ABB Internship Program for 2020 Period

If you are a potential youth who want to develop your professional skill without having to spend anything, then you should consider taking part in Young Talent ABB Internship program. This full time program will take place in Gauteng, South Africa, where the candidates would get the training sessions and also work exposure that they need. If you are looking for the opportunity to improve your skills without compromising anything, then this is your best shot. You shouldn’t miss it for the world!

About the Program

ABB South Africa is offering the so-called Young Talent ABB Internship program for 2020 period for the potential candidates to get the potential and ideal youth. Since the world has changed so much, hard technical skills alone won’t be enough. The company focuses on combining both soft skills as well as hard skills so workforce can create their own identity, connect to the world, and promote themselves in whatever working environment they are in.

The program is based on Learning and Development 70:20:10 Model. This model has three different learning types consisting of 70% hands-on, 20% of asking questions, and 10% of classroom. They are focusing on recruiting, selecting, developing, placing, and retaining young talents through providing the best learning and working environment.

They must have a Diploma, Degree, or B-tech in any of these fields:

  • Logistics or Supply Chain Management
  • Information Systems or Information Technology
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Finance or Accounting
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Human Resource Management
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The Requirements

In order to qualify for this Young Talent ABB Internship program, candidates must meet the general and minimum requirements. The requirements include:

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa
  • They must not have any criminal records or any pending charges

There are extra requirements that all candidates must meet so they can have bigger chances to succeed:

  • They must be willing to study and learn
  • They must demonstrate impressive and strong written and also verbal communication skills
  • They must have good and solid leadership skill as well as interpersonal ability
  • They must be self-confident
  • They must have a good self care as well as impressive working ethics

Candidates that are placed in different departments or positions will have different responsibilities. For instance, candidates in Logistics or Supply Chain Management will work in handling Supply Chain Management, Trade, Logistics, and Transport. Meanwhile candidates in Information Systems or Technology will be placed in IT Department, being responsible for managing the end-to-end process.

How to Apply

Be advised that candidates will have to go through online application processing before they can be screened. They must go to this link. Afterwards, they will have to complete the application form as well as attaching their academic record to the application. If they fail to attach the documents, their application will automatically be disqualified and rejected. Make sure to include the important and required supporting documents to qualify as potential candidates.

The deadline is on March the 6th 2020. Make sure that candidates aren’t late in sending their application or their application would be dismissed for this Young Talent ABB Internship program.

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