Footgear TVET Internship Workplace Experience for the Potential Candidates

If you are interested in gaining knowledge and experience in professional working condition within a retail industry, then Footgear TVET Internship Workplace Experience program would be the best opportunity. Through this full time program, you can gain the needed experience, knowledge, skills, and expertise to develop yourself professionally and personally. You will take part in the program set up by Footgear company that is located in Gauteng, South Africa. If you have the promising quality, then you would be the right candidate for this program.

About the Program

Footgear company understands that competent and professional workforce is the key to a business’ success. That’s why they are focusing in finding the potential candidates through strict screening process. They also create this Footgear TVET Internship Workplace Experience program with the hope that they can provide the skills and knowledge to those candidates. Once the candidates are done with the program, they should be able to achieve higher skills that would benefit them greatly in the future.

The company has their own specifications of what kinds of candidates they prefer. They are looking for candidates with high energy level that are determined to be achievers. They also must have the passion for success in business. These are the kinds of candidates that they opt for the program.

The Requirements

Every program has its own requirements and standard measurements that would determine the quality of the candidates. There are several requirements that all candidates of Footgear TVET Internship Workplace Experience program need to meet. These are only the minimum and general requirements that apply to all applicants. They are:

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa
  • They must have passed Grade 12 or Matric
  • They must have Matric certificate
  • They must have N4 or N5 or N6 certificate
  • They must have taken Business Management within a registered and trusted FET College

There are extra requirements that all candidates must meet if they want to succeed to the next level. The extra skills are:

  • They must have a good customer care skill
  • They must have a problem-solver attitude and mindset
  • They must have a good attention to details
  • They must have a genuine passion for business
  • They must be able to work under pressure
  • They must have a deep willingness to learn and to achieve success
  • They must have a good and positive initiative
  • They must have a positive mindset and working ethic
  • They must have a good communication skills – the ability to interact and face customers will be a plus

Be advised that the candidates’ completed study course will determine their work placement. They will gain the necessary exposure and experience based on the study’s completed course, especially the one they gained on the N6 Level.

How to Apply

The application will take place online. Candidates are expected to go to this link so they can complete the form. Be prepared if they have to provide supporting documents too.

The deadline is on March the 3rd 2020. Any late submission for this Footgear TVET Internship Workplace Experience program won’t be addressed or considered – make sure to submit it on time.