DPSA Assistant Meteorological Technician Position

If you are interested in assistant job, you can apply for DPSA Assistant Meteorological Technician position at Marion Island, South Africa. It is a temporary internship position, earning you R208 584 a year and also benefits of 37% lieu. The position is for 15 months of contract work. If you want to get permanent SAWS employment, there would be different payment structure as well as the benefits.

The Requirements

  • Candidates must have Matric with pure Physical Science and Mathematics or Geography
  • They must be willing to work overtime, work in shifts (whether night or day shifts), and during public holidays – no matter the condition of the weather
  • They must be dedicated, punctual, precise, and able to work within a team. But they are also expected to be independent and be able to work on their own when needed.

General Duties

As a part of DPSA Assistant Meteorological Technician position, here are the general requirements:

  • Perform observations on surface meteorological events and conduct the releases of upper-air balloon along with all equipment verification and maintenance at Marion Island remote station
  • Assist, help, and participate actively in the surface meteorological running as well as atmospheric research project that is assigned by SAWS Marine Section
  • Conduct data quality control and report writing (when and if required by the Senior Meteorological Technician)
  • Conduct all duties along with the standards, regulations, and rules as set by South African Weather Service
  • Help other team members with administrative and logistical tasks – generally associated with the base’s general running
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Be advised that:

  • The candidates would start their work at Sub/Antartic Base and following the safety, health, and environmental requirements
  • They will spend a full year period from April 2020 to May 2021 at Marion Island. Since there is no option to return or have a trip to South Africa (before May 2021), the ability to live and work with groups is crucial
  • Be advised that the location may have an impact on candidates’ mental and physical well-being, as well as their relationships and families.
  • The candidates must be self-motivated and self-sufficient although the base has complete facilities of satellite phone, fax, and email
  • They must be mentally strong, physically fit, and be ready for physically challenging work to deliver satisfying result.
  • They must be ready to work long hours (when needed) during extreme conditions on duties that are unrelated to their work or function

How to Apply

Candidates need to download the Z83 application form (at www.government.gov.za), fill it out, and sign it. They need to submit it along with certified copies of skills and qualifications, comprehensive CV, driver’s license, and ID document.

Applications should be sent to Director-General, Department of Environmental Affairs, Private Bag X4390, Cape Town, 8000. If you are going to have a hand-deliver the application, go to 14 Loop Street at Cape Town.

The deadline is on October the 14th 2019. For questions, candidates can contact Ms M de Villiers at (021) 935 5700 for attention of Human Resource Department.

The short-listed candidates would be required to security and screening vetting to determine whether they are suitable for employment. Keep in mind that appointment to the positions is subject to thorough medical examination that would be arranged at no cost for the applicants of DPSA Assistant Meteorological Technician position.

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