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  • Dec 04, 2023

The Department of Tourism in South Africa operates with a visionary goal — leading sustainable tourism development for inclusive economic growth. This vision is underpinned by a clear mission and values that emphasize good governance, strategic partnerships, innovation, and effective communication. Before delving into the specific details of departmental vacancies, it’s essential to understand the broader context of the Department of Tourism’s strategic overview.

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Strategic Overview of the Department of Tourism

Vision and MissionThe vision of the Department is to lead sustainable tourism development for inclusive economic growth in South Africa. This ambitious vision is supported by a mission that focuses on good corporate and cooperative governance, strategic partnerships, innovation, knowledge management, and effective stakeholder communication.

Core ValuesThe Department holds both performance and organizational values. Performance values include being innovative, ethical, and customer-focused. On the organizational front, values such as empowerment, integrity, and recognition form the bedrock of the Department’s culture.

Tourism as a Driver of Economic GrowthTourism is not just a sector; it’s about people. Acknowledging its role as a labor-intensive industry, the Department recognizes the extensive supply chain that contributes significantly to the national economy and communities across South Africa. The National Department of Tourism is mandated to create conditions for the sustainable growth and development of tourism in the country, aligning with the Tourism Act’s provisions.

Global Impact of TourismHighlighting the global impact of tourism, statistics reveal that in 2011, the tourism sector supported 258 million direct, indirect, and induced employment opportunities worldwide, constituting nearly 9% of the global workforce. In South Africa, tourism played a critical role during the 2008/9 global economic downturn, contributing significantly to the GDP, foreign exchange earnings, and poverty reduction.

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Challenges and OpportunitiesDespite the success of the tourism sector in the past decade, the Department remains vigilant, understanding the dynamic nature of markets and evolving consumer preferences. The article emphasizes the need for continuous reliance on market research and information about emerging demand patterns to capitalize on new opportunities and consolidate market share.

Domestic Tourism GrowthRecognizing the importance of the domestic market, which contributes over 70% of the country’s tourism volume, the Department prioritizes building and growing domestic tourism. The focus is not only on economic stability but also on unlocking socio-economic and experiential benefits for domestic tourists and hosting communities.

Sustainable Growth and CompetitivenessThe Department aims to address challenges raised by the President in State of the Nation addresses and stresses the importance of implementing the National Tourism Sector Strategy (NTSS). This strategy, while crucial, is viewed not as an end in itself but as a means to translate increasing arrivals into broader economic benefits for the people.

Government Commitment to Local DevelopmentGovernment commitment is evident in ensuring that tourism becomes rooted at local government levels, promoting ownership by local communities. The NTSS includes provisions for capacity development at the local government level, and the Department collaborates with provinces and municipalities to integrate tourism priorities into growth and development strategies.

Collaborative Approach and PartnershipsThe Department has established enhanced working relationships with various partners, emphasizing the importance of coordination in a value chain that relies on a wide range of role players. By aligning efforts, the Department aims to support the realization of the New Growth Path and NTSS targets.

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Conservation and Climate Change ResponseRecognizing South Africa’s natural environment and cultural diversity as valuable resources, the tourism industry actively participates in conserving and protecting these assets. Additionally, there is a commitment to responding to climate change by forging stronger cross-industry and public-private partnerships, contributing to shared green growth in the wider economy.

Understanding Department of Tourism Vacancies

With this strategic overview in mind, let’s delve into the specifics of Department of Tourism vacancies, understanding the processes and criteria involved.

Equal Opportunity EmployerThe Department of Tourism proudly declares itself as an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. It is committed to promoting representivity in terms of race, gender, and disability. Candidates whose appointment, promotion, or transfer can enhance representivity receive preference.

Application ProceduresTo be considered for vacancies, applicants must adhere to specific application procedures. All applications must be submitted on a Z83 form, accompanied by certified copies of qualifications, an identity document (ID), and a comprehensive curriculum vitae (CV). The submission can be made via mail to the Director-General, Department of Tourism, Private Bag X424, Pretoria 0001, or through hand delivery to Tourism House, 17 Trevenna Street, Sunnyside.

Minimum Requirements and ConsiderationConsideration is given to applicants who meet the minimum requirements of advertised posts. It emphasizes the importance of ensuring that foreign qualifications are evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). This underlines the Department’s commitment to maintaining high standards and ensuring that qualifications align with the necessary benchmarks.

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Application Outcome and Department’s RightsApplicants are informed that if they haven’t been contacted within three months after the closing date of the advertisement, their application was unsuccessful. The Department reserves the right not to make an appointment, underscoring the competitive nature of the selection process.

Screening and Security VettingShort-listed candidates are subject to screening and security vetting to determine their suitability for employment. This reinforces the Department’s commitment to ensuring the integrity and trustworthiness of its workforce.


In conclusion, the Department of Tourism in South Africa presents not just job opportunities but a chance to contribute to a dynamic sector with a significant impact on the national economy. Understanding the strategic overview provides applicants with insights into the Department’s goals and values, making the application process more meaningful. Aspiring candidates are encouraged to align their aspirations with the Department’s vision for sustainable tourism development, recognizing that they are not just applying for a job but contributing to a broader mission of inclusive economic growth.

As the Department of Tourism beckons aspiring candidates, it extends an invitation not just to fill roles but to be part of a dynamic narrative. It’s an opportunity to contribute to a sector that goes beyond profits, embracing the essence of inclusivity, sustainability, and cultural richness. South Africa’s tourism sector is not merely a destination for visitors; it’s a dynamic space where careers can flourish, and individuals can play a role in shaping the future of a nation. In navigating the horizon of opportunities within the Department of Tourism, one isn’t just applying for a job; they are embarking on a journey of impact and significance.

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