawing, and other trade-related-subjects.
  • You must have a minimum qualification and education in Electrical Trade or NTC level 3 with passing subjects as engineering, graphic design, math, physical science, drawing, and electro technology

You can send your application via the online application portal. The closing date normally takes place in September on a yearly basis but it is advisable that you have checked the official site routinely. The official website is at www.telkom.co.za.


Transnet Learnership

If you are interested in learnerships at Transnet, you can always check the official website and browse for the possible learnership programs. After all, being the world class pipeline, port, and rail company in South Africa has made the company understands the condition of the work environment in the country. The company was founded on April the 1st 1990 and has been around for decades. They have played a crucial role in South Africa’s economic and strategic development. They are always on a search of potential and candidate workers, especially the youth, because they know that the future lies with the young workforce.


The company often offers various learnership programs, including SASOL code 14 learnership. In the program, a specific operating division from Transnet SOC Limited, Transnet Port Terminals, need skilled and qualified people to fill in the positions of Driver Articulated Vehicle in Operations Department in Durban. The candidates must make sure that the efficient and effective operation of articulated vehicles is going well to convey containers to improve and enhance operation.


The general requirements are:

  • They must be physically and medically fit
  • They must have Matric certificate
  • They must have a driver license with code EC/14 with PDP (Goods)
  • They must have at least 12months of experience in driving articulated vehicles
  • They must be willing to work during public holidays, shifts, and extended hours
  • They must know and be experienced to drive heavy duty vehicles
  • They must be able to complete daily procedures and tasks
  • They must know how to fill in relevant paperwork or documentation
  • They know safety procedures, including defensive driving andK53
  • They should have good communication skills and numeracy
  • They know basic technical terms and the proper application for standard operating procedures


Interested candidates can send their application to: PO Box 41450, Rossburgh, 4072. The closing date generally takes place in April although it is advisable that they should have a regular check to the official website at https://www.transnet.net.


Truworths Learnership

If business and retail is your passion, then joining Truworths learnership would be the perfect way for you to get the education you need and the professional working experience to improve your own personal quality.


Truworths is a fashion retailer in South Africa having 728 stores in the country and 49 outlets in other parts of Africa. The company covers other (retail) stores like YDE, Identity, and Uzzi to form Truworths International Retail Group. The company lasts for 12 months where candidates will spend their time working. They may be responsible for purchases and payments, opening new accounts, helping customers, customer feedback, merchandising, and stock control. The company is looking for passionate and driven candidates who want to learn more about the retail industry.


The general requirements of the program are:

  • You need to have customer service oriented attitude
  • You should be passionate and committed
  • You should be the citizen of South Africa
  • You should complete Matric
  • You should have good communication skills and be willing to learn
  • You should be able to work in shifts and retail hours
  • Disabled candidates are encouraged to apply


Before you can send your application, you need to register and have an account on Truworths Careers website at this. After you register, you can log in and continue with your application. Search for learnership and choose the one suitable with your preference. Once you have found the ideal program, simply click the button ‘Apply’. Don’t forget to prepare a certified copy of South African ID and also a certified copy of Maric certificate.


Unitrans Learnership

Unitrans learnership will give you the opportunity to get both the knowledge (and the in-depth education) and also the skills (and a direct working experience) that will enrich your abilities and capabilities. As a result, you should be able to perform professionally and optimally in your job as well as creating access to further development and learning chances. The successful candidates will have to agree on 18 months program. You are expected to stay committed and dedicated to the work and your tasks.


The general requirements for learnership Unitrans are:

  • You should have a Matric or Grade 12 certificate
  • You must have a recommendation letter from supervisory line or manager
  • You must be willing and be able to work through theoretical learning as well as following processes and schedules for practical implementation – so you can get your qualification.


Your responsibilities and duties while taking part in the program are:

  • Attending classroom and training
  • Completing practical tasks within the workplace
  • Submitting an Evidence Portfolio for moderation and assessment
  • Displaying keen interest in commitment and self-development to complete the program successfully


The application takes place online where you can go to the official website at unitrans.co.za. On the page, you should find a link for each specific learnership program, like National Certificate Learnership Supply Chain Management for NQF Level 5 or FETC Transport Supervision Learnership NQF Level 4. Click on each link and you will be taken to the next page where you can fill in the form and upload the needed documents.


Unitrans learnership generally takes place annually and the closing date happens in July – although there is no specific opening or closing date. Be sure to check the availability at the https://www.unitrans.co.za.


Vodacom Learnership

Vodacom is holding a learnership program on a yearly basis to young people across the nation and from different communities to create employment and skills and to reduce poverty. As one of South African’s biggest cell phone companies and as a part of Vodafone, an international company, the company believes in selecting aspirations, talents, and degrees from all citizens. They provide various options of development programs that combine both practical and theoretical training.


The general requirements for Vodacom learnership are:

  • The candidates are the citizens of South Africa who age is between 21 and 35 years
  • They must have Grade 12 or Standard 10 certificate
  • They have a Further Training and Education Certificate NQF Level 4
  • They must have C pass for Science and Mathematics
  • They must have basic knowledge of computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, and Information Technology
  • They must be currently unemployed


Candidates are expected to fill in the application form manually. They can go to the official website and download the form. After signing the form and include a certified copy of ID and certificate, go to the police station to submit it. You can also email it to this address. The official website is at https://www.vodacom.co.za.


Learnership Tips

Never underestimate the importance of a learnership. This is a program that can open many doors of opportunities – if you know how to make use of it correctly. Not only a learnership program can give you the working experience and knowledge that you need, but it can also be your entrance to professional working placement, especially if you are able to achieve a lot of things and you have an impressive performance.


There are so many crucial aspects to consider in learnership tips. For instance, you should know the difference of a cover letter for learnership and a motivational letter for learnership. Most people think that they are the same, while in reality, they are completely different. A cover letter is basically an introductory letter for the hiring manager (from you) as the response for the advertised job. A motivational letter, on the other hand, is an introductory letter to the company with the purpose of showing your desire to work with them – and the company doesn’t have to have a vacant position or to have any job available. As you can see, the basic concept and principle is already different, so you need to tailor the content to convey your meaning and message.


After sending the application letter for learnership, you should be ready for theinterview. It would be a good idea to be prepared and be familiar with some of the learnership interview questions and answers. Know what the common questions they may ask, such as tell me about yourself or what achievements have you made or what are your strengths and also your weaknesses. You need to know how to address each of the questions properly. Take your time when answering – don’t be in a rush. But be confident about it – the hiring manager or personnel when you are lying, nervous, or unsure about yourself. As long as you are prepared and you are confident, you should be able to nail the interview – and take part in the program, eventually.

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