Inkfish Apprenticeship Program for 2020 Period

If you are interested in web design and SEO practices, you should seriously think about taking part in Inkfish Apprenticeship program that will give you a thorough knowledge and practice. Through the program, you can learn a lot about the theoretical base as well as practical implementation. The program allows you to go through both the theoretical and practical training sessions that will enrich your ability.

About the Program

Inkfish is offering a professional apprenticeship program where candidates can learn about the knowledge and the experience along the way. This full time program will take place in Cape Town in South Africa, and candidates are expected to gain valuable exposure and experience that can help them grow and develop – professionally and personally.

Through this Inkfish Apprenticeship program, candidates will take part in SEO and web design apprenticeship sessions, which will provide them the chances to work for (real) clients within professional monitoring and supervision. The company is looking for potential candidates who understand the importance of good communication and time management. The candidates are also expected to follow directions as well as staying active as contributing members of the team.

Candidates are expected to complete 500 hours in total (around 3 month of full time) for this program. After completing the program, candidates can get a letter of recommendation. For candidates with superior achievement, they may be offered a position at the company and continue working with the company.

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The Requirements

There are several basic requirements for this Inkfish Apprenticeship program:

  • They must be the citizens of South Africa
  • They must not have any criminal record or any pending charges
  • They must have completed Grade 12 (Matric) – and have the certificate
  • They must have a true passion in SEO and online implementation
  • They must be dedicated and determined
  • They must be willing to take part in the team and being determined to complete the program

The Tasks and Responsibilities

The candidates are expected to be responsible for:

  • Assisting with website optimization
  • Helping their departments with the related jobs
  • Learning online communication habits and collaboration software
  • Working with WordPress – must have the knowledge, understanding, and good grasp of the themes, customers, and also editor
  • Helping with the back-link systems and strategies
  • Being an integrated part of the site’s changes, build, site health, and SEO security checks
  • Understanding and utilizing Yoast SEO plugin

How to Apply

The application process will take place online. Interested candidates will have to visit this link so they can apply for the position. Be advised that there will be other two different links in the website – each link is dedicated for different position. There is a specific link for technical SEO and web development, while there is another link for social media, SEO, and writing. Make sure to follow the directions, including providing the supporting documents, to meet the qualifications.

There is no information about the deadline, so candidates are expected to send their application as soon as possible. Be sure to send the application as soon as possible for this Inkfish Apprenticeship program.

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