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SweepSouth is a dynamic and innovative platform that has redefined the landscape of domestic cleaning services. As a technology-driven company, we bridge the gap between skilled cleaners, known as SweepStars, and clients seeking reliable and efficient cleaning solutions. Our mission is to empower individuals by providing flexible opportunities for work while ensuring that clients receive high-quality services tailored to their needs.

Core Values:

  1. Empowerment: We believe in empowering individuals by offering them the flexibility to choose when and where they work, allowing them to take control of their professional lives.
  2. Fair Compensation: We prioritize fair compensation for the hard work and dedication of our SweepStars, recognizing the value they bring to the cleaning industry.
  3. Safety and Trust: The safety and trust of our clients and SweepStars are paramount. We implement stringent measures to ensure a secure and reliable platform for all stakeholders.
  4. Innovation: Embracing technology, we continually innovate to enhance the user experience for both clients and SweepStars. Our user-friendly app streamlines the process of connecting clients with reliable cleaners.


SweepSouth specializes in connecting clients with skilled and experienced SweepStars for a variety of cleaning services, with a particular focus on part-time cleaning jobs in hotels and guest houses. Our services include:

  1. Indoor Cleaning: SweepStars excel in traditional domestic cleaning tasks, including dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and laundry services.
  2. Outdoor Cleaning: For those who enjoy working outdoors, SweepSouth offers opportunities for SweepStars to engage in tasks such as gardening, pool cleaning, car washing, and more.
  3. Flexibility: Clients can schedule cleaning services based on their convenience, while SweepStars have the freedom to choose assignments that fit their availability and preferences.

Job Positions:

The current job positions available at SweepSouth include part-time cleaning roles in hotels and guest houses. We are looking for dedicated individuals who have experience in domestic cleaning and are committed to delivering high-quality services.

Benefits for SweepStars:

  1. Flexibility: SweepStars have the flexibility to choose when and where they work, allowing them to balance work with other commitments.
  2. Competitive Earnings: We offer competitive remuneration to ensure that SweepStars are fairly compensated for their skills and hard work.
  3. Job Protection: SweepStars are covered by job protection policies, ensuring their well-being and security while working on our platform.
  4. Access to Jobs on Smartphone: Our user-friendly app provides SweepStars with easy access to job notifications and allows them to manage their assignments directly from their smartphones.

Application Process:

Prospective SweepStars can apply by completing the application form from their own mobile devices. The application process includes verifying relevant experience, ensuring a clean criminal record, and, for non-South African applicants, providing valid work permits, refugee IDs, or residency documents.

Job Positions/Locations/Ref Numbers: Cleaners for Part-Time Jobs in Hotels and Guest Houses

We are currently seeking dedicated and experienced individuals to join our team as SweepStars for part-time cleaning jobs in hotels and guest houses. The positions are available in various locations, allowing you to choose assignments that are convenient for you. Whether you excel in indoor domestic cleaning or enjoy outdoor tasks in gardens and pool areas, SweepSouth has the perfect opportunity for you.

A cleaner’s job is a crucial and often underestimated role that plays a significant part in maintaining cleanliness, hygiene, and overall well-being in various settings. Cleaners, also known as janitors or custodians, are responsible for ensuring that spaces are clean, organized, and safe for occupants. While the specific duties may vary depending on the environment, the core responsibilities of cleaners generally include:

  1. Indoor Cleaning:
    • Sweeping and Mopping: Cleaners are tasked with sweeping and mopping floors to remove dirt, dust, and stains.
    • Vacuuming: In settings with carpets, vacuuming is a common task to remove debris and maintain a clean appearance.
    • Dusting: Wiping down surfaces to remove dust and allergens is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy environment.
    • Trash Removal: Disposing of waste in an environmentally friendly manner is often part of a cleaner’s routine.
  2. Sanitization:
    • Disinfecting Surfaces: Cleaners are responsible for disinfecting frequently touched surfaces to prevent the spread of germs and ensure a hygienic space.
    • Restroom Cleaning: Thorough cleaning and sanitization of restrooms to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards.
  3. Outdoor Cleaning:
    • Gardening: In certain settings, cleaners may be involved in outdoor tasks such as gardening, weeding, and maintaining the landscape.
    • Pool Cleaning: For facilities with pools, cleaners may be responsible for pool maintenance, including cleaning and chemical balance.
  4. Specialized Cleaning:
    • Carpet Cleaning: Some cleaners specialize in carpet cleaning, using equipment and techniques to remove stains and deep-seated dirt.
    • Window Cleaning: Cleaning windows, both inside and outside, to ensure a clear view and a well-maintained appearance.
  5. Event Cleanup:
    • Post-Event Cleaning: Cleaners may be hired to clean up after events, ensuring that venues are restored to their original state.
  6. Adherence to Safety Protocols:
    • Handling Cleaning Chemicals: Cleaners must be knowledgeable about the safe handling and use of cleaning chemicals to prevent accidents.
    • Use of Protective Gear: In certain situations, cleaners may need to use personal protective equipment to ensure their safety.
  7. Communication:
    • Client Interaction: Depending on the setting, cleaners may interact with clients or occupants to understand specific cleaning needs and preferences.
  8. Time Management:
    • Scheduling: Cleaners often need to manage their time efficiently, especially in settings where specific cleaning schedules must be adhered to without disrupting regular activities.
  9. Attention to Detail:
    • Thoroughness: Attention to detail is crucial to ensure that no area is overlooked during the cleaning process.


  1. Flexibility: Choose when and where you want to work. Our platform allows you to manage your schedule and pick up jobs that align with your availability.
  2. Competitive Earnings: Earn good money while doing what you love. We believe in fair compensation for your hard work, ensuring you are rewarded for your skills and dedication.
  3. Job Protection: As a SweepStar, you will be covered by our job protection policies. We prioritize the well-being of our workforce and strive to create a safe and secure environment for all our cleaners.
  4. Access to Jobs on Your Smartphone: Receive job notifications and manage your assignments directly from your smartphone. Our user-friendly app makes it easy for you to stay connected and engaged.


To be eligible for the position of a SweepStar for part-time cleaning in hotels and guest houses, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. Minimum of 2 years of experience working as a domestic cleaner in private homes.
  2. Possession of a smartphone capable of running WhatsApp for job notifications and communication.
  3. Clean criminal record to ensure the safety and trust of our clients.
  4. For non-South African applicants, a valid work permit, refugee ID, or residency is required. We do not accept asylum documents.


  1. Complete the application form from your OWN mobile device.
  2. Provide accurate and verifiable information regarding your cleaning experience and personal details.

How to Apply:

If you meet all the eligibility criteria and requirements, we invite you to apply to become a SweepStar by filling out the application form below. Take the first step towards a rewarding and flexible cleaning career with SweepSouth.

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For inquiries or additional information, please contact our recruitment team at:

Email: [email protected]

Official Website: www.sweepsouth.com

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