Discovery Learnership for Unemployed with Grade 12

Grab the opportunity to join Discovery Learnership for Unemployed with Grade 12 to upskill to another level. Check the introduction below and read to the end of the text to not miss any information that might be a life changing experience for you in the future.

Discovery cares about people’s health. They are here to facilitate people of South Africa to have clear understanding about their health and assist them to get the needed medical help.

Discovery teams have the same-minded value and goal to help people with their health through assistance in information, giving them the support and understanding that they need the most at their confused state.

They are not only highly supportive, but also calming and encouraging people to get medical help to better their condition. And the most important thing is, Discovery even provides medical assistance when people are ready to take the next step.

What you can’t find from another place is that Discovery is highly focused on people’s well-being and not mere financial benefit. Joining this institution will not only give you the intended work qualification, but also the passion to work for a better future and help people more.

The positive vibes and compassion that Discovery brings to the surface will help you find your way to the future better. This working and life ethics will also help you to get past the hurdle in life later.

Now moving to the next step, let’s talk about the position that you are going to take in this learnership programme.

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Discovery has another way to help people manage their health and care about them financially, through Discovery Insurance. The products aim to help people to get the financial help when they need it the most without robbing their money.

You will learn the skill in the insurance industry while achieving national qualification that is listed on the National Qualification Framework.

Discovery Learnership
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Programme Description

Programme Title: Discovery Learnership

Recruiter: Discovery Central Services

Position: Short Term Insurance

Location: Discovery Insure

Type: Temporary


The duty for the learners in Discovery Learnership programme is as follow:

  • Learners are exposed to the Short-Term Insurance business.

Eligibility and Requirements

The requirements for Discovery Learnership applicants are listed in this section. 

Firstly, for the education and experience requirements are as follow:

  • Grade 12 is essential
  • Math (Minimum Level 4 – 50%)
  • English (Minimum Level 4 – 50%)
  • Math Literacy (Minimum Level 5 – 60% or higher)
  • 2nd language (e.g., home language; Minimum Level 4 – 50%)

Secondly, the specific requirements are here:

  • Unemployed
  • Not be engaged in post Matric studies
  • Not hold a completed tertiary qualification
  • Not have completed any previous Learnership
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 25 years
  • Have effective communication skills in the written and verbal English language
  • Possess basic computer skills mainly MS Excel & MS Outlook
  • Only South African citizens by birth will be considered

Additionally, people with any kinds of disabilities are welcome to apply.


For the application to this learnership, you can head to the link and press the “Apply now” button. Then, you can follow the instructions you can find in the next page.

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As there’s no additional information about the closing date of the programme, you better hurry up while the opportunity is still open.